Cam Girl Shark Attack


CamSoda Shark Bite
Sorry to report this, but it looks like a Camland promotional shoot went terribly wrong a few days ago. Molly Cavalli, a pornstar and cam girl for the cam site CamSoda, was apparently bitten on the foot by a lemon shark while being filmed in an underwater shark cage just off the Florida coast. It’s called “shark diving,” and it’s a supposedly safe way ┬áto mingle with some of nature’s nastiest sea predators up close and personal.

I guess the folks at CamSoda figured that a video of one of their stars flirting with the dangerous fishies might get some attention on Youtube. Oh, they got some attention alright.

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Selling Videos on MFC

Selling Videos On MyFreeCams

When you’re a camgirl at MyFreeCams, one of the biggest issues you’ll face is the problem of how to raise your camscore. MFC pioneered the use of this ranking factor, which is designed to boost models who are “naturals” at camming straight to the top of the main chatroom listings. This, in turn, helps MFC because it increases the visibility of the models who are most liked by viewers and best able to induce the purchase of tokens by members of the site. The models who can’t seem to make tips or shows happen suffer declines in their camscores which, unless promptly reversed, can basically mean that they quickly descend into the dreaded MFC basement on page 46, never to be seen by humans with aroused genitalia again.

Most MyFreeCams models absolutely HATE the camscore, unless they happen to get tipped a lot, in which case they LOOOOOOOVE themselves some camscore. But, like it or not, it’s something that every single chick trying to make a buck at MFC has to deal with. This post is going to explain how you can boost your camscore by using video sales to significantly increase your inflow of both online and offline tokens.

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Halloween Cam Shows

Halloween Cam Shows
It’s that time of year again, and cam models all over Camland are delightfully planning their Halloween shows, eager to scare, gross-out, and amaze their hopefully token-rich audiences. Late October is honestly my favorite time to watch cams, since it seems that models really like to bring their A-games during this period and put on a show that will leave viewers speechless.

Last year was one helluva Halloween in Camland, with camgirls getting funky with zombies, humping jack-o-lanterns, blowing dragon phalluses, and doing even more unspeakably debauched things (some involving candy corns, which is just wrong, IMO). A well-known cam model by the name of Kota Morgue even went so far as to do an extremely controversial nude show on MyFreeCams where she had a [CENSORED] hanging from her vagina by a bloody [CENSORED] after a failed [CENSORED]. So, yeah, it got pretty damn freaky.

Cam site viewers love to see what kind of craziness models can think up to do during this time, and they love to reward the freakiest and most creative attempts. I’ve seen token storms rain down on girls who do this right, so putting on a great horror show for your fans can be extremely lucrative.

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Free Cams Beginning To Dominate

Free Cam Sites

I still remember the olden days of cam sites back in the nineties…when internet connections crawled and bandwidth limitations were as tight as an Escalade parking job on Black Friday (I was THIS CLOSE to using a significantly more vulgar analogy, but I’m trying to reform). Watching camgirl hotties do their thing was nowhere near as interesting as it is today, simply because models were basically forbidden from getting naked or doing anything funky in free chat.

The reason for this was that the big cam sites of the time (I’m thinking of bygone giants like IFriends and a couple others) were convinced that, in order to maximize profits, it was best to make viewers pay for the least bit of cam naughtiness. And indeed, at that point in the adult internet’s history, getting folks to pay for anything adult-related was easy as pie. I remember putting up simple text links on a free site or thumbnail gallery that would lead to multiple member signups at sites like IFriends within hours…damn, those were the days!

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Independent Camming Too Early

Independent Camming

A whole lot of webcam models who’ve been in the camming biz for a while seem to really despise the idea of cam sites holding on to large percentages of the revenue they generate broadcasting. Now, just so you don’t misunderstand me, by “despise,” I mean that feeling that usually comes with an unquenchable thirst for blood and guts on your ninja sword blade as you think of a life-long mortal enemy who extorted your lunch money as a kid, stole all your boyfriends in high school, and is currently doing “waist training” as she dates an NBA player and complains on Instagram about how her latest diamond bracelet isn’t sparkly enough. Yeah, it can be that bad.

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MyFreeCams Revshare Affiliate Program Dead

MyFreeCams Affiliate Program

This is a bit of news that I happen to know will go down like week-old meatloaf leftovers — at least in the adult webmaster community. MyFreeCams, which of course is one of the top sites out there right now in the webcamming game, has decided to end its revenue sharing affiliate program. They recently notified Crak Revenue, their program partner which manages affiliates for them, that they would only be continuing the “pay-per-lead” option, which pays less than a buck per free basic member registration.

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Build Up To MFC

MyFreeCams Camming Advice

One of the biggest, hugest, most monumental mistakes that a newbie camgirl can make is to start her camming career on MyFreeCams. I see it happen constantly, and I just can’t help but cringe every time. MFC is a great cam site…no doubt about it. The problem is that new models there are significantly disadvantaged due to the “Cam Score” ranking feature. Popular models typically get all the attention at MFC, so new models are generally left with crumbs…and it’s quite difficult to build up your cam score with crumbs.

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