Cam Girl Shark Attack



CamSoda Shark Bite
Looks like a Camland promotional shoot went terribly sideways a few days ago. Molly Cavalli, a pornstar and cam girl for the cam site CamSoda, was apparently bitten on the foot by a lemon shark while being filmed in an underwater shark cage just off the Florida coast. It’s called “shark diving,” and it’s a supposedly safe way  to mingle with some of nature’s nastiest sea predators up close and personal.

I guess the folks at CamSoda figured that a video of one of their stars flirting with the dangerous fishies might get some attention on Youtube. Oh, they got some attention alright.

The shark cage that Molly climbed into looked a bit skimpy to me, but I’m told that lemon sharks usually aren’t very aggressive towards humans. Well fine, but this particular lemon shark must have missed breakfast, then, because he sure seemed to crave Molly Cavalli’s foot.

He went straight for the cage and tried to chomp the lovely lass, but was blocked by the bars and only managed to sink a tooth in her foot near the ankle. The bite produced a significant bloody gash, which is visible near the end of the video below (menstrual fetishists, don’t get excited).

No need to worry about Molly, though. Thankfully, she’s been treated and will be just fine. She got 20 stitches for the wound, and she was assuring her fans on social media after the attack that she was in good spirits.

Molly happens to be one of my fave pornstars, so this story really grabbed my attention. But after I found out she was okay, my exceptionally exquisite Camlord brain started to whir and I realized that this was gonna be AWESOME PR — for both Molly AND CamSoda!!

Soooo, could this have been staged? Was the bite faked? I don’t want to be overly cynical here, it’s just that I’ve seen a lot of crazy publicity stunts, in my day. And, obviously, this whole shoot WAS clearly intended to be a publicity stunt for, though they probably didn’t expect that Molly would be injured, or course.

I raise this issue because I often teach cam girls and webcam models to do what I call “cam stunts” to get a bit of attention by employing shock and controversy. It can be quite helpful, when you’re trying to launch a camming career, to do something that people just can’t help but watch.

Kota Morgue and Maggie Nickels (“WhoreNickels” on MFC) are two cam girls who use this tactic with dramatically effective results. Many of you will be familiar with Kota Morgue, who’s been active as a webcam model for some time now.

Maggie Nickels is a newer face on MyFreeCams, but she’s every bit as good at getting eyeballs stuck on her cam feed.  Both of these pro cam girls know exactly what pushes buttons out there, so they can generally fill their rooms with hundreds of people like it’s no big deal.

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Back in 2016, Maggie Nickels dressed up as Donald Trump and had an on-cam debate with a model friend of hers who dressed up as Hillary Clinton. You can imagine…that show was freaking irresistible. The room was flooded with MFC viewers and some serious tips were flying left and right that night. And Kota Morgue has done so much outrageous stuff on cam, I don’t even want to list it for fear of bringing up traumatic memories! I mean, these chicks have completely mastered the publicity stunt game.

Don’t think you have to compete on the level of Maggie Nickels and Kota Morgue, though. You can do cam stunts that are more measured, create fewer offended viewers, and are substantially less bloody (Kota, love you baaaby…but dayuuum, girl!!).

CamSoda Cam Girl Shark Attack

Experimentation is key when deciding on exactly how far you should go with a cam stunt. Start with something edgy, but less likely to create a major furor in the community. For example, you may not want to jump straight into dressing up as Mother Teresa having a strap-on lesbian sex orgy with her lieutenant nuns.

You might want to try something more like, say, Monica and Bill, or maybe KimK and Kanye, or even Captain and Tennille (if you got that 70’s reference, you rock the shiz all day long, son!).

So yeah, Molly Cavalli getting bitten by a shark is going to create HUGE publicity for her, and for CamSoda (just look at the number of views on that video above!). This kind of thing produces exposure for a cam girl that money simply cannot buy.

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Don’t go out and get bitten by ferocious predators, but DO think about what kind of crazy stuff you could do on cam that could bring the eyeballs marching into your room like an occupying army! The tokens will follow, trust me…

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