The Coronapocalypse Upside


Coronavirus Crisis - A boom for webcam models and adult content creators?
So, it seems the world is losing its collective shit over this whole Coronavirus situation, and for good reason. Nobody wants to risk getting infected with a respiratory disease that carries many times the mortality rate of the common Flu.

But could there be an actual upside for adult content creators and webcam models to this unfortunately epic public health crisis? Well, yes, there definitely is, and you can probably already guess exactly why.

ATTENTION, PEOPLE: The Coronavirus crisis has totally upended civilization, but it turns out that some industries stand to benefit HUGE from the turmoil. I’m going to explain exactly why webcam models and adult content creators might see truly ridiculous increases in income due to this nasty-ass pandemic from the bowels of Hades.

Bars, casinos, nightclubs, sports events, music festivals, and just about everything else fun are being cancelled, closed, & shuttered all across the civilized world in an effort to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Sensible and prudent, of course, but this massive social cryo-stasis does have a very real consequence — tons and tons of people are sitting at home bored out of their minds…and they’re looking for a good time on the internet.

Coronavirus Crisis - Camming and Webcam Modeling

Yes, Youtube will certainly be getting a good workout during this massive societal veg-out, but there’s only so much that cat videos and fail compilations will do to keep people entertained. No, the internet being the internet, there will eventually come the time when libidos are stimulated and sexual release becomes necessary.

Webcam models and adult content creators are likely to see huge jumps in room counts, subscriptions, content sales, and so forth over the next few months. People will be seeking out adult entertainment online at unprecedented levels, and if you’re providing it, then it could be a massive boon to your business.


CoronaBonding on Cam

If you’re a regular reader of mine, it will come as no shock to learn that many of the people seeking out the services of adult models over the next few months will be interested as much in online companionship, as online booty-shaking. Let’s face it, these are stressful times, and with a killer bug on the loose gunning for all our butts indiscriminately, people need to commiserate and bond with others.

That bonding can’t take place in person — not now, not during the most massive and dangerous pandemic the world has experienced in decades. So, the internet is set to play a crucial role in providing, not only a release valve for primal tensions, but also a platform for safe, human-to-human interactions at a distance.

In marketing, it’s a well-known fact that anything that creates and maintains a bond between you and your customers and clients is VERY good for business. Bonds can be especially strong when built over distressing topics.

If you’re a webcam model, sharing your own anxieties about this pandemic with your similarly stressed-out clients can improve the bond between you. And as I teach my students, a strong personal bond with your regulars is the best way to ensure that big bucks flow steadily into your camming coffers.

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Now, don’t get me wrong, talking about the anxiety-inducing aspects of the crisis isn’t the only Coronavirus topics cam girls and adult content creators will be chatting about with their clients. In fact, if you can believe it, there is even an emerging Coronavirus fetish…yes, you read that correctly…and, no, I’m not high (yet).

Don’t expect me to go too far into describing this newborn sexual fetish, but the Daily Beast recently did an article on it (read it here), so it’s not just something I pulled out of my camlord butt. Apparently, searches for “Coronavirus porn” are spiking big these days…so, yeah.


CoronaCamming Newbies

The other major consequence of this pandemic crisis is that, since so many people have lost their jobs, huge numbers of new models are now entering the webcam modeling industry. And that makes a ton of sense, since there’s probably no other “work from home” option right now that pays as well, and is as easy to get started with.

Anyone interested in trying it out needs to make sure they have a good internet connection, and a decent laptop. A high-def webcam will certainly give you an edge, but that’s not a requirement, so long as your laptop (or desktop) has a built-in webcam.

The faster your internet connection is, the less lag and choppiness your video stream is likely to have. And the higher resolution your webcam is capable of, the better you’ll appear on your stream.

As for where to start camming, I would recommend Chaturbate, since it’s one of the most popular cam sites in the world, right now (at least in terms of “tier 1” traffic, which is the kind that spends money). Lots of money has been made on that cam site, and even bigger numbers will be made there during this pandemic, that’s for sure.

Sign Up at Chaturbate Here…

If you want to go really in-depth on how to become a webcam model, and learn the best tips and tricks that elite models use to make the big bucks, be sure to check out my webcam modeling course here.

Alright, people, wash your hands, stay indoors, and flatten that damn curve…maybe soon, we’ll all be able to go out and party again safely. In the meantime, rev up that webcam and make some moolah! Might as well try to make the best of this massive viral bummer.

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