How To Sell Your Panties Online


ATTENTION: Selling used and dirty underwear online has become a huge business, so I’m going to expose the elite techniques top sellers are using to make the big money. I also reveal a MAJOR mistake most sellers of panties make that you need to avoid at all costs.

When women explore the adult entertainment industry, it usually isn’t long before they discover a fact that is strange and confusing to most of them: Apparently, there is a customer base on the internet for selling used panties. That is, certain men will pay for dirty underwear – often up to $30 – $40 per pair, with well-known sellers able to command far greater prices.

How To Sell Your Panties & Used Underwear Online

When the base product can be purchased for about a buck apiece at Walmart, and made salable by the thoroughly no-cost process of simply wearing it, the lucrative nature of this business becomes clear. If this sounds intriguing to you, and you’re wondering how to sell panties online, read on. Making the necessary connections with customers and monetizing them is far simpler than you might think.


Getting Started Selling Used Underwear

Before we go any further, let me spoil the end of this post a bit by telling you right now that cam sites are the best-kept secret of successfully selling used panties in the business. I’ll explain why, as well as go through the steps of using them for this purpose most effectively further down in the article.

From my industry contacts, I’ve been able to determine that the highest earners, by far, in the online underwear-selling business are actually webcam models! When you understand why fetishists buy panties, it all makes a ton of sense.

But first, take a moment and sign up as a broadcaster (model) at Chaturbate; it’s pretty conclusively the best cam site on which to sell your panties. Registering is totally free and won’t take long, but there’s a waiting period after doing it before you’re approved to start camming, so it’s best to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

And no, you won’t need to get naked there — this strategy only involves non-nude tease to generate some pervy interest in your panties. It’s a devastatingly effective tactic that the true pros in the industry use to make REAL money selling dirty undies.

Signup Here Real Quick!


Why Do Guys Buy Dirty Panties Anyway?

Done? Okay, then let’s talk about your pervy customer base. From a marketing standpoint, it is always important to understand the psychology of the people who are buying from you. And in this case, the first thing to understand is that most of the men who might want to buy your panties aren’t simply looking for something to help them jerk off.

They will probably use the panties for that, yes, but it’s about much more than just making Mr. Peterson paint the ceiling with his gooey loads of nut. The panties they buy aren’t worth anything to them, or at least are worth far less, if they simply come off a random woman’s backside. What these guys are really looking for are panties from a woman they know, a woman they have a minimum of some connection with, and a woman they personally trust.

What most sellers of used panties don’t get is that fetishist men want to have a real connection with the model who wears the undies. That’s actually the key to making sales, and making them consistently.

Keep the word “trust” in mind, because it’s important and we’re going to be coming back to it. For now, just be aware that your panties are at their maximum value to a guy who sees them as a symbol of friendship with a woman to whom they already feel close. This is why, while there has always been interest among men for women’s underwear, the internet has really given this business its legs.

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The opportunity to communicate online makes it practical for girls to build a bond with people who start off as strange men in a safe, efficient, and easy way. Imagine if you had to wander around bars and parties in real life seeking to get familiar with individual men, just so you could hope to maybe sell them a pair of panties one day!


Where NOT To Sell Your Panties

The internet has had such an impact on selling panties, in fact, that an entire niche of websites has sprung up to support it. These are called pantie “marketplace” sites, and they exist to connect women who want to sell their underwear online with men who want to buy.

Aware of the importance of the “connection” we’ve been discussing in these transactions, the sites do their best to facilitate interpersonal exchange between buyer and seller by letting them chat and get to know each other somewhat before a sale is made. And of course, they usually include some kind of verification system, to establish that the sellers really are women.

Nevertheless, the marketplace sites are terrible places to sell panties. This is where we get back to the issue of trust that I briefly mentioned. It doesn’t exist on these sites — or at least, it’s in very short supply.

Marketplace sites unfortunately do not provide viable ways to form strong bonds between used underwear sellers and potential buyers. This aspect of the business is crucial.

The temptation is simply too strong for women to cheat, such as by trying to get away with wearing a pair of panties for less than they were paid to do so (most clients will expect at least 24 hours of continuous wear, if not more, which puts a serious bottleneck on volume of possible sales for honest women).

Some won’t even wear the panties at all, but instead go to impressive lengths in concocting ingenious “odor sprays” to give the garments the right look and aroma. Generally speaking, buyers know what these women are up to (there are huge online fetish communities where they compare notes), and as a result, they lose confidence in the product.

They don’t want to buy, or they’ll only buy for less, because in the end they don’t really know what they’re getting. Marketing 101, ladies: If your customers don’t trust you, be prepared to watch money fly out the window as unrealized revenue.

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There’s also a suitably thriving community on Reddit to sell your panties. Here, buyers and sellers communicate in a moderated forum to arrange transactions, and can even review each other a la eBay after a sale is completed. This feedback system does a decent job of keeping people honest, with bad sellers and creepy or stalkerish buyers alike being rooted out and expelled.

It’s main flaw is that sales are strictly anonymous, with virtually no familiarity between the woman and the men she sells to before business is done. This may seem like a benefit to some sellers, but remember what I told you about maximizing your panties’ value. You get the most out of them when they really mean something to your clients.


Selling Used Panties on Cam Sites

Which brings us all the way back to the real secret of how to sell panties online: Cam sites. I specifically mentioned Chaturbate as the best choice for this, mostly because of the sheer volume of its traffic and the fact that it tends to attract a particularly well-heeled clientele (the kind who can afford to spend over $50 on soiled undergarments), but it’s the basic structure of cam sites in general that makes them so effective for this business.

Cam sites, if you weren’t aware, aren’t principally about dancing naked around your bedroom for an online audience. If anything, that’s incidental. A cam girl’s real revenues come from getting to know her fans and establishing real bonds of friendship with them.

It usually starts with certain guys becoming your “regulars.” Knowing the work schedule you’ve set for yourself, they come to watch you cam several times a week, and will generally tip you, at least occasionally.

More importantly, though, they will want to talk to you, and if you’re smart, you’ll indulge this. Have long chats with them, tell them about your life as you listen to them talk about theirs, and maybe even give them your phone number so you can stay in touch offline.

In this way, these guys become more than your customers; they become your friends. In marketing, we know that there is no better person than a friend to sell anything to, and that goes roughly triple when you want to sell your used panties.

Sell Your Panties at Chaturbate – SignUp Here 

So, here are 3 key points to keep in mind when using Chaturbate to sell panties:

  1. Be friendly, chatty, and try to establish bonds with viewers who tip you. Turn them into “regulars.”
  2. Go live at around the same time of day, so your fans know when to find you online.
  3. DO NOT QUIT! Newbies take time to find an fan audience. Stick with it and it WILL happen.

Make use of this vastly under-tapped resource, and soon, you’ll be making far more money than you ever thought possible simply selling your dirty laundry!

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