Website 101


A quality website is essential to a model’s web presence strategy. Most models start with a blog, which can allow a great deal of freedom to communicate with your audience the way you want to, not according to the obnoxious rules of some social media site. With sites like Tumblr and BlogSpot declaring all-out war on adult bloggers, it’s more important than ever for a cam model to have his or her own blog site.

Many models get intimidated by the idea of having their own site, though, because they think it’s going to be a highly technical proposition. Nothing could be further from the truth. Using WordPress, the free blogging content system that runs the vast majority of the Web’s blogs, It’s super easy to manage your site.

Once installed, blogging is as easy as it is on Tumblr or BlogSpot. All you have to do is login, write your content, and hit “publish.” The user interface is super intuitive and straightforward. Just about anybody can run a WordPress blog! Checkout some screenshots from my own blog’s WordPress control panel:





You can easily insert pics, links, and write awesome posts that will captivate your fans. But the best part of having a WordPress blog on your own site is that YOU make the rules. You can engage in all the commercial activity you want without having to worry about getting your blog “zotted.”

As I teach in my course, webcam models can actually make a ton of money selling cam site memberships as affiliates by writing spicy posts targeted at their “qualified” cam-model-loving fans (just try to get away with that on Tumblr or BlogSpot). This is the special kind of awesome that comes with having your own site! And WordPress is 100% FREE, so all you need is some affordable hosting and you’re ready to go!


Finding The Right Host

Choosing the right web host is an important decision. You want an affordable option that also provides quality service, support, and has an excellent reputation.

Hostwinds offers everything you need to make owning your own site a total breeze. They even allow you to register your domain name at the same time you signup for hosting. so It couldn’t be simpler.

Signup For Web Hosting at Hostwinds

Just click the “Web Hosting” tab at the top of their website, and order your plan. Oh, and let me give you a little tip…you can save quite a bit of money if you select the yearly billing option.

If you have any questions at all about web hosting, be sure to contact me!


WordPress Blog Installation and Setup

If you’d like to have WordPress installed and setup for you, I can help you out. This is great for those of you who would prefer not to worry about server control panels and the like. I’ll install the WordPress script on your domain and setup a blog theme, an SEO plugin (to help attract search engine traffic), and a security plugin to help protect your site from intrusion threats.

The price for this service is usually $59, but if you’ve purchased my UCS products OR signed up for Hostwinds hosting through my link, I’ll cut the price for you down to only $39!

To get started, just contact me with the email you used to purchase UCS or the username of your Hostwinds hosting account. We’ll arrange payment and, once I’m done, I’ll send you your WordPress login details so you’ll be ready to start blogging like a pro in no time.

Request Your Blog Installation

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