How Much Does PornHub Pay?


When you visit Pornhub, it doesn’t feel like much of anyone is paying any money. There are a few videos nowadays with prices clearly attached, but the basic stuff – which is most of it – is just there for the taking. So it may come as a surprise to learn that Pornhub is actually a cash cow, not just for its owners, but for its content providers. In this age of free porn, lots of people are making their living doing nothing but uploading to Pornhub.

How much does PornHub pay creators?

How much does Pornhub pay these people? It depends, but the numbers can get pretty crazy. Read on, and I’ll tell you how you can make money on Pornhub, and give specifics on how much Pornhub pays for videos.


PornHub’s Revenue Model

Pornhub makes most of its money by running ads on the site. Basically, for every ad that’s shown, a (small) percentage of users will click through to the site being advertised. From there, another (smaller) percentage will actually make some kind of purchase, and money changes hands. This is important, because under Pornhub’s ad share program, you receive a share of the ad revenue they make from any videos you upload.

The exact amount you receive is determined by your “rate per mille,” or for those who don’t like Latin, “rate per thousand.” That’s thousand views, in this case. So if your RPM were $0.50, for example, you’d receive fifty cents for every one thousand clicks your video receives. That may not sound like a lot, but popular Pornhub videos can get MILLIONS of clicks, which adds up to thousands of dollars for a single video.

Though RPM rates may seem tiny at first glance, when you factor in the staggering number of views a viral PornHub video can get, it’s clear we’re talk about big money.

Your precise RPM depends on the performance of ads shown on your video, which is rated according to three key factors. These are total click volume, with more raw clicks resulting in a higher RPM; the clicks’ countries of origin, for wealthier regions like North America are favored; and completed sales, since that’s where the actual money comes from.

You should shoot your videos in English if at all possible, to appeal to the world’s most well-heeled users, but beyond that, you really just want lots and lots of attention. In 2018, the average RPM for Pornhub videos was $0.64, and Pornhub says they share 80% of their ad revenue with the providers who generate it.

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Ad share revenue is primarily what determines how much Pornhub pays for videos, and free-streaming content is easily your bread and butter in this business. However, you’re also able to sell videos directly to customers via Modelhub (a Pornhub program made to help you do this), and keep a percentage of each sale.

Then there are options like uploading to Pornhub Premium, and offering custom videos to individual customers willing to pay for your time. These options are best suited to an established Pornhub performer with her own loyal fan following, so think of them as an additional revenue stream to shoot for after you’ve gotten your feet wet in the industry.


How Much Are Creators on PornHub Making?

Just how good can your earnings get on Pornhub? Very, very good, as it turns out. Many of the top content producers on the site are reliably bringing in over $20,000 per month, so a six-figure income if definitely attainable. And no, we aren’t talking about professionals with expensive studios and top-of-the-line filming equipment.

Amateur videos filmed on nothing better than an iPhone are actually the best performers; it’s the slightly shaky, unpolished, “home movie” look that wins viewers over more than stuff that’s strictly of the highest visual quality.

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Now, let’s be clear: You aren’t going to be pulling down $200K a year by posting a couple of bedroom videos you made with your boyfriend and hoping for the best. For one thing, you’re going to need to produce new material full-time, and upload it regularly. This way, you’ll develop a fan base and build a “brand” in the industry. Having fans and being known for your persona are essential in just about any adult work.

The specific content of your offerings is important, too. Whatever your boyfriend did to you in those bedroom videos probably isn’t going to cut it, unless he tied you up creatively before doing it or you made him call you “Goddess” as you ball-busted the poor boy.

This is Pornhub; basic, natural sex is as easy to find as discount Halloween candy in November. You’ll never stand out making that stuff, and if you don’t stand out, your videos won’t go viral.

Producing fetish content is a more reliable way to get views and build a following on PornHub. The edgier the content, the more likely it is to get picked up by the algo, generally speaking.

You want to produce edgier content, something to jolt and titillate the viewer a bit. Choosing some particular fetishes that you’re willing to serve and then devoting whole series of videos to each is a solid idea, as this will land you fans of diverse sexual tastes and make your Pornhub channel more interesting. Just be careful not to go too far. Be aware of what’s considered obscene in your community, and don’t push that envelope. It isn’t worth the risk.

Another excellent method for building up your fans is to do collaborations, or “collabs,” with other content producers. That simply means making contact with popular performers (social media and adult industry conventions are the best ways to do this) and then making videos together. This is a huge benefit for both of you, because each performer’s fans will be drawn to the content, and many will find that they like and want to follow the other model in the video.

Finally, when you post new videos, always remember to “seed” with early views as soon as possible. The more times your video is clicked soon after upload, the more interesting and high-quality Pornhub’s algorithm will assume it is. This makes you more likely to be displayed in search results and shown as recommended material to browsing porn surfers. And that is an important step on the road to going viral.

There are a number of methods for seeding your content, but the most effective way is to broadcast as a webcam model on Chaturbate and use your channel there to promote your Pornhub presence. You can use Chaturbate to build up a greater fan following, which will consist of people eager to check out your Pornhub videos. Camming on Chaturbate can also generate excellent monthly revenue in its own right; it’s a logical step for online adult performers to take.

Webcam models on Chaturbate have the opportunity to expose themselves to thousands of viewers for free, which represents a fantastic avenue for promoting a PornHub channel.

Obviously, there are other cam sites out there, but the reason I recommend Chaturbate in particular is because of its size and metrics. It’s the biggest cam site on the web right now in terms of its traffic, which increases your exposure, and it’s known to attract large numbers of desirable first-world viewers like those in North America. And remember, attention from those people is a huge boost to your Pornhub videos, and can increase your RPM.

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So, how much does Pornhub pay? It’s a question with some varied answers, but one thing is for certain: The sky really is the limit. If you know what you’re doing and you work full-time as an adult performer, you’ve got an excellent shot at making insane amounts of money doing nothing else. This isn’t a pipe dream; Pornhub riches are very real.

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