Becoming A Cam Girl Quickly


ATTENTION: Webcam models are making as much as $75,000 PER MONTH, but you need to know how to become a cam girl the right way. Read this guide to the end…your bank account will thank you!

Okay, a lot of you people have been indicating that you need a super-concise quick-start guide that’ll show you how to become a cam girl on the pronto, so I’ve decided to put up this easy-to-digest article that’ll have you getting tipped big in no time. Speed is of the essence here, so let’s chop-chop!

Before you go any further, sign-up for a model broadcaster account at Chaturbate here so that you’ll be ready to rock after you absorb the tips on this site.

Become a Camgirl Quickly

A Cam Girl’s Equipment Needs

First thing you need to do is check that you have a computer, webcam, and internet connection suitable for camming. Your computer will be good to go if its relatively new. If it’s not (like say over 6 or 7 years old), you may have some slowness issues while you’re broadcasting, but they might not be crippling. You should just try it out and see, you never know.

Most new cam girls do not have a stand-alone webcam, so if you’re like them, you may need to rely on your laptop’s built-in cam. If so, no problem. The quality of your video won’t be so great, but at the same time, it should be good enough to allow you to make decent money if you stick with camming for a bit.

Cable and fiber optic connections are best, but DSL can still work too. Laptop cams usually aren’t great, but they can still work and allow you to make enough money to invest in HD webcams down the road.

After you’ve made some money, you should buy an HD webcam as soon as possible. I recommend the Logitech C920, which should dramatically improve your video quality and will most likely significantly improve your earnings. If you need a budget webcam that can come close to premium quality audio and video without totally eating up your weed money, try the Logitech C270.

A cam girl's equipment needs.

Where internet connection is concerned, you’re likely gonna be fine if you have any kind of cable or fiber optic service. If you have DSL, you may run into problems with choppiness, or laggy video. That’s fine, though, you should just power through it and cam your ass off until you can make the dough necessary to upgrade your internet. It’s an investment that will payoff BIGLY, trust me!

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Signup as a Camgirl at Chaturbate

Rather than do a lot of research on which particular cam site would be best for you, my recommendation is that you just signup at Chaturbate and start there. They’ve got massive traffic, they’re growing at an insane rate, and they’ve got some of the biggest tippers in Camland. Give it a solid couple weeks of daily camming before you decide whether it’s right for you or not.

[MUCHO IMPORTANTO!!] Most new cam girls on Chaturbate don’t make much money in the first few days due to lack of fans, but that changes very quickly if you keep going on day after day. The real money tends to start pouring in after the first week or two, when you get a nice-sized viewer following going.

In fact, how much Chaturbate models make after they push their follower levels past a few thousand would totally floor you (it’s like a whole freaking LOT).


How To Become A Cam Girl – Basic Principles

There are basically three major things you need to keep in mind when learning how to become a cam girl at Chaturbate. The first is that you must allow yourself plenty of time to learn the Chaturbate interface and get the hang of the site.

Broadcast daily and just try to soak in as much as you can, but also go into some chat rooms as a viewer and watch the experienced models do their thing. Observe carefully how things work in there. Don’t worry, after a week or two, you’ll know what you need to know. But don’t let your lack of knowledge keep you from camming…stay at it and you’ll master everything in due time.

Going on cam regularly is a must when you’re first starting out. Viewers need repeated exposure to you so that they can develop that bond that will encourage them to support you.

Secondly, make sure you’re as friendly as possible when you’re on cam. Smile a lot, talk a lot, and try to make friends with your viewers. The more they like you, the more they see you as a pal, the more they’ll tip you. Camming is really about the relationships you build with your viewers, so concentrate on that and the tokens will flow liberally.

Cam model tips.

Finally, you need to remember to KEEP CAMMING through the early days when you won’t be making much money. Like I mentioned above, it’s very difficult to make any significant money as a Chaturbate model (or as a webcam model on any cam site) in the first few days because you don’t have many fans.

Don’t expect to make much money during your first few sessions working as a webcam model. But as you build fans, the tokens will steadily increase and could potentially get deadly serious real quick.

Being new is always difficult, no matter what you’re being new at, but that challenge goes away when the newness is gone and you’ve established yourself. Think of the first couple weeks as a training period that will get you familiar with how Chaturbate works, and how to be a cam girl. The tokens will start pumping soon enough, just keep going and be patient…IT’S VERY WORTH IT, TRUST A CAMLORD!! 😉


Top Camming Tips To Takeaway

  1. Be super friendly and TALK a lot on cam. Engage your audience with interesting conversation about your interests, views, and whatever seems cool to chat about. Most of your viewers will be silent at first, because they frankly don’t know you, but as they loosen up, they will participate more and start to bond with you. Once that happens, you can expect them to start tipping and buying shows from you. THAT is when you’ll start making the really great webcamming money. Be patient!
  2. Go on cam every day for the first week so that your fans will have a chance to chill with you and get closer. As they bond with you, you’ll see that they spend more money in your room. Try to cam at around the same time of day every time, so that the members who found you before can find you again! Most viewers watch webcam models at around the same time each day, so make sure you’re on when your fans are on!
  3. On Chaturbate, members who have tokens have screen names that are either purple or blue in color. When you get one of those folks in your room, send them a private message and welcome them. Try to spark up a conversation and explore their interests. If you can convert these members into “regulars,” they’ll stop by frequently and may lay down some awesome tips!
  4. When you’re learning how to be a cam girl, and you just can’t seem to get enough people in your room, you will be tempted to quit and walk away. If you do that, you will be turning your back on huge amounts of cheddar! Every new cam girl has to go through this newbie phase, but it’s definitely a temporary thing. After only a couple weeks, you could be attracting regulars left and right, bringing home the bacon like a boss. Just gotta keep at it and power through!


Start camming as a cam girl today!

So now you know the basics of how to become a cam girl the right way. Signup at Chaturbate now to get started!

Oh, and If you’re looking for in-depth, kick-ass webcam model training that goes deep into the nitty gritty, check out my Uber Fans Magnet Course! Best of luck to you, and keep an eye on my blog for more camming tips and tricks coming soon!

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