How Much Do Cam Girls Make?


How much do cam girls make at MFC and Chaturbate?
For models new to the camming industry, probably the most common question asked is, how much do webcam models really make? Just about all of you have, by now, seen those cam site model recruitment ads that claim you can make thousands of dollars per week as a cam girl, but are those claims based in reality, or is it just a big load of smoke being blown up your waahayhay?

Well, as a camming business veteran who’s seen exactly what webcam models are capable of, in terms of bringing home the cam bacon, I want to let you in on the income secrets of the top models at MFC and Chaturbate. Not that those two are the only cam sites where camgirls can make big money, but they do tend to provide the best opportunities to do so.


How Much Do MFC Models Make?

Let’s start with a bit of recent history that will help to shine some light on what kind of money cam girls are making, these days. Back in the fall of 2015, the cam site MFC experienced a serious glitch that exposed, to God and everybody, the token totals that top models had accumulated on that month, and every month since 2009!

The glitch affected only the top 250 “Miss MFC” cam models. For the first time, viewers on MyFreeCams were able to see just how much cam girls were making on the site…and many were floored by what they learned.

How much do Pornstars make? You’ll never believe the numbers…

It turns out, the #1 Miss MFC model earns over $100,000…per month.  The top 20 MFC models make at least $35,000 per month. And in order to get into the top 100 list, an MFC cam girl needs to make at least $16,000 per month.

It was also revealed that several cam girls have made multiple millions of dollars over the course of several years working on the cam site. This massive data fart confirmed that the top models at MyFreeCams are all making very, very serious incomes. If you’re a top 100 model on MFC, you’re bringing home some major moolah on a monthly basis.

How much mfc models make revealed.

Now, when this glitch initially occurred and the word on these massive camming incomes started to spread around Camland, many models reported that they actually experienced declines in tippage. It seemed that members, now aware that their favorite cam girls where making, in many cases, far more money than they were, began to hold back on the token love. This tip slump lasted for a few months, apparently.

Everything’s back to normal at MFC now, but the cam site can’t “unfart” that huge data reveal. We now know basically what the top cam girls there make on a monthly basis, and it turns out that all of those cam model recruitment ads were actually low-balling the income figures possible in the camming industry.

So, how much do cam girls make?? Potentially a A WHOLE FREAKING LOT!


Okay, But How Much Do Chaturbate Models Make?

Turning our attention to Chaturbate now, I’d like to first point out that we don’t have any convenient data farts to tell us what the top broadcasters there are making. We do, however, have the exquisite observational powers of one very talented Camlord. I spend A TON of time on Chaturbate, and I carefully monitor the rooms of the top models there. I can tell you very confidently that there is little to no disparity in cam girl incomes between MFC and Chaturbate.

How much do Chaturbate models make?

Actually, Chaturbate is most likely harboring more six-figure models than MyFreeCams is, due simply to their massive traffic and huge model talent pool. To give you an idea of the kind of money models are making on Chaturbate, I’ll mention the semi-recent birthday tip bomb that was laid down on a cam girl there named Marley (account name “ChronicLove”). Her special day was definitely made when she got blasted with 252,521 tokens out of the freaking blue. That was a cash value tip of more than $12,000…I mean, dayuuuum.

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Cam girls (and cam guys, for that matter) can make a metric crap-ton of money on Chaturbate, trust me, I’ve seen it time and time again. Reports from my “little birds” over there confirm that very serious incomes are going down on that site.


How Much Money Can You Make Camming If You’re New, Though?

Obviously, these mega incomes are not representative of the bulk of cam girls in the industry. Cam girls new to the game will have to build a bit before they begin to see the kind of money we’ve been talking about. However, it’s not at all difficult for a new model to establish a very solid monthly income relatively quickly, especially if she avoids the very common newbie mistakes that so many often succumb to.

How much can you make camming?

If you cam on a consistent schedule, don’t step on newbie landmines, and remember to be patient and take the long view, most of you can definitely establish a multi-thousand dollar per month income from just your camming activity in a matter of weeks (and this is not counting off-site content sales, Snapchat sales, and affiliate income).

Something that was not revealed in the MFC income data fart was that the top 1,000 models on the site all make a monthly income you can live on and support yourself quite comfortably with. I happen to know this due to my contacts with scores of top 1,000 models on MyFreeCams. So, this should give you some serious reassurance that you’re not just chasing an illusion here…there is VERY real money to be made as a cam girl. Don’t ever doubt it!

As always, if you need some high-quality guidance and instruction on how to make seriously fat stacks in the camming business, check out my renowned Uber Fans Magnet Webcam Modeling Course.

Or, if you’d like to get straight to business on cam, signup as a webcam model with Chaturbate here!

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