Selling Videos on MFC


Selling Videos On MyFreeCams

When you’re a camgirl at MyFreeCams, one of the biggest issues you’ll face is the problem of how to raise your camscore. MFC pioneered the use of this ranking factor, which is designed to boost models who are “naturals” at camming straight to the top of the main chatroom listings. This, in turn, helps MFC because it increases the visibility of the models who are most liked by viewers and best able to induce the purchase of tokens by members of the site.

The models who can’t seem to make tips or shows happen suffer declines in their camscores which, unless promptly reversed, can basically mean that they quickly descend into the dreaded MFC basement on page 46, never to be seen by humans with aroused genitalia again.

Most MyFreeCams models absolutely HATE the camscore, unless they happen to get tipped a lot, in which case they LOOOOOOOVE themselves some camscore. But, like it or not, it’s something that every single chick trying to make a buck at MFC has to deal with. This post is going to explain how you can boost your camscore by using video sales to significantly increase your inflow of both online and offline tokens.

First of all, you need to know how camscore is determined so that you can see how selling a bunch of videos to your viewers for tokens can help fatten up yours. The exact algorithm that calculates a model’s camscore is not available to the public, but it basically functions by measuring how many tokens are received by a model who is online at

The more tokens a model rakes in over a period of time online, the higher her camscore goes. Offline tips also count toward the camscore calculation, and they actually carry more weight than online tips do.

Perhaps you can see now how important it is to maximize your average inflow of tokens per minute. If you cam for 5 hours straight and make 4,000 tokens, your camscore will be lower at the end of the session than it would be if you made those 4,000 tokens over just 2 hours. Getting tipped, and keeping the tips coming, is what will raise your camscore and, in turn, your visibility on the MFC chatroom list.

There’s no better way to stimulate tips than to offer package deals on videos. Viewers absolutely love camgirl videos, and when you give them a great deal, that’s often all it takes to get them to give up some major tokens. You can put together themed packages like outdoor videos, shower videos, oil videos, etc. Or, you can simply throw in a bunch of unrelated videos and offer an obscenely low token price for the whole package.

Video Package Deals

Members on MFC like to be able to see what they’re buying, so try to create a great thumbnail preview section for the video deals on your profile. Use high-quality, large thumbnail screencaps of your videos and be sure to include concise, but provocative descriptions with those pics. Remember, you’re making a pitch to potential consumers of your erotica…make them REALLY want it!

Once you’ve got your video packages together, host them at Dropbox, or other such places and fill the orders manually by sending the download link after token payment has been made. Pitch the video deals in your chatroom during camming sessions by regularly bringing up the offer, and explaining how irresistible the videos are.

Take every opportunity to talk them up and keep mentioning how great a deal is on the table. Also, use time pressure and introduce scarcity to induce more sales (make the offer available “tonight only,” or “for the first 10 buyers only”).

UpdateMyFreeCams has created a brand new video hosting and sales platform named “MFC Share,” and it’s 18 different kinds of awesome. You can list all your videos there, purchases are in tokens, and downloads are delivered automatically.

All tokens spent on MFC Share will still help increase a model’s camscore, so it’s just perfect. What I love about MFC Share the most is that the video preview images are nice and large, which is extremely important, as I mentioned above. We’ll see how this platform performs over the next several months but, so far, looks very encouraging.

If you’ve got a presence on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or Periscope, don’t neglect to push your video deals there as well. In fact, using these social media platforms is a great way to bring in sales for offline tips which, as I mentioned earlier, will boost your camscore even more! Basically, you should use every tool at your disposal to promote your videos for MFC tokens. When your camscore goes through the freaking roof, you’re gonna thank me.

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