How The Lovense Lush Changed Being a Cam Girl


Lovense Lush Cam Girl
Ok, so one of the things cam girls need to understand, if they want to make it in the world of camming (especially nowadays), is the massive phenomenon that is teledildonics. Yes, I know the word sounds like it must have to do with some bizarre sexual fetish involving televisions and pickle spears, but it actually has nothing to do with either (I was disappointed too, you’re not alone). Basically, it’s about remote-controlled sex toys that work over distance.

You mostly see it in the crazy-successful Lovense line of vibe toys that practically every cam girl on Earth is using, and there’s a reason for that: Lovense makes some really good vibrating shit. But it took some crap and fuckery for us to get here, which happened over a surprisingly short period of time. It all ended up at the reality that, if you’re a cam girl, you’re using a Lovense device; that’s pretty much the long and the short of it.

ATTENTION, MIS AMIGOS: The Lovense Lush, among other teledildonic toys, has totally changed the face of the webcam modeling world. I’m going to dissect this curious advent, and explain how you can best profit from it.

But let’s back up a bit, so we can understand how this all started. It was really just a few years ago that teledildonics got started with the “Ohmibod” vibrator. The major selling point of this interesting dohickey was that it could be controlled by computer to vaginally stimulate a lady, not just from across the room, or even down the hall, but over oceans and continents if desired.

The applications for kinky couples were pretty obvious: People in long-distance relationships or who simply had to be apart for awhile on business trips could play with each other with an unprecedented level of interactivity, far beyond anything that was possible with just phone sex or Skyping.

But the camming world perked its nips over the Ohmibod, too. It was especially popular on Chaturbate, where it became integrated very fast. In other words, it linked with the website itself, and could be set to give the cam girl a vibrating kick every time someone tipped her.

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The OG Ohmibod Fuckery That Led To The Lush

Or at least, that was the theory. The reality was that there were serious connectivity problems right from the word Go, and even when the thing did work, it often vibrated so weakly that the girl barely felt her “special buzz” at all.

But an impressively large and completely unserved market was tapped. Chaturbate members absolutely loved the Ohmibod, or at least, they loved the idea of being able to sexually stimulate their favorite cam girl for the price of a tip. The webcam models were quick to pick up on this, and some of them were so keen to use it to their advantage that they would, let’s just say…ignore the fact that the vibrator wasn’t doing much of anything at all.

Yep, many became Oscar-worthy actresses out there, overselling the “huge” reaction of the Ohmibod to each tip. Even worse, a few of them were straight-up lying (instead of just wildly exaggerating) to their audience, telling them that the Ohmibod was set to vibrate harder and harder the higher a tip got.

This whole regrettable episode in Camland’s history makes me want to put on the classic tune “Pretending” by Eric Clapton. Yes…yes, I think I will.

So, you liked the way she responded to her Ohmibod buzz when you tipped her 250 tokens? You can hit her twice as hard with another tip of 500 tokens. Of course, the Ohmibod had no such scaling feature, but the girls got really, really good at pretending that it did. Oy vey, ladies.

But sometimes when something turns out to be total crap, as in the Ohmibod vibrator, the best reaction is to make it way better rather than just abandon the idea completely. Lovense decided that it wanted this whole teledildonics thing to work, so it took Door #1. The result was the Lovense line, and cam girls everywhere are very happy about that.

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I don’t know if you were a Toys R Us kid, but if you’re a cam girl, you want to be a Lovense Lush cam girl. Lush would be the most popular of the Lovense teledildonics line of vibrators, which includes two other toys as well.

The Lush is a vibrator that fits snugly into the vagina, and vibrates where it counts when its activated. And it can be activated right where it needs to be, at the intensities that are needed, unlike the Ohmibod. It’s fully integrated with Chaturbate and many other cam sites, where there are now apps designed entirely to manage the thing and how it responds to member tips. This thing really works.

On top of being a Lovense Lush cam girl, you might also want to go for the Nora, which is a larger vibrator that rests deeper in the vagina. From what cam girls tell me, it’s more powerful than the Lush, so make sure you can handle it before you turn control of it over to your loving fans.

Lovense Hush

And if you want to get a little wild, there’s the Hush toy, which fits into your butt. Downside is that the thing is the size of a freaking SpaceX Starship rocket, though a lot of you might like that, I suspect. If you do, be sure to give a Camlord a call, will ya? Heheeheeee. No, just kidding. Well, I mean, unless you…oh ffs. I like booty.


How Much Is The Lovense Lush?

There’s not a million ways to say this: Lovense toys, especially the Lush 3 (the latest version), are everywhere in the cam girl world these days. Just about all webcam models are using them, and those who aren’t, are probably planning to get them. With an average price of about $100 (Lush 3, Hush and Nora are more, while Lush 2 is just below that number), they’re a bit of an investment, but it’s one that should be made when it can be.

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Being a Lovense-capable cam girl is a little like buying a quality, high-definition webcam; you can get by with your crappy laptop camera for a little while, but when the revenues start coming in and you’re ready to get serious, it’s time to throw down some cheddar for quality equipment that can boost revenues.

Members simply love the level of interactivity that the Lovense toys allow them to have with cam girls. They get a thrill out of giving her a thrill. For some, there’s an element of control in it, giving them satisfaction in their ability to surprise the model with a powerful jolt whenever they feel like it.

Professional cam girls and webcam models know that investing in quality equipment is essential spending. The Lush and other Lovense devices can literally boost your earnings. They pay for themselves.

There are those who feel their bond with a cam girl strengthen when they share an orgasm with her or simply get to watch her cum from something that they did. If you know much about this industry, you know how important the emotional involvement of your regulars is; it’s what drives tips and keeps your fans coming back.

The Lovense teledildonics toys, especially the Lush, help you to do that, which makes them incredibly powerful and valuable. And then there’s the simple matter of just keeping up with your peers; all the other girls are using these things, to the point where site members expect it. You’re at a huge disadvantage if you can’t deliver on that expectation.

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One of the best ways to use a Lovense toy while camming is to let it foster a sense of good-natured competition among your viewers. When it gets set off by a tip, talk about how it felt and what it did for you, and throw something in about your ability to handle more.

There’s never a boring camming session when you’ve got a Lush up your vahayhay. Members love it, and it genuinely generates engagement and energy in the room.

Often, someone else will tip a hundred or so tokens more than the first person did, because they want to see you react to that and tell them what it was like. When this gets going, it can lead to some crazy tipping, as different fans battle to become your “Lovense King.” These little toys can help make you some big money, trust me!

Finally, just remember to have fun with it all. My cam girl sources have told me that these toys are actually fun to play with, aside from the revenues they can bring in. Your fans want to play with you, so play with them, and show them some genuine reactions. They’ll detect the sincerity, and it will get them all the more engaged. Never forget, engagement is what drives tipping and bonding, which results in REGULARS.

So, if you don’t yet have one of these pink teardrop thingies that go buzzy in your coochie, get yours at the link below. I recommend you get the Lush 3, which is the latest version and works the best.

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