How To Be a Sugar Baby Online


ATTENTION: The biggest secret in the sugar baby game is that you can find online-only sugar daddies you don’t even have to meet in real life. That’s right, online sugaring with no meeting is real, and I’m going to lay out exactly how it’s done.

You’ll never guess which site scores the highest for finding this kind of daddy (Hint: You’ve heard of it, but never suspected it was an online-only sugar daddy goldmine).

In case you’ve been smoking the good stuff non-stop since about 2007 (and if so, lucky you), the “sugaring” relationship phenomenon has actually gone pretty mainstream, and we’ve seen a huge explosion of women who want to become a sugar baby online. These girls are using new and much more effective methods to find high quality sugar daddies than their 20th century counterparts.

Online-Only Sugar Daddy - No Meeting

That is, they use any of a variety of sugar dating sites (like designed to connect the interested parties, after which they meet up and get to know each other in real life. More recently, though, another method has developed to be a sugar baby online, and that’s to simply keep it exclusively online. Yeah, that means that every aspect of the relationship is conducted over the internet and by phone.

This is great for women who either don’t have as much time to put into sugaring, would prefer to limit physical contact with a sugar daddy, or both. I’m going to cover how to find sugar daddies online and setup these lucrative “platonic” digital arrangements.

But first, though, let’s go over exactly what sugaring is (and isn’t), and why someone on the paying side would even be willing to do it online-only with no meeting involved, because a lot of people just can’t believe that this is actually a thing.


How Sugar Baby/Daddy Relationships Work

Sugar relationships consist of at least two people: The sugar daddy, who is usually an older male, and the sugar baby, who is typically younger and female. These relationships are pretty much like the normal ones we all painfully learned about through personal experience in high school – with the added element that there is an implicit or explicit expectation that the sugar baby will be materially compensated by her sugar daddy. That means cold, hard cash, in the form of a weekly or monthly “allowance” paid directly to the baby.

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It also means shopping trips to buy her gifts at the mall, luxurious dates at nice restaurants, and, if Daddy is well-heeled enough, exotic getaway vacations to various paradises around the world. On the understanding that she will be receiving all of this, the sugar baby then engages in a relationship with the sugar daddy, which can take whatever form both of them agree on.

She may be called his “friend,” his “girlfriend,” or anything else they mutually like. They may have any level of emotional closeness, from acquaintances who simply get together once in awhile, all the way up to acting like a newlywed couple. It isn’t prostitution, as some people often ignorantly claim, since sex isn’t a necessary part of the arrangement; physical intimacy may or may not take place.

Sugar dating is simply a different kind of romantic relationship arrangement. While prostitution involves a monetary transaction that immediately precedes or follows sex, sugaring involves a sugar daddy taking care of a girl financially who he has feelings for.

Alright, but sex or no sex, this still sounds like a mostly physical engagement, no? Sure, long-distance relationships are a thing even in traditional dating, but it’s usually because the participants have no choice. They met online only to discover that they live thousands of miles apart, or they were together in person for awhile before one of them had to move away for school or work.

Maybe an online-only sugar baby, who is still getting paid no matter what, wouldn’t mind this kind of arrangement; but why would a sugar daddy shell out to deliberately set up a relationship in which he may never get to so much as touch his partner? Pretty raw deal.

Well….maybe not so much. Let’s bear in mind here that most sugar daddies are married men. They may feel that just talking to a girl online is alright, while actually meeting her in person (where something physical could happen) would be crossing a line with respect to their spouse. Or maybe they aren’t so morally troubled at the thought of a little boogie-woogie on the side, but can’t plausibly get away without raising suspicion.

While many assume that sugar daddies are only interested in sex, nothing could be further from the truth. Most online-only daddies are mainly interested in emotional connection and romantic companionship at a distance.

Of course, toss all that aside, and it could just be that they’re busier than a freaking beehive: Sugar daddies tend to be financially well-off men, and reaching that point usually means spending most of your time at the office. Plus, with family and social responsibilities on top of that, a lot of these guys may simply be unable to incorporate a physical sugar girlfriend into their hectic lives.

But just because a man of high status may not have the time to enjoy an in-person relationship with a sugar baby, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have very real intimacy needs. A lot of these gentlemen can’t share a lot of their hidden desires and personal quirks with their wives or girlfriends. I mean, if you’ve got some far-out kink, and your wife is that uptight “proper” type, you may not want to go there with her.

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So there are plenty of reasons that a sugar daddy might choose to have an online-only sugar baby, rather than take one in real life. Fair enough. Now, what exactly IS an online-only sugar baby? How does that role differ from spending time with Daddy in the flesh?


How Online-Only Sugar Daddy Arrangements Work

Obviously, gone are the shopping trips, the spendy dates in coat-and-tie restaurants, and the overall physical togetherness. Or, at least, those things are changed for digital equivalents. Many online sugar couples will connect over a live video stream for “dates”, in which they eat a meal and perhaps watch a movie, each enjoying this different form of companionship.

And the sugar baby still gets spoiled, just not at the mall – typically, her daddy will buy her gifts right off her Amazon wish list, and have them delivered to her door. Naturally, the couple will also keep heavily in touch via text and telephone throughout the day, depending on their schedules (remember, sugar daddies aren’t always swimming in free time). And they often “see” each other over Skype or the like, with or without a planned date; video is pretty big in online sugaring.

Many sugar babies are often surprised to learn that being online-only can be just as lucrative as being in a physical relationship. In fact, many platonic sugar daddies met online give absurdly expensive gifts like luxury cars, designer clothing, and expensive jewelry.

On that point, actually, something that’s interesting to note is the fact that there’s usually very little – if any – sexual activity in these relationships. Their video streams seldom turn into explicit cam shows. By and large, online sugar daddies are more interested in building deep, emotional bonds with their sugar babies than they are in seeing them naked.

This may, again, have to do with the marriages that men in these relationships want to protect – or it may simply be that older dudes just aren’t so driven by the prospect of seeing a nice set of gazongas as they were when they were 20.

How to be an online sugar baby.

So, how does one become a sugar baby online? The easiest and most reliable method is to sign up as a webcam model on a cam site, and build a following there. You’ll definitely want to signup with Chaturbate, because of its huge traffic and ease of use. Getting established as a cam girl doesn’t really take all that long in general, but it tends to be especially rapid on Chaturbate. Oh, and you don’t even need to get naked.

For whatever reason, Chaturbate has become an absolute GOLDMINE when it comes to finding high-quality online-only sugar daddies with no meeting required at all. Very few sugar babies actually know about this kind-of open secret, but if you give it a try, you’ll quickly see what I’m talking about. The sugar daddy whales swim freely on CB.

I’ve written whole posts about how to thrive on a cam site, and I recommend checking this one out if you want some solid cam girl tips. In a nutshell, though: Be consistent in the days and times you perform, be nice to your regulars, and engage with the audience. Form friendships with those fans who like you the most. Use Snapchat to increase your revenue and provide an easy, free way for people to learn about you and start feeling close to you.

Signup To Be an Online Sugar Baby at Chaturbate Here

Most importantly, though, you need to make sure that you DO NOT QUIT after just a few sessions. I’ll be perfectly straight with you — you’re extremely unlikely to make much money the first few times you broadcast. This is because guys need to find you, bond with you, and then start tipping you and being generous. If you quit early on, you’ll miss out on all the sugar that’s available on Chaturbate, and that would be a genuine sugary shame, trust me.

Once you get several broadcasting sessions under your belt, though, you’re likely to develop regulars, and some of those regulars will be potential sugar daddies. To attract more of them, use chatroom tags like “#SugarBaby,” which will help daddies find you easier. Wear nice clothing, look like a million bucks, and be sure to chat up the members who tip you. Get close, bond, and reap the rewards of online-only sugaring!

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