OnlyFans Chatters & Sexters – The Truth


She just told you that her “Juicy” panties are completely soaked after seeing a pic of your manhood, and that’s about all you need to blow a load so explosive, you’ll probably be spending the entire weekend scrubbing the yellow spots off your popcorn ceiling.

Just one problem, though…that gorgeous OnlyFans chick you’ve been spending the last hour or so direct messaging with is actually a dude from the Philippines. Yes.

I’ll give you a minute to put on the song from “The Crying Game” before proceeding. Take your time, please, I get it.

Ok so, forgive my bluntness, it’s just that there’s really no way to sugarcoat what I’ve just told you. It’s like getting the news that your new cherry red Ferrari convertible just got buried in manure, Biff Tannen style. (Any Back to The Future fans in here?? Heeeyyyyy!!)

It’s gonna land like a two-by-four upside the head, no matter how it gets delivered.

My mission here is to explain exactly why “chatters” and sexters are used by OnlyFans content creators — and why, if you’re a chap who looks for online companionship from hot girls (or guys) on the internet, you should never expect to find it in the OnlyFans DMs of a top model.

I will also be showing you exactly where you actually CAN get genuine, real online companionship from girls so hot, you could fry eggs on their butt cheeks.


How OnlyFans Chatters Took Over Online Sexting

Once upon a time, frustration was high in the land of online sex workers. It was pre-2020, and finding a platform that would allow them to monetize their often sizeable social media followings was as difficult as difficult gets.

Adult models were barely tolerated on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, so making a buck off fans was not the easiest thing in the world to do. They could sell video clips on sites like Clips4Sale and ManyVids, or maybe even make some good dough on PornHub or XVideos, if they could produce enough videos for the voracious appetites on porn tube sites.

The incomes generated from these methods were good, but definitely not anywhere near the “I’ve got money coming out my ass, Ma” level of earnings currently being enjoyed by top OnlyFans creators. Then, Coronavirus came to town.

OnlyFans was in the right place, doing exactly the right thing, at precisely the right time when the COVID pandemic began. The rest is history.

The year 2020 smacked just about everybody on the ass with a force that leaves the kind of mark that people typically get tattoos to cover up. One of the ways people got spanked is they pretty much lost the ability to have sex, at least with people who they weren’t already in a committed relationship with. Health-conscious single men, especially, were up shit’s creek.

Given that human beings tend to crave sexual companionship, being forced to stay inside and isolate from others caused scores of horny and lonely men to seek the online companionship of adult models on the internet.

It just so happened that OnlyFans was beginning to come into its own at the time, because it branded itself as an adult-content-friendly social media platform that allowed the direct monetization of fans and followers. It had already attracted quite a few adult models, to which a lot of the aforementioned lonely men gravitated.

What happened next was the biggest explosion of spending on adult content and performers in the history of online naughtiness. Seemingly overnight, OnlyFans started attracting huge numbers of both sex-hungry men AND new content creators, many of whom had been put out of a job by the pandemic.

Money was being pumped into the OnlyFans platform at an unheard of level…stimulus check money, retirement savings, second mortgage money, raided college fund money, the coins found between sofa cushions, pennies pilfered from mall water fountains, you name it. Everybody needed their OnlyFans fix.

As a result of this massive increase in demand for not only adult content, but also “sexy” online companionship, OnlyFans flourished in an unprecedented way. You see, OnlyFans is set up to offer much more than just content. Its direct messaging system allows fans to talk one-on-one with the content creator, so that companionship angle was served perfectly by the cleverly designed platform.

OnlyFans proved to be the perfect cure for the “loneliness epidemic” that has exploded in the last several years among men.

But like the wise ones of the internet always say — “The dildo of consequences rarely arrives lubed.” OnlyFans creators who now found themselves with vast numbers of fans to service realized that the task of communicating with each one personally would prove simply impossible. That led to the industry-wide adoption of “OnlyFans chatters” as the heavily favored solution.

Subscribers, due to their overwhelmingly large numbers, now ended up direct messaging men impersonating the models. These men, mostly virtual assistants recruited from sites like, usually take shifts and “work” their model’s DMs 24/7. This activity and interaction induces more spending on content, more tipping, and generally more revenue.

So yes, if you admitted to that OnlyFans girl the other day that you enjoy the feeling of dipping your balls into a bowl of warm oatmeal on occasion, I’m sorry, but you’ve most likely provided some unintentional entertainment to people halfway around the globe, and paid for the privilege to boot. I can tell you that the use of chatters has only increased since the pandemic ended.

Now don’t misunderstand, not all OnlyFans content creators use chatters. From my experience, I can tell you that it’s mostly the top creators on OnlyFans who use them, mostly because, as I mentioned, it would be virtually impossible to personally communicate with thousands of subscribers. This doesn’t excuse using OnlyFans chatters, but it does explain it.

OnlyFans content creators who are just starting out, or who have a small number of subscribers, usually will not be using chatters, but you never really know for sure. Chatters have become almost ubiquitous among successful models on the platform. And given that chatters can dramatically increase an OnlyFans creator’s revenues, the temptation to use them is strong for everyone.

It’s important to note that OnlyFans does not approve of creators using chatters. They discourage any “account management” activity where people other than the content creator are interacting with subscribers.

I continue to advise models NOT to use chatters, both because of the “Please, dear GOD, no!!” reaction it produces in me, but also because I know it’s actually not necessary to reach big numbers on OnlyFans. Targeting big spending “whales” is the way to make big bank while remaining within the bounds of good ethics, a method I teach in my Uber Fans Magnet course.

But are these OnlyFans chatters akin to “ghost writers,” as many who defend the practice assert? Who knows, I’m not going to deeply examine the various justifications for it in this piece, I’m solely pointing it out because there’s actually no good reason for people to seek out “sexy” online companionship on OnlyFans, or any other fan club platform.

If you want to talk to hot chicks (or dudes) on the internet, there is an easy way to do it. And you won’t have to worry about confessing your sexual secrets to chatters in the Philippines because you’ll be able to see the model talking to you live.


How To Avoid OnlyFans Chatters – Cam Sites

Long before OnlyFans sprung up on the adult internet, cam sites were providing quality live sexual entertainment and yes, companionship. On a cam site, you can chat with hot models as they live stream, so you know who you’re talking to.

It’s epic fun to engage a model in her public chat, but if you want some one-on-one time with her, you can simply “take her private.” You pay a per-minute charge for a “private show” to have her exclusive attention with nobody else present. You can chat about the weather, your life, or get freaky deaky. You decide.

It’s not free, but neither is OnlyFans. Most creators charge through the nose for custom clips, and you can’t even experience the hottie saying your name live. I mean honestly, the “boner quotient” of the experience doesn’t even begin to compare.

Many find it difficult to understand why so many men seem to prefer OnlyFans over cam sites, given that most models on OnlyFans never live stream.

Unfortunately, most cam sites don’t attract the caliber of model that a lot of guys are interested in, which is possibly why so many have turned to OnlyFans. But if you’re looking for painfully hot, native English speaking models who genuinely love spending time with their fans on live streams, there are two particular cam sites I’d recommend.

The first one is only for those interested in women, and it’s called MyFreeCams. You may have heard of it, it was pretty big back 10 or so years ago. It’s still the site to find the hottest girls on the internet you can actually talk to and hang out with online for real.

MFC is a very social cam site. In my many years of experience coaching webcam models, I came to learn of several romances developing between models and viewers on the site. That’s how strongly people bond there.

SmartyKat314 - MyFreeCams webcam model
MyFreeCams model “SmartyKat314”
Grace Thompson - MFC model
MyFreeCams model “DollFacedDangr”

The other cam site I would recommend is Chaturbate, and it’s pretty much for everyone. Whether you’re interested in women, men, couples, or trans, you will likely be very happy there. It’s still quite popular and is a pretty wild site, not gonna lie.

Chaturbate webcam model ButteryBubbleButt
Chaturbate model “ButteryBubbleButt”
Chaturbate model Baby Benz
Chaturbate model “BabyBenz”

Alright people, I hope this helps you to understand the OnlyFans chatter situation, and how you can avoid being caught up in digital “flagrante delicto” with a virtual assistant of unknown origin.

Remember folks, it’s the internet…if you can’t see it with your own eyes, it probably ain’t real. Until photorealistic AI video models start showing up en masse, of course, but that’s another article entirely.

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