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Chaturbate Room Mods

Camgirl Room ModsEver since Chaturbate introduced chatroom moderators, debate has raged across Camland as to whether doing this was a good or a bad idea. On the positive side, there’s no doubt that room mods have made things much, much easier for the cam models who use them. No longer do they have to tolerate, or be distracted by, trolls, spammers, and the “open bobs” contingent.

There is a negative side, though, which this article over at Vice.com¬†entitled “Meet The Bouncers of Camgirl Chatrooms” goes into pretty well. The subject of the piece, Cortana Blue, is one of the highest performing webcam girls at Chaturbate currently. She’s got legions of fans, and her room count, on any given day, is considered “low” if it’s under 2000. Yep, those last two zeros are supposed to be there.

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Free Cams Beginning To Dominate

Free Cam SitesI still remember the olden days of cam sites back in the nineties…when internet connections crawled and bandwidth limitations were as tight as an Escalade parking job on Black Friday (I was THIS CLOSE to using a significantly more vulgar analogy, but I’m trying to reform). Watching camgirl hotties do their thing was nowhere near as interesting as it is today, simply because models were basically forbidden from getting naked or doing anything funky in free chat.

The reason for this was that the big cam sites of the time (I’m thinking of bygone giants like IFriends and a couple others) were convinced that, in order to maximize profits, it was best to make viewers pay for the least bit of cam naughtiness. And indeed, at that point in the adult internet’s history, getting folks to pay for anything adult-related was easy as pie. I remember putting up simple text links on a free site or thumbnail gallery that would lead to multiple member signups at sites like IFriends within hours…damn, those were the days!

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Independent Camming Too Early

Independent CammingA whole lot of webcam models who’ve been in the camming biz for a while seem to really despise the idea of cam sites holding on to large percentages of the revenue they generate broadcasting. Now, just so you don’t misunderstand me, by “despise,” I mean that feeling that usually comes with an unquenchable thirst for blood and guts on your ninja sword blade as you think of a life-long mortal enemy who extorted your lunch money as a kid, stole all your boyfriends in high school, and is currently doing “waist training” as she dates an NBA player and complains on Instagram about how her latest diamond bracelet isn’t sparkly enough. Yeah, it can be that bad.

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The Glory of Tip Bombs

Huge Tips on ChaturbateOne of the best things about being a cam model has got to be the “tip bomb” phenomenon. Every so often, a model will be sitting around talking about anime, or her last breakup, or her cat’s anal worms, when a massively huge tip gets dropped on her from out of nowhere. Her reaction to a 10,000, 15,000, or even 20,000 token tip can be truly off the charts, and it can range from excited yelping, to profuse crying, to downright speechlessness accentuated by that hand-fanning motion that girls do sometimes as if their faces were on fire.

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MyFreeCams Revshare Affiliate Program Dead

MyFreeCams Affiliate ProgramThis is a bit of news that I happen to know will go down like week-old meatloaf leftovers — at least in the adult webmaster community. MyFreeCams, which of course is one of the top sites out there right now in the webcamming game, has decided to end its revenue sharing affiliate program. They recently notified Crak Revenue, their program partner which manages affiliates for them, that they would only be continuing the “pay-per-lead” option, which pays less than a buck per free basic member registration.

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