How Much Money Do Strippers Make?


ATTENTION: Many strippers are making money hand over g-string, and it’s come time to go over the numbers and reveal exactly how much they’re hauling in. If you’re curious about stripper income, then you need to read this shit…the truth will be EYE-POPPING.

How Much Money do Strippers Make?
Most young women, these days, grow up hearing a lot about how much money strippers make per week. Some exotic dancers really are living the dream, let me tell you, making huge bank even if it’s not what you would call “easy money.” I want to look at the income reality in this field, and get into the hard numbers of what the stripping career actually pays.

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First, we need to understand that stripper money is way, way variable. In fact, the very question “how much do strippers make?” isn’t even helpful, or at the very least, it’s far too simplistic. It’s a little like asking “how serious is a car accident?” The answer is different for everybody, and depends on a whole lot of particulars.


How Strippers Make Their Money

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Strippers work for tips. It isn’t all the $1’s and $5’s that get slipped into their G-strings or thrown at them while they’re onstage, as there’s also lap dances, visits to the VIP room, and other up-sells. But the point is that these are all based on customer whims and behaviors that can be all over the place.

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Generally, strippers don’t get paid an hourly wage; in fact, most strippers are considered “independent contractors” rather than employees, and have to pay a “house fee” to their club in order to be allowed to dance there.

What happens if the guests aren’t feeling generous, and a girl spends six hours shaking her cheeks numb after having thrown down cash for the privilege? She just lost money for working that night, and literally would have been better off staying home.

Of course, most shifts aren’t anywhere near that bad, and there are various ways a skilled stripper can entice even the tightest of wads to open his wallet. But it’s extremely important to know what these are, and to apply them carefully.

While looks are important, pole dancing skills are low on the list of requirements to make good money as a stripper. Ability to form bonds with club patrons IS high on the list, however.

Something that usually surprises a lot of people is the fact that competent pole dancing really isn’t high on the list of qualities a stripper needs to succeed. It never hurts, of course, but it doesn’t make a huge difference in pay.

Physical attractiveness does (duh), but even more than that, charisma is the skill to have in this business. Strippers need to be able to schmooze with their customers. Not only does this result in higher tips (and more lap dances and VIP room visits), but it’s how regulars are born. And regulars mean serious bank.


More Money at The Better Strip Clubs

In the end, though, stripping is a lot more like real estate that you’d ever imagine; how much money strippers make is all about location, location, location. A girl who dances at a crappy, rundown skin bar is going to see very different pay compared to the same work at a sprawling, upscale gentleman’s club, no matter how good she is at the job. And she’s not going to like how the numbers add up for her.

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Suppose our hypothetical stripper isn’t in the management’s good graces, and she works weekday afternoons at that dive bar. This is the worst shift imaginable for a stripper; very few guys have time to hang out at a strip club during the day, and most of those who do don’t have a whole lot of money to give out beyond the price of the 2-beer minimum.

On any given day, our girl is literally lucky to make anything at all; she’s either desperate, or just trying to supplement her husband or boyfriend’s income.

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It gets a little better if she works at night, and better still if those nights are Fridays and Saturdays (the best stripper shifts). But not all that MUCH better; in general, working low-end clubs just isn’t worth it. A good haul might net our girl $50 – $75 on a weeknight, or north of a $100 on the weekends. If she’s lucky.

The picture changes quite a bit when you get to a nice club that caters to a finer clientele. The daytime shifts still aren’t that good, of course, though our hypothetical stripper might still make a few bucks even there.

Different strip clubs cater to different clienteles. Not surprisingly, dancing at a dive bar won’t typically get you those big bucks, but dancing at a high-end establishment in the good part of town just might.

On weeknights, even a decent showing has her doing better than she ever was at the highway shack. But it’s the weekend evenings that really set these places apart. On a good Friday or Saturday night, the sky really is the limit, with girls who know their stuff bringing in thousands upon thousands of dollars in a few hours.

Up from there, the numbers can get pretty crazy. Now we’re talking about “feature dancers”, usually well-known porn stars who agree to perform at various clubs. The money for doing this is so good, these women have been known to fly around the country and even go overseas just to take a gig.

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Most of the ladies are pretty tight-lipped about exactly how much they’re making, but to give you an idea, Stormy Daniels (a porn star involved in some legal disputes with President Donald Trump, if you didn’t know) was offered 30-40% of gate fees at a club that wanted to charge $30 a head to get in if she agreed to dance there. Considering the kind of crowds she’s able to draw, she could easily be pushing five figures in a single night with a deal like that.


Strippers Making Money Online

Alright, so we know that how much money strippers make depends on the club where they work and their level of fame (and whether or not they’ve had sex with the president). But maybe the best strip club of all is a girl’s own bedroom. I’m talking about webcamming, here, because experienced exotic dancers are really, really well-equipped to do that kind of work. If you think about it, it makes sense.

Like I said, charisma is a stripper’s most important skill. She has to know how to be friendly with her customers, how to arouse them, and how to entertain them. These are the very same abilities that a cam girl must have, and the ones that make her rich when she’s good at them. I’m not kidding; strippers who work as cam girls can make some serious bank.

Generally speaking, strippers and exotic dancers do extremely well working as webcam models. The ease of setup and the “work from home” nature of the job makes it quite appealing to many. Camming incomes are on par with stripping.

As an example of just how good strippers tend to be at camming, I submit the fact that when you watch them perform on a site, you’ll often notice they dance to 80s power rock songs. That may seem like a random choice, but I assure you it’s actually some pretty advanced psychology.

That’s because most of the older guys who visit cam sites will have grown up listening to that exact music, and now associate it with their wild and lustful youth. The music, together with watching a naked girl, turns them on. And of course, men who have been around awhile tend to have more money to spend, so spend it they do – on tipping the dancer.

The press has reported that some webcam models are making over $75,000 PER MONTH. The top models are making even more than that.

If you decide to start shaking your booty on webcam, I would recommend Chaturbate as the site to sign up with. It’s basically the largest cam site, in terms of North American traffic, and it’s loaded with big spenders who love to drop massive tips on sexy dancers. Give it a few sessions and I’m sure you’ll be thanking me for pointing you in the right direction.

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So, how much do strippers make? As we’ve seen, it varies, but I can tell you that a good cam girl can easily make more than most strippers in clubs could ever hope so. And believe me, strippers really know what they’re doing on webcam.

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