The Instagram OnlyFans Conundrum


OnlyFans Promotion On Instagram

Since the dawn of internet boobies, no platform has been more effective for promoting your OnlyFans than Instagram. The Meta-owned social media juggernaut has been the promotion tool of choice for scores of OnlyFans content creators, mostly because running an IG account is not nearly as labor intensive as other platforms, and “sexy” accounts can be grown fairly quickly there.

The main problem has been that Instagram HATES it when you promote OnlyFans on your IG profile. The company’s terms policy forbids the use of Instagram accounts to promote “pornography,” and since OnlyFans is used mostly for that kind of content, links to it are not acceptable.

ATTENTION, PEOPLE: Kitty Lixo has discovered an innovative way to get your “sexy” Instagram accounts undeleted, and we need to explore it. You might not be willing to actually do this, but you definitely need to hear about this shit.

As a result, numerous models have endured the often repeated horror of watching their high-follower IG accounts get suspended or deleted for the unforgivable sin of placing a link to their OnlyFans in their bio section. Even mentioning that you have an OnlyFans, or watermarking your photos with the URL can get your ass canned on Instagram.

So, Instagram is an incredibly effective tool to promote OnlyFans, but when you attempt to do it, you run the real risk of getting pinched and sent to IG’s OnlyFans promotion jail. Frustrating, is it not?


How To Get Unbanned on Instagram

Well, an OnlyFans model by the name of Kitty Lixo finally had enough of getting her IG accounts deleted, so she devised a clever and daring strategy to get them unbanned, and I’m totally here for it. She basically decided to take the bull by the balls, in a sense.

OnlyFans Model Kitty Lixo

Kitty recently went on the NoJumper podcast, where she described how she opened up LinkedIn and searched for Facebook (also owned by Meta) and Instagram employees with profiles there, then reached out with the intent of sliding into their beds and exchanging a slam for her gram back. Yes, you heard me, mis amigos and amigettes.

I have to say, I admire the initiative shown by Kitty Lixo, as well as the determination to get back the accounts she invested so much time in building. The fact that she was willing to “think of England” as she allowed various Meta employees to, well, “get happy” with her shows that she’s definitely a chick who means business.

So many OnlyFans models have been left in tears as they helplessly accommodated the fact that their treasured Instagram accounts were gone for good. But here we have a girl who just basically said “Oh, FUCK NO…I’m getting that shit back, even if I have to sleep with half the pimply nerds in Silicon Valley.” Niiiice.


Promote OnlyFans on Instagram Without Getting Deleted

Obviously though, it makes a lot more sense to promote your OnlyFans on Instagram in a way that won’t get you canned in the first place. Yes, there IS a way to do it, and I happen to teach the masterclass on the method. Believe me, it’s so much nicer posting to Instagram knowing you’re not in danger of getting your account pinched.

And no, this method does not involve using LinkTree or any of those other link page sites that you commonly see a lot of OnlyFans girls using on IG. The problem with these link pages is that they provide a false sense of security and don’t actually protect you the way you think they might.

Instagram’s policy does not allow the promotion of pornography, as I previously mentioned. When they review your account, they will click on your link page and examine what you’re linking to. If one of your links goes to OnlyFans or any other adult site, guess what? Time to get on LinkedIn and hunt for a Meta nerd to ride until his chunky love salsa erupts all over you Mount Vesuvius style.

No, the only way to avoid having to use your wahayhay to bail you out of OnlyFans jail on Instagram is to avoid linking to ANY questionable sites at all.

But I can already hear you people saying “Ummm, Buttler…I’m trying to promote my OnlyFans, you senile goat, could you please try not to lose the plot here?” Yes, yes, I know.

The answer is…you need to have an email list, people. When you get your fans onto an email list, you can market whatever you want to them without the obnoxious prying eyes of Instagram, or any other social media platform, looking over your shoulder. The freedom this allows you cannot be overstated. It’s a game changer, pure and simple.

Use a Vanity Domain to promote your OnlyFans…

You’ll first need to sign up with an email service provider (ESP) that will automate your mailings for you and ensure good delivery rates. This is critical. Then, you setup your “squeeze page” and send your fans to it by linking from your IG bio. This is the page they will use to sign up to your email mailing list, from which you can promote your OnlyFans account.

The key thing to keep in mind when setting up this squeeze page (also called an “opt-in page”) is that you cannot indicate that this is the portal to your OnlyFans, or any other adult content platform. You simply call it your “email club” that you use to keep fans up to date on your activities, content, and special offers.

This is a simplified explanation, of course, so if you want more details on how this is done, check out my article on the topic here:

How To Promote Your OnlyFans on Instagram


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