How To Promote Your OnlyFans


It’s the problem just about every new model and content creator on OnlyFans is getting driven batshit crazy by…How in freaking Tarnation do you promote and grow your OnlyFans account?!?

OnlyFans Promotion Guide

OnlyFans is probably the most dramatically effective tool enabling adult content creators to make megatons of money to have ever been plopped down onto the internet. However, if you don’t have a clue how to attract fans, you’re going to end up mighty frustrated and SOL.

ATTENTION, PEOPLE: If you’re struggling to grow and promote your OnlyFans, you’ve just hit the jackpot. I’m laying down some of the most advanced tactics the elite models are using to build a massive fan base.

Given that I’ve got a whopping load of experience in adult marketing, and I’ve been advising OnlyFans models for some time, I decided to lay down most of what I know in this comprehensive promotion guide. Yeah, I’m gonna tell you EXACTLY how to blow your account up and get those fans subscribing like their balls are on fire for you.

But first, let’s get up to speed on the adult content promotion game.

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Social Media & OnlyFans Basics

Social media has completely revolutionized what it means to be an online adult model of pretty much any kind. We should be clear about this: Cam girls, porn stars, and professional digital sugar babies just can’t make it anymore without understanding the power of various social media platforms, and putting that power to use.

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That isn’t really bad news, though, because those platforms are SO potent that they offer access to larger audiences, and therefore greater revenues, than was ever possible in the early days of the online booty-shaking industry.

There’s no overstating the importance that social media has for you if you’re hoping to make your living, and make it big, as any sort of adult model. And one of the best social media options available to you, which is little-known among the general public but very popular with models and their followers, is OnlyFans.

Social media has become the chief way that adult content creators promote their offers. It’s now virtually indispensable.

Let’s take a look at just what this essential platform is, and go over the simple and devastatingly effective ways to promote an OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans got started because the “free” (as in, no charge) nature of the internet can make life difficult for adult models, especially when there were fewer ways to navigate it. You’re trying to monetize your content, only for consumers to get a hold of it and start posting it all over creation for everyone to see.

To some extent, that can be good because it can advertise your brand in a way you don’t have to pay for (something to keep in mind). But when all your best stuff is out there without so much as a “tip if you love me” link, it starts undermining your revenues.

Promotion Tips for OnlyFans

And then there’s the fact that so many social media platforms are downright hostile to adult performers, and will kick you the hell out the minute they figure out what kind of work you’re doing. OnlyFans helps you get around both of these problems.

The point of OnlyFans is to serve as a kind of “for-pay Twitter” that’s adult friendly. You can charge a monthly subscription fee for access to your explicit timeline, which is where your best content is kept. The nature of any premium social media account is one that promotes a bond between adult models and their fans, and makes the paying customers feel like they’re “in” on an exclusive club of your most loyal followers.

What makes OnlyFans revolutionary is that it’s a social media platform SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to be monetized by its content creators. The billing system is integrated into the platform itself, unlike with other social media.

That way, even if someone were to (for example) record your cam shows and post them on PornHub, the effect on your business is minimal. That content has little value to your fans, because you didn’t “make it for them.”

Aside from the monthly subscription, you can monetize OnlyFans through tipping from your members, as well as by selling them private messages. OnlyFans allows you to set a price for subscribers to exchange these messages with you, and that price can be anything from $3 all the way up to $50.

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By all means, make use of this feature, but don’t get too unreasonable. It’s usually best to be on the generous side about messaging your fans, as this is a great way to warm them up and get them to like you more. This results in higher tips, and the trade-off is almost always worth it. You can also warm up the members by doing live streams on OnlyFans.

The trouble with OnlyFans, especially newer models, is visibility. If you just sit there waiting for guys to find you, you’re failing badly at adult marketing and you won’t make a dime. You have to know how to promote your OnlyFans account, and be serious about doing it.


The Chaturbate Method of Promoting Your OnlyFans

There are actually a few ways to promote your OnlyFans account, but probably the most effective is the Chatubate/Twitter strategy. This can be absolutely devastating when done right. It begins by broadcasting as a cam model on Chaturbate, so go ahead and sign up for an account there now; the approval process can take a couple days.

The idea here is to get some followers on Chaturbate, then direct them to your Twitter account. Twitter is unusual among social media sites in that it’s relatively tolerant of adult content, so you can use it to promote your OnlyFans account pretty successfully. In fact, OnlyFans is designed to integrate with Twitter, so for example, you can set up your Twitter to automatically tweet new posts on OnlyFans – complete with a promotional link.

OnlyFans goes together with Twitter like peanut butter goes with jelly (or weed goes with Cheetos). Trust me, you definitely need a Twitter account.

All it takes is building a following on Chaturbate, which isn’t too hard given that Chaturbate is an ungodly MASSIVE traffic source. Start by figuring out the schedule you want to use for camming there. It can be pretty much anything that fits your life, but early on, you want to make sure that it includes at least two hours each and every day – seven days a week. Then keep to that schedule, no matter what.

This is all about getting Chaturbate members into you; when they see you consistently over several days, they warm up to you and are much more likely to become regulars. Other than your schedule, just try to be friendly and engaging, PM your tippers and get to be friends with them, and use the various apps and games that Chaturbate offers.

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Use your public chat room on Chaturbate to pump your Twitter account. Post the link in your room topic, and talk it up frequently to your viewers. It’s free, so they won’t feel like you’re trying to monetize them; actually, cam site members love free stuff, which is another reason this works so well.

Make sure to load your Twitter account up with plenty of sexy content, and make sure your chat room viewers know it’s there so they’ll follow it. A cool and effective trick is to offer anyone who follows you on Twitter a hot video in their Direct Message inbox. Just watch your Twitter notifications and DM them with it after they follow, accompanied by a nice little thank you message.

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Promoting Your OnlyFans on Reddit

Aside from Chaturbate & Twitter, one of the other smart ways to promote an OnlyFans account that you should use employs Reddit. Reddit is a useful site for adult model promotions, mainly because of its demographics. For whatever reason, the site’s user base skews toward educated, high-income males, which is a desirable audience for anyone in online sex work (they tend to tip BIG).

Reddit for OnlyFans Promotion

They’re guys, they’ve got money to spend, and they’re even likely to be respectful, as opposed to base perverts. We want them.

There are a number of good subreddits related to adult models that you can post in. Just make sure you take the time to learn the rules of each subreddit you enter, and follow them precisely. Reddit can be pretty strict; anyone who violates the rules will disappear pretty quickly, so do your homework. It will be worth it.

Reddit is a largely untapped resource that few OnlyFans models know about. The demographic on this platform is higher-end, so it’s a quality over quantity deal.

When you post, make sure you include a teasing picture of yourself. The exact content is up to you, so long as it respects the rules, but you need to make it something sexy and provocative. The post is all about this picture; we’re using it to entice people to want to check you out, which promotes your OnlyFans account by leading them there.

Subreddits To Try Out:

This can be a very effective strategy, but don’t overuse it. Remember, subreddits tend to be strict. If the people in charge feel that you’re using it for spamming purposes, they’ll ban you without a second thought. Try out the above Subreddits and give it a shot.

Now, Reddit isn’t just a great tool for attracting fans, it’s actually a great tool for finding other OnlyFans models who share their particular tips and tricks for growing their accounts. This particular Subreddit is where the smart models go to find out the latest methods for promotion from other models:


Using “Shout For Shout” To Get Fans on OnlyFans

One highly effective method many models are using to get more fans on OnlyFans is the “Shout For Shout” method, sometimes also called “Share For Share” (usually abbreviated “SFS” or “S4S” on social media). This basically involves making deals with other OnlyFans and/or Twitter models to promote each others accounts by posting on your timelines.

Now, this method can be DEADLY effective, if done correctly. I personally know of several models who have grown their accounts dramatically in a very short period of time using this tactic. The trick is knowing exactly where to go to find the right models who realize how powerful this technique is, and are serious about exploiting it.

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Twitter SFS Search

Your first stop when trying to find models to trade shouts with should be Twitter. Again, I really need to reinforce how important it is for every OnlyFans creator to have a fully fleshed-out Twitter account. Twitter is the single best way to warm-up followers and get them to become paying subscribers on OnlyFans.

Once you have your Twitter up, and it’s got a complete, filled-out bio and loaded with sexy content, head on over to the Twitter search. You’ll want to search for terms like “sw retweet group” and “sw sfs” and “sw rt.” The “sw” stands for “sex worker.” Also, try “onlyfans sfs” and variations of that search term. Also, try “s4s” in addition to “sfs.”

Twitter for OnlyFans Promo

After you perform a search, click or tap the “Latest” tab and you’ll see a bunch of active models who are open and eager to trading shouts with you, usually on both OnlyFans and Twitter. Now, when you’re just beginning and have few followers/fans, you may not be able to get models with huge followings to trade with you. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of smaller models to focus on.

Many adult models and sex workers on Twitter actively trade SFS and retweets. Search for the right terms to find them, and don’t be discouraged if models with large followings ignore you. Keep pushing.

Also, don’t restrict your outreach for shouts and retweets to only the models who are actively advertising that they do it. As an adult model on Twitter, you should be actively following other sex workers and adult models because they tend to follow back when they see you’re in the business. That’s why it’s important that your bio and account are fully filled out, so it’s obvious that you’re a real model, not a bot.

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Once you join the adult model community on Twitter, you can contact models you follow and approach them with S4S deals. Many models still don’t know how crushingly effective this tactic is for growing your OnlyFans and Twitter, so feel free to educate them. You’ll often find that they’ll be grateful for the info, and will happily trade with you.

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Telegram SFS Groups

The other extremely effective platform for finding S4S models is an app called “Telegram.” This is the social app that the online sex worker community has chosen to serve as the home for a large number of adult model groups in which S4S trades are arranged. Tons of OnlyFans creators are on that app…you need to be there too.

Telegram Groups

The Telegram method of arranging Shout 4 Shouts is a bit more work than the Twitter method, but it’s VERY worth it. It basically involves getting into good Telegram groups where adult models are setting up trades, but you need to be invited to some of those groups before you can participate. The place to get started finding good SFS groups on Telegram is actually Twitter.

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Go back to the Twitter search and enter “sw telegram group” and “sw telegram retweet” and “onlyfans promo group telegram” in addition to variations of those terms.

Again, select the “Latest” tab and you’ll find TONS of models advertising their groups. Believe me, some sweet, sweet OnlyFans promotion magic can happen in Telegram groups. It’s one of the most surefire ways to boost your fans, so definitely DO NOT ignore this method.


OnlyFans Free Trials & Free Accounts

One of the most effective tactics when doing Shout For Shout trades is to create a free trial offer on your OnlyFans account, then include it in the shout that other models use to promote your account. This is wise for several reasons, but the main reason is that these shouts are being seen by people who don’t know much about you, so they’re considered “cold traffic” in marketing lingo.

“Cold traffic” is traffic that barely knows who you are. This traffic can be difficult to convert to paying customers unless they get some kind of free preview first. Free trials can be great ways to turn cold traffic into “warm traffic.” Many models report success with this tactic.

By giving potential fans a free preview of what you have to offer, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to win them over and get them to renew with a paid subscription. The key to success with this tactic is to stay consistent updating your OnlyFans, so new free trial fans will see that you’re serious about producing value.

Another way to use free content to promote your premium OnlyFans account is to start a second OnlyFans that’s completely free. This is actually becoming very popular with some of the most successful content creators on OnlyFans. Adult content surfers on the internet LOVE anything that’s free, so luring them in with a free account can be powerful.

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You simply use the free OnlyFans account to tease fans with sexy content, warm them up with posts sharing as much of your life as you’re comfortable with, and make them want your premium content more than they can stand. Eventually, many of these fans will buy a subscription to your premium OnlyFans, and your free account can end up serving as a pipeline of sales.

You can merge your free account with your premium account by going into your OnlyFans “Settings” and selecting the “Accounts” tab. This is recommended, as it will be easier for you to manage the accounts, and having two separate profiles may run afoul of the OnlyFans terms.

Either of these free OnlyFans content tactics can work fantastically well in conjunction with Shout For Shout trades.

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