How To Become A Porn Actress


It’s the sexually liberated 21st century, and lots of attractive young women are looking for ways to make great money without having to break their backs in the process. What better way to do that, in these frisky times, than to get freaky deaky on camera and become a female pornstar?

How to become a porn actress

The porn industry has really taken off, and porn stars are now rivaling mainstream celebrities in terms of notoriety and public recognition. And the money a porn actress can bring in, if she’s got her branding and promotion strategy on point, can be truly life-changing.

But the way new female pornstars get huge has changed significantly since the old days. It used to be that a pretty girl (or a well-hung gent) could just answer ads for porn jobs and get the fat stacks piling up just doing videos.

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These days, however, a new porn actress needs to carefully select the right porn jobs to go out for, deliberately setup a mechanism to take advantage of the massive exposure her video releases will produce, and channel all the new attention into her webcam modeling career where the REAL MONEY is made.

That’s what this article will show YOU how to do, so that you don’t completely screw up your big chance to make a splash in the adult industry due to unmitigated newbieness.

The First Step To Building a Porn Star Career

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How The Porn Business Works

First, let me briefly explain how the porn industry works so that you can understand what your role in it will be, and how to ultimately improve your position within it so that YOU end up controlling your content and making the big money off of it down the line.

How To Become a Pornstar

There are any number of adult production companies that are actively looking for attractive female models to appear in their video and photo content. These companies will usually fly you out to where the shoot will be taking place, pay you a one-time fee for your work, then publish the finished product on a website, or release it as a stand-alone adult video.

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As the model/porn actress, you will typically receive tremendous exposure from your appearance in these videos, but you will not be paid any royalties on the sales made. So, you basically show up for a shoot, get paid, then that’s it as far as money goes.

Porn jobs can still pay quite well, but the main reason to do them is actually not the money. Doing porn will raise your profile dramatically in the adult internet world, and that kind of exposure can then easily be converted into a huge social media fan following and cam site viewership that can be monetized through the ol’ wazoo for a very long time!

Also, before getting into how to get hired for porn jobs, I should point out that if you’re already a model or porn performer, you might want to look into creating your own paid membership website. This would allow to sell your content straight to your fans, without having to split revenues with an established platform. I would recommend xModel by to get you going with that.


Webcam Modeling Mega-Incomes

These days, the REAL way to make money in the adult entertainment world is with webcam modeling, or “camming,” as its often called. Cam girls can make eye-popping sums of money just sitting in front of their webcams at home, engaging in cybersexual boogie-woogie with horny cam viewers who pay a pretty penny for the privilege. When a cam model gets popular, she can make literally tens of thousands of dollars per month camming, so we’re talking deadly serious money here.

Webcam Modeling Money

The main problem with webcam modeling, though, is that it can often be difficult for a newbie to stand out from the rest of the pack and attract lots of big-spending “cam whales,” who are precisely the viewers that make the huge incomes I previously mentioned possible. With plenty of exposure as a pornstar, however, this problem is easily overcome.

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It turns out, cam viewers absolutely LOVE pornstars! The idea of interacting live with an adult industry celebrity is something that most cam site members find truly irresistible. That’s why the porn star chatrooms on cam sites like Chaturbate are always loaded to the brim with fans. And you can’t imagine how much money these girls make on those platforms…it would make you temporarily incontinent, trust me (you’d lose your shit).

Top Porn Actress Car

So, the ultimate purpose of becoming a pornstar is actually to help launch your camming career into the stratosphere. Then, you can begin producing adult videos yourself (which is actually very easy to do), sell them directly to your legions of fans, and keep making money on the sale of that content for as long as you wish to keep selling it. YOU will own everything, YOU will call the shots, and only YOU will be able to decide how your image is used.

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All of this can be easily automated using sites like ManyVids, so you don’t even have to put up a website if you don’t want to. Learning how to be a cam girl is not difficult at all, and once you have the fame that comes from being a pornstar, the pieces of camming superstardom can all fall together very quickly.


Getting The Right Jobs as a Porn Actress

Okay, now I’m going to explain how to go about finding the right porn producers to work with as you’re beginning your career, and how to avoid some of the more unprofessional producers who are unfortunately out there, as well.

Porn Jobs - Finding The Right Ones

When considering where to start in getting work as a porn actress, the first thing you want to do is select reputable producers who have a track record of doing quality productions and respecting models — and apply for their porn jobs. Doing a bit of research online, you’ll eventually be able to build a list of porn paysites and adult video producers.

Email each one and indicate that you’re interested in becoming a porn actress, and that you’d like to know some details about how they do their shoots. Ask whether or not they will cover your travel and lodging expenses, if they need to fly you out to their location. Also, ask how much the job will pay.

If they won’t fly you out to them at their expense and cover your hotel, I would take that as a red flag. The vast majority of reputable producers will take care of that. If they pay under $500 for the scene, that’s also an indication that you’re not dealing with a quality outfit (many of the top production companies will pay over $1,000 for a 1-day shoot).

How To Become A Female Pornstar

Another important factor to consider is whether the finished product is going to be seen by lots of people. If the scene is for a well-known and popular mainstream porn site, for example, it’s highly likely that you will get plenty of juicy exposure which will go far in building your internet rep as a porn star.

And remember, that is really what you’re after…so that you can attract lots of attention to your webcam modeling career and amass a large fan audience that can help launch you to the top of the adult entertainment industry.

If the scene is for a small-time operation that will be posting the video on an obscure website with low levels of traffic, it might not make sense to even bother. And those kinds of producers don’t typically pay well at all.


Keep Focus On The Main Goal – Camming Stardom

I can’t stress this point enough — make sure that you never forget what performing in porn is ultimately for. Becoming a female pornstar is a means to an end. It will make you famous on the adult internet, and that fame will create the kind of loyal fan following that will blow your camming career through the roof and catapult your status as a cam model, potentially leading to a mind-blowing income and the kind of lifestyle you can only dream of right now.

Top Webcam Model

Yes, there are ways to climb to the top of the webcam modeling business without doing porn (and I lay out exactly how to do that in my Uber Fans Magnet Webcam Modeling Course). However, becoming a porn star and gaining all that invaluable attention will greatly enhance your chances of being successful as a cam girl, and will most likely make it much easier to ascend to “top model” territory.

So, there you have it. You wanted to learn how to become a porn actress, and that’s pretty much how it’s done in this day and age. I’ve given you the basic outline of how smart newbs go about entering the adult entertainment industry and end up making huge bank.

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After you make a name for yourself, you can then choose to continue doing professional porn videos to expand your exposure level, or you can just concentrate 100% on webcamming and produce your own amateur content for sale to your massive fandom. You’ll have plenty of options, and you will be in complete control!

Your first step should be to signup for my Free CheatSheet, which will take you by the hand and explain how exactly to start your camming career the right way and boost your OnlyFans too. If you follow the instructions in the course, you could start making good money fairly quickly and will then be able to make decisions about which porn jobs to take, as you plot your rise as a female pornstar.

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– Buttler Camlord

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