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While there are certainly lots of cam networks out there, most of them are not appropriate for new, or struggling, cam girls and cam guys. As of right now, I’m recommending that every new webcam model should sign up at Chaturbate and broadcast there primarily.

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I normally recommend balancing time between two solid cam sites but, due to rapid traffic growth in the past couple years, I would have to say Chaturbate merits your full focus and attention at this point.

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Chaturbate has been coming on strong, in recent years, and has become one of the top free cam sites on the internet. They have a massive ton of traffic, and their site makes it much easier for a new cam girl or guy to get established than many other free sites do. The revenue split at Chaturbate is excellent, and it’s easier to get a good number of people in your room quickly, even if you’re new. One of the best networks, for sure.

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Tips for After You Sign Up as a Cam Model

Once you’ve signed up with Chaturbate as a webcam model, you’ll want to follow these simple tips to make sure you make serious bank during your first couple weeks camming there.

  • Be Friendly and Talk a Lot – Viewers like to tip cam girls who engage with them in conversation. By chatting up your room audience, you’ll eventually strike up friendships with members who will then tip you and take you private as a show of support, and to get to know you better.
  • Use Private Messages To Develop Regulars – On Chaturbate, you can message a member privately, so that no one in the public chat area can see what you’re talking about. This is a great way to bond with a member over shared interests and kinks. Doing this right will allow you to create paying customers, and that’s how you can make BIG money. Just be sure that the members you talk with over “PMs” have tokens to spend, so you don’t waste time on those who can’t tip you. Members who possess tokens have blue or purple screen names (members with grey screen names have no tokens). Sign up for my free camming crash course to learn more about this extremely effective method!
  • Cam at The Same Time of Day – Camming at around the same time of day allows members who caught you before and want to deepen their connection with you, to find you once again. Most members watch webcam models at around the same time of day, so showing up at those same times, day in and day out, can really help you cultivate regulars (members who tip you, support you, and return often). Every webcam model wants lots of regulars — they make huge cam girl incomes possible!
  • Don’t Give Up! – The most common reason new webcam models fail is that they give up too soon! When you’re new, you need a little bit of time to build up a fan base that will support you. You NEED to keep camming in the early going, even if the tokens aren’t exactly falling from the sky. After a while, you’ll find that people will start tipping you because they’ve bonded with you, and want to support you. This is critical…DO NOT GIVE UP!!

Webcam Model Tokens

Before you complete the webcam model sign up process and start camming at Chaturbate, you’ll probably want to get my Free Camming Crash Course below. It will teach you how you can use tested tricks and clever techniques to make up to $1,000 your first week!

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