How To Become a Male Stripper


ATTENTION: Making huge money stripping isn’t only for the ladies, my friends. Large amounts of cold hard cash are being made by men as male strippers, so if you’re interested in pulling down some major Benjis showing off what your mama gave you, stay tuned for the best pro tactics around.

Being a male stripper can be a ticket to a very, very serious monthly income. There’s a metric shit-TON of moolah out there waiting to be Hoovered up by chiseled lads willing to strip down and dance for the horny public. Yeah, stripping is NOT just for hot chicks — it’s an industry that can be ridden to riches by men too, and this post is all about explaining exactly how that’s done!

Becoming a Male Stripper

So, in this guide, we’ll be talking about how to become a male stripper, focusing on how it differs from the life of female strippers, and sharing some of the elite tactics that produce huge incomes. Make sure to read on through to the end, because in a bit I want to get into the little-known best way of being a male stripper and making BANK, which doesn’t even involve a club.

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Becoming a Male Stripper – The Essentials

Now, let’s start with the essential male stripper tips. It shouldn’t come as any huge surprise that being a male stripper demands a certain kind of appearance. You don’t necessarily have to be physically flawless, but you do have to look good. Expect to spend a lot of time working at keeping your body in tip-top condition – in fact, you’ll probably be working harder at that than even a female stripper would.

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The ladies can “simply” keep to a cardio regimen in the gym and eat a low-calorie diet, and they should have the necessary proportions down. Men, on the other hand, really need to do at least a bit of lifting as well. That means additional exercise, and a more delicately balanced meal plan that includes a higher calorie (especially protein) intake without packing on the flab.

Beyond looks, the necessary attitude of a male stripper versus a female is also very different. For the gentlemen, there will be no stepping off the stage to sit unbidden on the lap of various female club guests, as women in the business are usually well-advised to do with their male customers.

Needless to say, free hands that roam about your patron’s body, again without an invitation, are a definite no-no. A woman acting like this with a man inspires lust and signals interest; when it’s the other way around, all sorts of #MeToo alarms go off.

When going out into the audience, male strippers need to remember that it’s much more about letting the clientele touch you, then you touching the clientele. Watch those hands!

Truth be told, though, even if they didn’t, this approach wouldn’t work for male strippers. Women, in general, are looking for something more from an exotic dancer than a taste of eye candy and a quick thrill. They should be physically attracted to the stripper, sure, but we’re talking about a whole different realm of what they want to do with that from how a typical man would feel.

For example, most female strippers would be very, very (did I mention “very?”) reluctant to give out any kind of personal contact information to a male customer and meet with him outside the club, out of fear for their safety.

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On the other hand, it’s relatively common for male strippers to stay in touch with the women who like them, and even to carry on friendships with them. This may include going out to dinner or otherwise spending time together.

And of course, the potential of attracting a sugar mama or daddy is almost always on the table for a well-loved male stripper. True, some pros of the industry will advise you not to mix business and pleasure like this, but it honestly happens all the time, and can end up being extremely rewarding for both parties.


Stripping From Home – DOUBLE Your Income

If strip clubs aren’t your scene, though, or if you’re just interested in maximizing your revenues (actually, this method can DOUBLE your income), you should be aware that one of the best ways of being a male stripper by the numbers is to do it at home, from your computer.

Many men don’t know how to become a male stripper in this way or haven’t considered it, but it’s very simple, and it’s being used by all the most elite male dancers in the business.

All you need to do is sign up for a free broadcaster account with a decent, well-trafficked cam site. There are a few good ones, but I recommend Chaturbate because of the sheer size of its user base and all of the neat features it offers to cam models.

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There’s a stereotype in certain uninformed circles that men can’t make any respectable money this way, but people who think that are very, very wrong. In fact, many male cam models pull down better revenues than their female counterparts. And male strippers, in particular, generally do even better than that.

Male strippers tend to do EXTREMELY well on cam sites, because the moves they learn dancing in the clubs are also quite effective in seducing an online audience.

It’s all about knowing what you’re doing behind that camera, just as you have to know how to act in the club. And, yes, stripping online as a cam guy can pay just as well as or even better than doing it in real life, for much less of an overall imposition on your life.

The most important of all online male stripper tips to keep in mind is actually the same advice I give to women wanting to do this job: Don’t give up early on. For either sex, being a successful cam model requires a reliable cohort of “regulars” who visit and tip you often, and that doesn’t get built overnight.

Regulars are simply AWESOME. They’re devoted fans who tip well, buy shows, and will support you in all sorts of ways. They develop gradually, so be patient.

That means that when you first start out, your revenues are going to be pretty lousy. No lie, this right here is the cause of failure for 95% of new cam model washouts. They don’t see the big money coming in for the first couple of nights, maybe even the first few, so they assume it just isn’t going to show up. That’s a fatal error. Stick with it long enough and you WILL do well –  this is definitely worth a bit of patience.

Just be sure to cam often (every day for at least a couple of hours during your first two weeks or so is critical), and try very hard to keep to a consistent schedule. You need members who like you to be able to find you again, so they can become regulars.

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You can set your work hours more or less however you like (unless you want to target a particular lucrative demographic, like North American prime time); just stick to them. I know a male stripper who cams for only one hour every night, but it’s ALWAYS from 10pm to 11pm. He’s developed a ton of regulars doing that, over the course of just a couple months.

Going on cam at around the same time of day allows your fans to find you again easily, because they tend to use cam sites at the same time of day themselves. Be on when your fans are on, and you’ll develop regulars more quickly.

Finally, if you really want to see income that’s off the chain, having an uninhibited girlfriend who’s willing to go on cam with you is practically a surefire way to make serious bank. According to industry metrics, heterosexual couples are pulling down by far the most money in camming. Many couples cam both solo and together, with their joint shows reliably being the most lucrative for both of them.

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Obviously, this isn’t an option for every guy (and many would kill for a girlfriend who’d make it one), but if you’re one of the lucky few and don’t mind sharing your girl with the eyes of the world, the big bucks are waiting for both of you.

However you decide to approach this line of work, never doubt that men can succeed at it. It happens for other guys every day, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t happen for you too. Stripping, whether in clubs or online, is a great way to make major bank, and it can change your life when pursued correctly.

If you haven’t yet, signup at Chaturbate and start bringing in that online stripper moolah!

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