How To Make Money as A Stripper


Making Money as a Stripper or Exotic Dancer
In our current age of female empowerment and overcoming the prudishness of the past, a lot of women are exploring the possibility of making money as a stripper. It’s no wonder: You can pull down some pretty serious bank in the “exotic dancing” profession; do well on the pole, and you can pay for college while putting some cheddar away for later on when it’s time to change careers.

But this job isn’t as simple or straightforward as it may first appear. Today, I’d like to get into what it takes to make money stripping, and share the experiences of a young Youtuber named Lydia Love to see what it’s really like in those strip clubs. Towards the end, I also want to tell you about an amazing stripping “hack” that basically allows you to strip from home!

ATTENTION, PEOPLE: Dancing in clubs and making love to the pole (the stripper pole…Jesus) is a great way for attractive ladies to make some big bucks. Here I present the most effective tactics to make it rain Benjis.

Okay, let’s get clear about one important point: Making money as a stripper is NOT just about dancing around onstage. Period. Full stop.

A lot of very successful strippers aren’t even particularly good pole dancers. It helps, sure, and it’s a skill you should cultivate in your spare time, if you’re thinking of giving the club life a go. But that’s not where your money is really coming from, when you get down to it.

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Money in Stripping Comes From “Regulars”

In stripping, you’re much more a marketer than a dancer. And what you’re marketing, more than anything, is a fantasy. Guys don’t go to strip clubs and pay all that money just to see naked women; they can get that for free on their smartphones.

They’re coming to see you because they want to believe that a hot, friendly young woman is sexually interested in them, and to such a degree that she wants to sexually entertain them. This is the cherished daydream of the strip club, and it’s what gets guys to open their wallets and the tips to start flowing. You need to make that sale.

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As an experienced internet marketer, I’ve found that the hands-down most powerful tool in my arsenal for making sales is consistently the building of a rapport – even a bond – with my customers. See, in marketing, there’s a little thing called “likability,” and it’s extremely important. If people like you, the chances are much higher that they’ll buy from you.

This is true in virtually any business, but it counts double, maybe triple (or more), when you want to make money stripping. Make your customer like you, and better yet, make him feel that you like him. That’s what sells the fantasy.

If you want to make mega money in any business, you need to get your marketing skills down. Stripping is no different. First thing to do is get your potential clients to LIKE you.

Here is where you really see that the dancing is, at most, an advertisement. When it’s over, you need to get down there and mingle with the customers. Don’t be shy. Most strippers will be cautious with men who are out with their girlfriend (it’s not worth the conflicts that can arise). But when you see someone sitting by himself or with a group of other guys, walk right up to him and maybe take a seat on his lap.

It won’t be a problem; in fact, subconsciously, he’ll be registering some serious likability signals.

Try to target the same guys over time as much as possible. You’ll notice that the same faces seem to keep popping up amid the newcomers; zero in on people you’ve seen before. This builds familiarity, which is another important marketing tool and helps establish the bond that leads to the customer liking you. If they’re regulars at the club, they can become YOUR regulars too.


Lydia Love’s Experience Making Money at Strip Clubs

Lydia Love is a young YouTuber who has a close stripper friend. When she was 19, she was working three jobs and still barely getting by, while this friend would sometimes visit her at night at a Buffalo Wild Wings (one of Lydia’s waitressing gigs) and count her money from stripping. Amazed at how much green her friend was pulling down, Lydia decided to try it for herself.

Most of Lydia’s experience was fairly routine, with a few exceptions. For one thing, she was lucky: She got hired as soon as she walked into the club and said she wanted to dance, probably because she’s extremely attractive (or “cute”, as she puts it).

Most girls will have to audition first. She had to pay around $100 for a “dancing license”, but this was in Texas; whether YOU have to get such a credential will depend on where you live.

And unfortunately, Lydia pushed herself a little too hard on her first night and dislocated her knee. It wasn’t even from dancing; she was cleaning up something on the floor at the time. She was in pain for the rest of the night, but our Lydia’s a trooper and continued performing — even giving lap dances.

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That’s some serious dedication, let me tell you…I woulda been crying like a baby the rest of the night. But then, nobody’s about to drop a hundo on this camlord for a lapdance, so, you know. (If I’m wrong, kindly email me and maybe we can set something up. 😉 )

Lydia was surprised to learn that she was supposed to “tip out” club employees, which is definitely something that makes most new girls do a double take. I don’t want to get too sidetracked on the point right now, because I could literally write a whole blog post on tipping out.

“Tipping out” is a custom within strip clubs that can be used by savvy exotic dancers to get club workers to help them make more money.

Basically, it means sharing some of your earnings with different people working at the club. How can you make money stripping when you’re giving it away? Don’t worry about it. The main reason strippers are supposed to do this is because they pull down such serious moolah, and the other club workers can help them make more in various ways.

Lydia Love was amazed when she counted up her first night’s earnings: AFTER tip-out, she had made $350, which was more than she got from an entirely week at Buffalo Wild Wings! This isn’t unusual, with articles in the media featuring strippers telling their own stories of making hundreds of dollars at one time from individual generous customers. When you give it your all, this job definitely DOES pay!

By the way, Lydia is now a webcam model at MyFreeCams, so you can see more of her there.


Stripping At Home For Money

But if you really want to know the secret to making money as a stripper, it’s to bypass the clubs altogether. You can simply “strip” from the comfort of your own home, and your income will be just as good. For many, it’s even better (yes, really…read on).

I’m talking about working as a webcam model, and it’s got a good list of advantages over the club scene. The biggest and most obvious, of course, is the difference in personal contact with your customers. As a webcam model, there is none.

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You don’t have to worry about creepy, drunk guys feeling you up for a dollar at a time. Cam site guys are actually a pretty chill bunch, and they usually tip a lot more than a buck, when it’s all tolled.

And while stripping is usually pretty laid-back about scheduling, you do need to do your best to work the evenings and weekends, because you make next to nothing on work days. Camming is global, and not nearly as unforgiving. You can perform when you’ve got time.

Webcam modeling is a natural fit for strippers and exotic dancers, because the same audio-visual seduction techniques that work in the clubs also work great on cam! And tips can be MUCH BIGGER…

Whatever schedule you set for yourself, though, be sure you stick to it. Camming is all about building regulars (even more than stripping in the club), and the best way to do that is to be easy to find. If someone sees you today, he needs to know you’ll be there again tomorrow, and when.

Beyond that, just be friendly and engaging. There are plenty of strategies that can help you do well as a webcam model, and I’ve covered them in other posts, but building that bond with regulars is just as important behind the cam as it is on the stripper pole.

Don’t start at just any cam site, though, you want to go for the big traffic sites that make it easy for newbies to get established. I highly recommend Chaturbate, it’s dominating right now in that department.

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