How Cam Girls Bond With Webcam Viewers

How cam girls bond with viewers.
In the realm of marketing pros, it’s well-understood that, to make the sale, you really need to establish a personal connection with the potential customer. This has been the reality for sellers of all sorts for eons, going all the way back, I’m sure, to the ancient sands of Sumer where civilization first popped into existence on planet Earth thousands of years ago.

For webcam models, the same rule applies, so it’s necessary to get familiar with the basics of how to “warm-up” your cam viewers and get them all hot and ready to buy content, shows, and tip you into those sweet, sweet token comas everybody in the webcamming business dreams about.

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How To Sell Custom Porn Videos

How To Sell Porn
Porn is free, right? I mean, these days, anybody can just open up a browser window and mosey on down to their favorite tube site to watch a gazillion hours of unadulterated XXX video entertainment for complete gratis. Why would anyone pay for a porn clip, you might ask?

Well, you’d be surprised how much demand exists out there for “custom porn,” and how much money can be made by offering it to the lusty masses. If you’re an adult content creator or webcam model and are interested in boosting your revenues using this lucrative method, this post will show you exactly how it’s done.

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No More Skype Shows?

Camgirl Skype shows
It seems like, for ages now, camgirls have been selling Skype shows to horny cam site members and social media followers. One of the biggest reasons for this is that shows on Skype offer high-quality video and can generally be sold straight to the viewer, without the cam sites taking their traditional 50% to 70% bite of revenues. Cam models usually take payments via Google Wallet or Paypal for Skype shows (though I don’t advise this), and will often even take Amazon Gift Cards as payment. Skype shows have become a mainstay of camming, but that might be about to change.

Microsoft Corporation, the parent company of Skype, has recently announced a change in policy that will ban all nudity and even profane language from the platform. The new policy is taking effect May 1st, 2018, and will surely cause moans and groans across Camland, but not the good kind.

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Making Halloween Bank

Cam girls should take advantage of Halloween.
Well, here we are…yet another Halloween is staring us right in the face, and the rapidly growing cacophony of jingling tipping noises that can be heard on sites like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams are beginning to cause short-term deafness in cam models all across Camland. Yes, this annual spookfest is probably the best time for a creative cam girl to make tons and tons of tokens, so you better get your costumes ready, people…it’s time to make some bank.

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Putting Up a Cam Model Store

Cam Model Store

Okay, cam models have typically got TONS of stuff to sell to their devoted followers. Videos, pic sets, polaroids, baked goods, panties, Snapchats, phone numbers, plaster casts of their feet, used tampons, bodily fluids, you name it.

With all this merchandise to pitch, it really helps to have ONE central location to list ALL of your goods and services for sale. What I’m basically saying is…you need a STORE, hot shot!

A cam model with a store is like a cam model with a sales headquarters. No matter where on the digital badlands you interact with your fans, you can send them all straight to your store, where they can buy whatever they’re interested in.

Oh, and you know what else? When people visit a store, they almost always get interested in buying more stuff than they originally came for. Think about it, do you ever visit the mall and only purchase what you went there for? What about that last time you went? You showed up to get some booty shorts, but ended up buying that hot teddy and those “to-die-for” weed leaf bobby socks too, amirite?

UmmHmmm, guuurl, I seeee you!!

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Periscope Super Hearts

Periscope Super Hearts
Well, the trend of live-streaming apps adding a tipping functionality is continuing full speed ahead, and Periscope has just become the latest broadcasting platform to jump on the bangwagon (oops, I totally meant “bandwagon,” I swear).

Many of you may be familiar with some of the other tipping-enabled apps like YouNow and Peeks, where broadcasters can make some sweet coin just hanging out in a totally non-nude capacity with their viewers. It seems like these live-streaming platforms that allow tipping are getting more popular than ever, so it makes sense that Twitter-owned Periscope would get with the program eventually.

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Fidget Spinner Butt Plugs

Fidget Spinner
Fidget spinners up the Wazoopa?? Yep!! Apparently, now you can get one of those super cool spinning thingies most people use to ease anxiety and shove it where the sun don’t shine. When I first found out about the fidget spinner butt plug, of course I immediately began to consider the potential camming uses for the odd new sex toy. Actually, the idea of employing this bad boy on cam should come naturally to anyone who’s spent the least bit of time catering to the often weird kinks that abound in Camland.

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Cam Girl Shark Attack


CamSoda Shark Bite
Sorry to report this, but it looks like a Camland promotional shoot went terribly wrong a few days ago. Molly Cavalli, a pornstar and cam girl for the cam site CamSoda, was apparently bitten on the foot by a lemon shark while being filmed in an underwater shark cage just off the Florida coast. It’s called “shark diving,” and it’s a supposedly safe way  to mingle with some of nature’s nastiest sea predators up close and personal.

I guess the folks at CamSoda figured that a video of one of their stars flirting with the dangerous fishies might get some attention on Youtube. Oh, they got some attention alright.

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