How To Start Webcamming


Webcamming guide and tutorial.Okay, this webcamming tutorial/FAQ is going to assume you’re a female, so if you’re not, it might get a little awkward…I profusely apologize (but no worries, nearly all of this info goes for men, as well). My name is Buttler (yeah, my parents were pretty much unbelievable assholes) and let me tell you, I’ve spent a huge amount of time working with various different webcam models, over the years, showing them how to become a cam girl that kicks azz all over the freaking place.

As an adult webmaster, I’ve promoted cam sites for quite some time, but I’ve also worked closely with successful webcam models to learn exactly what works and what doesn’t in the webcam modeling biz. Given that so many newbie cam girls fail miserably in this industry due to simple lack of knowledge, I decided to do my part in alleviating that problem.

Yes, there’s a shit-ton of money to be made in webcam modeling, but you’ve got to know what you’re doing. There are lots of DOs and DON’Ts to learn before you start camming, lots of clever tricks you should know, and some truly advanced tactics that can dramatically enhance any webcam model’s chance of making serious money in this business.

Some cam girls develop these skills on their own, but only after lots and lots of trial and error over time. Luckily, you don’t need to go through that obnoxiously tedious process, because I can teach you just about everything you need to know.

I’m going to cover the basics in this FAQ style tutorial, but I also offer far more advanced training on how to be a cam girl via my “Uber Cam Star” webcam modeling course. This course can give you the edge you’ll need to reach the top levels of webcam model performance.

Before we begin, you should signup for a webcam model account at Chaturbate, if you don’t already have one. Choose a great, original model name and employ my advice there to see BIG results!

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Webcamming 101 Tutorial For New Cam Girls

How To Be a Cam GirlLet’s start with the very basics of adult webcam modeling. Even if you already know most of this stuff, you should still read through it to make sure you get a fully rounded understanding of how things work in the camming world. So, go ahead and ask me anything you wish (well, kindly don’t ask about my private shows with that “camgirl” from Brazil…but any other topic is fair game.)

Buttler, How does this whole webcam model thing work? How do I start camming?

Learning how to be a camgirl isn’t difficult, but it helps to know the basic facts of how things work in the world of online booty shaking. Adult webcamming basically consists of the cam site, the webcam model, and the cam site member. The model signs up at the cam site of her choice and, after submitting the proper ID documents for age verification, receives an account on which she can broadcast her cam feed to the members of the site.

The cam site members interact with the cam girl in a chat room and eventually buy shows from her, or tip her (using “tokens” or “credits” bought through the site). The cam site then pays the webcam model a percentage of the revenue she’s produced at the end of the pay period (a pay period is usually two weeks). Now, there are lots of ways for the cam model to make even more money on top of what she earns through the cam site, but I’ll save that for my more advanced material. 😉

How To Start Camming And Make Bank

Buttler, My car’s in the shop, my tuition bill just came due, and my kitty cat has anal worms…I need money, mister!! How much do cam girls make?

How much do cam girls make? The money question.How much a cam girl makes camming depends on several different factors (looks, personality, niche appeal, etc.) but, generally speaking, it’s very doable for a model to pull in $1,500 per week (working 3 or 4 hours per day) if she learns how to cam correctly. If you’re really good, you can pull way more than twice that. Now, for most every new girl, there is usually a “pay-your-dues period” when first starting, which just means that the girl’s income is lower than normal due to the fact that she’s still getting the hang of things and still building an audience. This is entirely to be expected and should not be interpreted as anything other than what it is. A lot of girls get discouraged during this time and end up quitting, thinking it will never get better…BIG honking mistake! Luckily, I can teach you how to minimize this period and get your revenue pumps in gear for serious production in short order.

After several weeks, you will see your income reach significant levels, as you build up a following and develop “regulars,” which are members who will return frequently to buy shows from you on an ongoing basis. Following my guidance, a cam model can make several times what she otherwise would and, eventually, even turn her cam business into a six-figure/year enterprise. Most people are floored when they learn how much cam girls make when they know what they’re doing.

That brings me to a very important point I need to make…I don’t wish to simply teach you how to smile the right way, or how to shake your booty with just the right amount of jiggle in order to make a few extra bucks on cam…I want to show you how to build and run a full-blown cam business. I will teach you how to create a brand, exploit that brand to the maximum extent possible, and how to monetize every devoted follower until his wallet is as dry as sandpaper (don’t worry…these guys will HAPPILY spend loads of money on you, if you do this right!).

Buttler, are you seriously deficient? I can’t run a business, I just want to make some extra money.

The most successful webcam models out there are all running businesses, whether they know it or not. They all have brands which they carefully and assiduously build and promote. Most have multiple revenue streams (cam shows, videos, panties, wishlists, site memberships, etc.). They all have strategies to acquire more traffic and increase their audience size (blogs, co-operating with other models, social media activity, etc). It’s a business. You don’t need an MBA, though, to know how to work these strategies effectively and become a camgirl who makes bank, you just need the right training.

That’s where I come in. When you get your hands on my Uber Cam Star course, you’ll learn how to create a full-blown camming enterprise that will pull in serious money for you and facilitate the kind of lifestyle that would make Kim-K soil herself (okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration). UCS is the best, most comprehensive cam girl guide out there.

Of course, you will be the one who decides how much of this information you want to actually use. If you just want some cool advice on how to cam to increase your tips and show income, that’s fine – my UCS course can provide that for you. But if you’re one of those ladies who wants to go all the way and learn how to become a cam girl that takes no prisoners, the knowledge you need to do it is in my course!!

Buttler, what about stalkers, dude? Am I gonna get some creepy guy peeking in my window and jerking his junk behind my bushes at 3 o’clock in the freaking morning?

Becoming a cam girl can have its mild downsides...I definitely understand this concern (I watch a lot of Lifetime movies too!). Nobody wants to attract the attention of some disturbed cam freak who can’t get enough. The good news is that it’s actually pretty easy to protect your privacy and anonymity, so long as you follow some simple rules and common sense. I’ll go through it all, point by point, in the course, so you’ll know how to guard your privacy before you start webcamming. But, the bottom line here is that there’s not much to worry about at all, if you know what you’re doing. Webcam modeling is definitely the safest job in the adult entertainment world. No contest.

Buttler, I don’t know if I like the idea of broadcasting myself in the nude over the internet…what if someday I want to run for president, or something?

Many cam girls express this concern to me, but my answer is always pretty simple, and it’s basically this — the culture has changed. Thirty years ago, if a girl posed nude or performed in anything adult-related, she would have compromised her ability to pursue mainstream careers later on. These days, however, with everybody “sexting” dirty pics of themselves and getting their phones hacked, the typical person’s reaction to finding out that there are naughty pictures of you on the internet isn’t likely to be too judgmental. Adult material has never been more mainstream, and acceptance of sexually explicit entertainment is, and has been, going through the roof. I know of many current cam girls who also work dayjobs as nurses, bartenders, financial analysts, therapists, and even veterinarians!

They’re happy, they’re making a ton of money, and they’re not running into many problems. I would expect the same would be true for you. While there are no guarantees in this business, or anywhere else in life, I think it’s a safe bet that your future after camming will be as bright as anybody else’s. Most people just don’t care much about this kind of stuff anymore.

Also, most cam sites allow you to block viewers from a particular country, state, or city. That means that, if you want to be a camgirl, you can actually make sure nobody who lives near you can watch your cam or view your profile! Pretty nifty, and a cool way to ease a model’s concerns about privacy.

Okay, Buttler, I think I’m convinced…I want to be a cam girl! But, what the heck do I call myself? I need a performing name, right?? I came up with “TenderHottie_357″…is that good???

Cam girl names are important.Ummm…no. Selecting a webcamming name to perform under is actually an extremely important decision which you should not take lightly. There are a couple of things to consider if you want to be a cam girl who makes a mark with her brand name. The first is uniqueness. You need to pick a name that nobody else has, or has ever dreamed of having. And this goes not only for other cam girls, but for any other performers period (including actors, models, musicians, porn stars, strippers, etc.).

The reason for this is that you don’t want to be confused with anyone else, and you definitely don’t want people to get sent to another performer’s websites when they Google your name! As you will learn in my course, search engine traffic is extremely valuable…you want to make darn sure that you shuttle every single surfer who searches for your name straight to your web properties (blogs, profiles, pay sites, etc.).

Another important consideration is memorability. Nobody’s going to remember TenderHottie_357, plus it’s too hard to search for because of the underscore. You need something that sounds original, cool, is catchy, and is easy to remember. Preferably, the name should contain no special characters. A good way to come up with the perfect name is to open a dictionary and look through some listings of words. When you find a word you like the sound of, combine it with a feminine word like Kitty, or Chickie, or perhaps something more explicit.

For example, I love the word “asinine,” for some bizarre reason. Asinine Kitty would be super cool and original for a name, I think (or Asinine Honey, or Asinine Chickie, etc). Nobody would forget it, that’s for sure (and that’s really what this is about…choosing a name that sounds awesome and sticks with people…it’s called branding!). Whatever you pick, make sure to search the name on Google before you settle on it, to confirm that nobody else is using it!

Buttler, I’ve noticed that there’s like a gazillion webcamming sites out there…which one is most appropriate for me, considering my cam girl newbieness??

Excellent question. Not all cam sites are created equal, and not all cam sites are appropriate for beginner models. There are many popular sites out there that simply make it far too difficult for new cam girls to establish themselves, much less learn how to cam the right way. They tend to reward models who are already famous (like pornstars), or who already have large followings of devoted cam site members. Now, if a just beginning model is absolutely gorgeous, has a sparkling personality, and hits just about every other bullet point on the list of awesome cam girl qualities, she’ll probably do well at these sites.

But the typical beginner will languish in the “newbie dungeon” on page 17, or whatever. The result of that early failure will usually be that the girl throws up her hands and quits in frustration. This is entirely avoidable by simply picking the right sites to begin on, so the model has a chance to build her following. More on this important issue in my course, but the following sites are a great place to begin, if you’re in a hurry:

Sign-Up & Start Webcamming at Chaturbate – A great free cam site that has tons of traffic and allows new webcam models to build their followings quite easily.

Buttler, do I really need to use a high-quality HD webcam? What’s a little pixelation between cam lovers anyway, right?

Best webcam for new camgirls.If you’re like most newbie cam girls, I know you’re probably thinking your laptop’s built-in camera should do fine for adult camming, and there’s a chance it might. But look…generally speaking, laptop cams suck donkey balls so bad, you could floss for a whole year with the plethora of donkey pubes that get left behind in the wake of the suckage. If your laptop is a recent model, however, you might have something semi-useful, but your goal should be to get a serious high-definition webcam as soon as you can possibly afford to. It’s a very necessary investment in your camgirling business that is sure to pay huge returns for quite some time into the future.

Like it or not, the webcamming industry is primarily about visuals…and that means that the quality of your stream and pictures is fantastically important. Now, having said that, I have repeatedly witnessed camgirls with crappy cams do pretty well on ocassion, so if you do have a shitty webcam, it’s not the end of the world. My advice to you would be to work it for a bit with your jalopycam and save some dough, then buy a good one. Shouldn’t take long at all, since solid HD cams can be had these days for about 50 to 70 bucks. You could probably make that as a newbie cam girl in a day or two following my instructions, no sweat — even with a terrible webcam. Once you do upgrade, you’ll notice a decided improvement in your revenues, for sure.

Okay Buttler, So which cam do you recommend I get?

Logitech c615 HD WebcamWell, there are quite a few excellent and affordable high-def webcams out there, but I would recommend one, in particular. In my opinion, your best bet would be the Logitech C615 HD Webcam. It is capable of 720p high definition video chat, and full HD 1080p video recording. This means that your cam video will look bright, sharp, and crisp…plus, you will be able to record very high quality videos (I explain why this is so important in the course). It also has an 8 megapixel camera for taking pictures, which is good enough to produce quality photo sets with. The actual webcam is a tiny little thing, which is good if it’s going to be mounted on a laptop. It has full 360-degree rotationality (is that a word?? …should be), so you can easily and quickly adjust its recording angle when you need to. It has a good sturdy base, so you can affix it securely to your laptop or a tripod quite easily and reliably. Finally, this webcam works with either Windows or Mac, so it doesn’t matter what computing team you play for.

Now, what does matter is your computer’s system specs. Be sure that your equipment can handle this webcam before you buy it. Most computers bought within the last 3 or 4 years should do just fine with it but, if in doubt, ask one of those geeky people at the Best Buy whether or not your machine can boogie with this dirty dancer (or, if you’ve purchased my course, just email me your system info and I’ll be happy to guide you). If it can’t, you’ll need to use the jalopycam for a little bit longer till you save up enough simoleons for a laptop that was made in the 21st century. Again, you have to look at this as a business. Every new enterprise requires some amount of initial investment. The good news is, camming is one of the lowest initial investment startup businesses in existence.

TripodWhile still on the topic of camming equipment, I want to mention that you might also find it useful to own a cam tripod. With it, you can move your webcam around with ease (which is pretty helpful for the purposes of creating a sense of dynamism in your room…to be explained in the course) and position it just about anywhere you want without having to lug your computer all over the place. Many girls report it’s extremely convenient. Luckily, these are dirt cheap, so no need to sell a kidney. A good inexpensive one is the Polaroid 8-Inch Heavy Duty Mini Tripod.

Buttler, I’ve noticed that a lot of cam girls are using Skype…should I open an account too?

Yes, you definitely need to open a Skype account under your cam girl performer name. This account will be used to keep a master “friend’s list” of your regular cam site members, so that you can easily find them online and entice them to buy shows. This is incredibly important and vital to the extremely lucrative “Uber Camming Strategy” that I explain in my course. Also, you should open a free email account at Gmail or Hotmail under your performer name, so you can communicate with big spending members via email. Lots more about this in my UCS webcamming course material.

Okay, so, besides the hardware, what else am I gonna need to be a cam girl?

Camgirls need baby oilA serious webcam model always has three essential things at the ready while shaking the booty online…a sex toy, a bottle of baby oil, and a playlist full of sexy music. Now, if you wish, you can choose to not use toys during your shows…but you will make more money if you do. As for the baby oil, well…it’s the biggest single money maker in a cam girl’s bag of tricks. An oil show just does something to a man’s brain that seems to cause seriously heinous and repeated abuse of his credit cards. A bottle of this magical liquid will cost you a few measly bucks now, but will likely make you thousands and thousands over time, trust me. Better get some pronto.

Music is also an extremely powerful tool at your disposal. The male brain comes alive sexually when subjected to the right stimuli. The combination of erotic visuals, a sexy and playful personality, plus the right music will get the members in your room so horny, they will have almost no choice but to buy a show or tip you senseless. Put together a list of your favorite sexy tunes and have them play while you’re on cam. When you purchase my course, I will give you a master list of super duper, wham-bam, boner-popping tracks that you can play while doing striptease cam dances…they’ve been thoroughly tested and have proven to be extremely effective on the male genitals. And I’ll also teach you how to cam using music as a kind of “hypnotizing” tool to get your audience loosey goosey with the tips.

Buttler, I’ve noticed that some camgirls’ rooms are so dark, you can barely make them out. What kind of lighting should I use to illuminate my booty shaking?

You raise a very important subject. Lighting is an extremely critical basic issue that so many newbie cam girls fumble really bad. Members need to be able to see you well in order to get aroused by you. Some cam girls buy professional lights to illuminate their rooms, but you don’t really need to do that. All you need is a couple of lamps with the shades taken off. Position one on each side of you, but behind the cam, so they’re out of sight. As long as each bulb is at least 50 watts, you should have enough luminosity.

If not, try to use 75 or even 100 watt bulbs in each lamp (so long as the lamp is rated for that wattage). Should do the job. The main light source in the room (lamp, ceiling bulb) would ideally be behind you. Remember to make safety a first priority when arranging your lighting…lamps can burn very hot, so be careful with them. And don’t let them fall over.

Also, if you have a very bright main light source in your room, you may not even need additional lighting of any kind. Just experiment a little and see what works best for you in your camming space.

Buttstuff, I have a DSL connection…is that fast enough to run my camming empire on?

DSL can be problematic for some models because…uh, wait a minute…Buttstuff??? Ahhh, you think you’re funny! Good, good, I like that. Truly hilarious, really. Fine, fine.

Yeah, well…as I was saying, you generally want to have a super fast connection to the internet when you’re camming. DSL has some limitations in that regard, especially on the upstream speeds. My advice to you would be to give it a shot and see what happens. If you run into consistent speed problems like choppiness or lag, you should definitely consider changing to a cable connection. Luckily, cable companies usually offer rates that are quite competitive with DSL, especially during the first 6 months. A cable connection is many times faster than DSL, so it would definitely solve the problem, if it exists.

Buttler, some webcam models have ridiculously pimped out profile pages…am I supposed to put up that kind of profile too? Cuz I have no freaking clue how to do that stuff, and just thinking about HTML or CSS gives me hemorrhoids.

For the treatment of webcam model roids.Profile pages are certainly important because they provide models an opportunity to reveal their true selves to members and express their individuality. Profiles allow you to show these guys that you’re not just another pretty face…that you are an actual person with unique interests, views, and tastes. This can serve to intrigue the member and get him to stick around in your room, increasing the chances he will spend some money. Many established cam girls hire designers to trick out their profiles with flashy graphics and other attention-grabbing features, but you really don’t need to worry about that right now.

What you should worry about in regard to your profile is the written content. I’ve seen countless model profiles go unfilled, leaving a huge opportunity to build their brand unexploited. My advice is to take your time and think about what you want to write…how you wish to express yourself, and what kind of image you wish to project. Then, just sit there and fill it all in. Tell us about your favorite music, your hottest sexual fantasies, the qualities you like in men. The more of this kind of intimate knowledge you reveal to your audience, the more likely it is that you will entice a guy to learn more about you by potentially buying a show.

Be completely honest on your profile…don’t think that you need to make shit up to attract more guys than you otherwise would. Cam site members are attracted to genuine, real girls with real lives. When they read a profile, they’re looking for indications that this girl is an actual person, not just a sexual entertainer. Somebody they could relate to and might want to get to know better. Take advantage of this!

Buttler, this all sounds great, but my life can be kind of hectic and I’m worried I won’t be able to find the time to put into webcamming.

When you work from home in any capacity, the issue of setting time aside for working is a big one. Some people are just natural toilers who always find a way to put in the time, but some need to be seriously motivated to get their asses in gear. The only thing I can tell you on this subject is that there is a whole lot of money you could be making by becoming a cam girl…and every minute you’re NOT in front of that moneymaker, you’re cheating yourself.

When you consider just how unbelievably shitty a normal job can be, and when you realize how much a cam girl makes when she’s operating with the right info, the idea of setting your own hours and being your own boss as you make bank begins to look really good. Besides, this job can be really fun, if you approach it with the right attitude. You’re at home, listening to hot music, and teasing men with your, um, charms. Plus, you’re making good money doing it. What’s not totally awesome about that?

Using the tactics I teach in my Uber Cam Star course, you will learn how to be a cam girl who’s able to do this job in a deliberate, systematic fashion that will keep you in full control…executing a strategy that will ultimately bring in the big bucks. Plus, with my ridiculously entertaining course material, learning how to cam has never been easier or more fun. It’s difficult to not enjoy webcam modeling when you know you’re totally owning it and having a blast. And if you enjoy it, you’ll look forward to doing it day after day!

Buttler, I’ve heard that webcam modeling can often involve slumps where you don’t make much money. How much do cam girls make during these periods, and can I avoid them?

Camming SlumpsSlumps, or slow periods, can and do occur in just about any business. It can be true in webcam modeling as well. There will be days when you just can’t seem to get a mosquito interested in you. Many girls take these slumps personally and either quit, or take long periods of time off. This is the shameful mark of an inexperienced nooberoni. What you have to remember is that the world of camming is extremely diverse and dynamic. If business has gotten slow one day, business could be on fire the next. Also, as I teach in my UCS course, a model should always have an account at a secondary site so that she can switch to that one when things slow down too much at her primary site. If you find yourself in a terribly slow room, logoff that site and start up fresh at your other site. Most of the time, you’ll find new energy and a new dynamic there that is much more productive. The very next day, you might find the opposite is true. It’s all about mixing it up. So, how much cam girls make during slumps depends entirely on how intelligently they deal with them.

Stinky webcam modeling daysHaving said that, there are surely going to be days that are just shittier than the worst diaper change in the history of humanity. If you can’t find love no matter where you login — and you’re close to pulling your hair out — you’ll just need to logoff and back slowly away from the computer. Take a break, have some chips, maybe send Buttler a raunchy text (Woooo!), then return and proceed to build your cam business in other ways. Work on promotion, do a blog post, refine your profile(s), or reread my material to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Just make sure you keep using the time you’ve already set aside for work to build your cam business in some manner. Tomorrow is always a new day! With slumps, the big mistake that girls too often make is giving in to the urge to quit.

Also, while on the issue of slow patches, I just need to go over the initiatory period that new models experience at the beginning of their careers, because so many girls misinterpret what this means and end up letting it wash them out of the business. As I mentioned earlier, when you’re just starting out, business will be slow…almost all new cam girls have this problem (though there are exceptions, admittedly). Although it can vary, for the typical model, this initial slow period will last at least a couple months, if she works the cam regularly during that time. This is an opportunity for learning and getting a feel for being sexual in front of the cam. You’ll chat with members, get acquainted with how things work, and generally develop a comfort level that will eventually lead to serious cam confidence.

Now, you will make money during this period, but no where near as much as you will be making when you have come into your own after some time has passed. If you become a student of mine, you can dramatically shorten this “Initiation of the Cam” period because I can prepare you on how to cam and become a successful cam girl the right way from the start. However, no matter how long it ultimately lasts, you must understand that it is very temporary and you should not take it personally. If you do poorly at first, don’t think it’s because you’re not hot, or because your personality stinks, or because you’re just not cut out for this line of work. Everybody goes through this, to some extent, and all it means is that you’re a noob and you need a bit of experience…that’s all. Do…Not…Quit…Period. 🙂

Buttler, please wrap it up, dude, you tend to ramble.

Yes, yes…of course. To finish up this little cam girl guide of mine, I’d like to address the issue of understanding your cam site member audience. These are guys who come from all walks of life and can have very different tastes, when it comes to what they like and don’t like in a webcam model. Knowing how these guys think, what they want, and where they’re coming from is extremely important to developing an effective monetization strategy for your webcamming business. Indeed, it is the very key to becoming a seriously uber camgirl who kicks 18 different kinds of ass and takes names. Oh and, by the way, there are some “cam janes” too. Not many, but you do run into them every now and then.

Okay, this is where the basic tutorial ends, and where the advanced training begins. When you snatch up a copy of my Uber Cam Star Webcam Modeling Course, you’ll embark on a path to building a lucrative camming business that could very well change your life. This course is great for current cam models, too, because I reveal some pretty sophisticated ways of boosting revenues and building regulars. If you feel like taking a serious step towards improving your future, or just want to know how to be a camgirl the right way, check it out now!

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