Adventures in Selling Used Panties


What happens when a girl tries to sell her used panties?
Selling used panties is a huge business. No, really. While we can argue over how long considerable numbers of men have been interested in buying dirty panties from women (probably a long time, if you ask me), it’s an undeniable fact that they’re out in force in the age of the internet. In fact, they’re fueling a booming business around soiled undergarments that produces a good deal of amazement in even this experienced marketer of online naughtiness.

For the most part, it’s a smell thing; guys want the panties fresh off of a girl’s backside so they can sniff their damp, musty aroma, and typically, pleasure themselves while doing it. There’s money to be made here, and off of something that would ordinarily cost YOU money to handle properly (laundry detergent and running the washer ain’t free) — but you have to know what you’re doing.

ATTENTION: We’re about to take a journey with a daring young woman who attempted to sell a pair of her used panties online to strangers. I mean, who wouldn’t be interested in this?

Selling used panties isn’t quite so simple as tossing the things in an envelope when you’re done wearing them and being instantly rewarded with cold, hard cash. Many women try to get their slice of this pie, and fail.

Their biggest hurdle is the fact that, generally speaking, men don’t want dirty panties from just any woman. They like to feel like the product is coming from someone they know, someone they’ve interacted with, and maybe even someone they actually care about. When this connection is present, it’s possible to sell used panties online successfully. When it’s absent, the sale is extremely difficult, if not impossible.


Selling Used Panties For The First Time – Case Study

I’d like to share and discuss a video with you that I think nicely captures the typical experience of a woman who tries her hand in this market, and also touches on a number of important principles for doing it successfully. It’s on a YouTube channel called As/Is and is written, directed, and starred in by a girl named Selorm Kploanyi, who sets out to investigate the market for selling used panties online.

Selorm is intrigued by a story she heard about a woman who got into the business and made $550 in her very first week, and by another in which someone supposedly scored $5,000 on just one sale. To me, these stories smell fishier than the goods we’re talking about, but it’s certainly understandable how they could impel our heroine to want to see for herself just how lucrative this industry can be.

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Selorm tested the waters by setting a goal for herself of earning a total of $100 selling her dirty panties; not an unrealistic aim, considering what she’d heard. Before setting out on this quest, though, she established three basic ground rules that would govern her commerce.

This is what happens when you try to sell your used panties online.

First, she would not reveal her identity to her customers in any way; second, she was only in this to sell panties, and nothing else; and finally, pursuant to rule #2, she wouldn’t be offering videos or any other services to help convince guys to buy her product.

Early on, Selorm decided to avoid using Craigslist, as she felt that she wouldn’t be able to get sufficient exposure there to make a sale (she was probably right, by the way). Instead, she planted her flag on, one of the many “marketplace” websites on the internet for women who want to sell used panties online. These sites are designed to facilitate pantie commerce exclusively, allowing buyers and sellers to anonymously contact one another and arrange sales (of which the host site takes a cut, naturally).

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Selorm spoke via Skype with a marketing and PR rep, a lady who explained that sites like hers are better than Craigslist and the like for this business not only because of the larger and more targeted audience, but because the mainstream sites don’t even allow adult content, and will often remove pantie ads when they’re found.

Selorm went all-in when setting up what she thought was a solid, attention-grabbing profile, even asking a friend to snap a well-angled picture of her bare bottom to post. And she involved several members of the production team in helping her write a witty, sultry paragraph to draw in buyers – though it is true that one of them nearly fled when she realized the camera was running.

With a look of shock on her face, that lady exclaimed “Oh my God, they’re recording this! I don’t wanna be in this craziness!” In the end, Selorm had some suitably gripping (if cheesy) text, advertising herself as a “hottie with a body” and telling her prospective customers that “you’ve cum to the right panty place.” Selorm even described her ebony skin as having a “smooth milk chocolate complexion that will do your body good.”


The Results of This Panty-Selling Adventure

Now, I think we should really take note here that despite all of this genuine effort, Selorm went on to have a terrible time making sales. While she received one interested message very soon after putting up her profile, it didn’t pan out.

It was also all of the attention she got – for days. Over time, the chatter did start flowing into her inbox, but it never led anywhere. Selorm complains of a common theme of her prospects asking for some kind of personal contact with her, such as videos, pictures of her face, or even to meet her in real life to make the exchange.

All of this would have violated her initial rules, and she consistently refused. It’s debatable whether any of these guys would have ponied up cash even had she agreed to their terms, but we want to look at what they were actually trying to get out of her. As Selorm herself admits, it didn’t seem to be about the panties for them at all, or at least not that alone. They wanted to get to know her, implying that only then would her dirty panties have value to them.

Buyers of used panties generally wish to have some kind of connection with wearer, so building a bond with potential customers is a necessary first step.

Eventually, it did happen: Selorm made a sale – of 1 pair of panties, after weeks of wading through dead ends, for $40. This, of course, was just 2/5ths of her goal, but she’d had enough. The experiment was over.

In the end, Selorm wasn’t comfortable selling used panties. Nevertheless, she believes that if she had continued as she’d been going, she would have developed a base of devoted “regulars” and her sales would have improved. The truth is, she’s only half right: If she had kept doing what she had done, she would have kept getting what she got, which is loads of fruitless interest interrupted by the odd, very infrequent chance to actually sell used panties online.

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She’s correct about the importance of having a loyal fan base (a lesson she learned from a panty-selling pro, with whom she spoke in the video), but the piece of the puzzle she’s missing is how to efficiently build that up.

The real key to selling used panties successfully is not to use the marketplace sites, which are just going to lead to the kinds of problems Selorm encountered, but to start off with something that has nothing directly to do with dirty panties at all: Camming.

From current estimates, it appears that webcam models have far better luck selling their panties than other online sellers. The chief reason for this is the “regulars” factor.

By camming on a large, well-trafficked platform (like Chaturbate, which is probably the best choice for beginners), a girl naturally acquires regulars who frequently interact with her and come to know her personally. This is why webcam models dominate online used panty sales.

And, by the way, this works even if you decide to become a “non-nude” cam girl. Yes, you can actually be a cam model without taking off a stitch of clothing (well, except when it comes time to sell your panties, but you can remove those off-cam).

The strongest foundation for selling dirty panties is built as a side effect of engaging in another business – a business that’s extremely lucrative all on its own. And by the time you’re ready to bring up underwear sales, you won’t have to worry about time-wasters and people who maybe might buy if only they knew you a little better.

You’ll already have a devoted core of people who see you as a friend, and will jump at the chance to have a stanky symbol of that friendship. Using cam sites for dirty pantie sales is where it’s really at.

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