OnlyFans Secrets For Influencers


You’ve bought into a hideous lie, and it’s causing you to MISS OUT on cashing in with probably the hugest opportunity to make vast sums of money online to come around in ages.

I’m talking about OnlyFans, people. No, it’s NOT just for “E-Girls” and pornstars…it’s a full-blown digital money machine on steroids that is making large numbers of your fellow social media influencers FFR (Filthy Freaking Rich).

ATTENTION, PEOPLE: I’m going to expose one of the best kept secrets in the social media world…how and why OnlyFans can be used by non-nude, mainstream influencers to make MASSIVE BANK.


OnlyFans Bullshit Exposed

This is the lie that everybody seems to have bought into…that OnlyFans is only for models who take their clothes off and shake the booty and jiggle da tiddies for their fap-happy fans. Love those models, but nope, not true. In fact, it’s so not true that OnlyFans has recently begun reminding people of the fact that the platform is home to many mainstream content creators.


The fact of the matter is, OnlyFans IS being used by large numbers of influencers who aren’t getting naked or doing anything explicit. Those content creators ARE making bank on OnlyFans, and if you’re a gamer girl, IG model, Youtuber, or any other kind of mainstream social media personality, YOU could be hauling in the megabucks too!

Hey, my name’s Buttler, and if you’re looking to learn exactly how to use one of the most revolutionary cha-ching platforms to ever come around the digital bend, then you’re in just the right place. Let me guess…you’re not interested in shedding your clothes, but you still want a nice juicy slice of that OnlyFans money pie, right? I got you…step into my office.


How The Money Machine Works

Okay, a lot of people don’t understand exactly how OnlyFans works, so I’m going to give you a quick description here, before I get into the cookies and cream of the matter. OnlyFans is a social media platform that allows creators to charge their fans for access to their timelines.

This is fairly revolutionary, since most other social platforms (like Twitter, IG, Snapchat, etc) don’t allow this, much less facilitate it through their own billing system.

OnlyFans will charge your fans a monthly recurring price in exchange for access to your public posts, but the brilliance doesn’t stop there. Through the platform, you can also charge your fans to exchange private messages (called PPV messages), get tipped BIG by deep-pocketed fans, and sell video and image content.

Tipping is one of the reasons so much money can be made on OnlyFans. And all of the transactions are processed on the platform itself, so you don’t need to use e-wallets or third-party services.

The fact that creators have all of these monetization options available to them on OnlyFans means that there’s HUGE potential to make serious bank. And because the platform is designed to facilitate bonding and one-on-one interactions, you can generate vast sums of revenue from a tiny number of fans.

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But why would fans spend a bunch of money on you? Because to them, you’re a SUPERSTAR. Buying your premium content, or tipping you big, or having long private convos in PPV messages are all ways to become part of your life, get closer, and support you. OnlyFans is designed, from the ground up, to not only make this possible, but EASY for the creator.

THAT is why SO MUCH FREAKING MONEY is being made on the platform by so many influencers, models, artists, and you name it.


Bu, Buuut, It’s PORNNN, Buttlerrrr!!!

Ok, we need to deal with this nonsense right now. First of all, I freaking LOVE porn, love adult models, love all that shit, and will never apologize for it. I have tremendous respect for adult content creators…they’re the backbone of internet leisure. However…

Believing that OnlyFans is ONLY about porn and adult content is dangerously wrong-headed, and may just keep you from making a truly LIFE-CHANGING income.

Yes, many uninformed people out there DO proceed under the mistaken impression that OnlyFans is a straight-up porn site. Can’t do anything about that right now, unfortunately.

But plenty of people out there also believe that politicians conduct Satanic rituals in pizza parlors, that the Earth is flat, and that “New Coke” was a good idea (yes, I’ve actually met a few). Jesus, there are even people out there who believe weed shouldn’t be legal.

I mean, people legit be cray-cray.

Yes, OnlyFans did get big on the efforts of adult content creators originally. Like with many new online platforms, pornstars, webcam models, and other adult creators pioneered the way forward and helped get OnlyFans to where it is today. But this is also true of other social platforms like Snapchat, which actually got started as a straight sexting app.

Lots of mainstream social media apps and sites got started appealing to adult niches. OnlyFans has now branched out into mainstream sectors.

The bottom line is, you shouldn’t be making major life decisions based on the ignorant opinions of the masses. Especially when you have SO MUCH TO LOSE by making the wrong choice. There will always be people who will judge any major move you make based on their warped views of reality — that’s not new. The question is, will you allow these people to determine your future?

And I have to say, OnlyFans has been doing a pretty good job of trying to educate the public about its actual mission, which is simply to empower content creators of all varieties to make great incomes from their social followings. These ignorant impressions people have will most likely change with time, as reality imposes itself on their outdated views.

Here’s a post on the OnlyFans blog explaining why gamer girls do so well on the platform…

Over the coming years, more and more mainstream influencers will rise into the ranks of the top-performing OnlyFans creators, and their very public success will undo this erroneous stigma. Of that, I have little doubt.

By the way, if you’re too young to remember New Coke, take a moment now to thank your lucky stars.


Reasons To Jump On The OnlyFans Money Train

So, people often ask me, “Look, Buttler, I’m doing pretty well on Twitch, or IG, or Youtube, so why would I want to get on OnlyFans at this point?” The answer to this is simple…MO’ MONEY.

As great as those platforms are, they are not built for monetization (the making of money). They’re built to allow creators to put out content that can be consumed by a mass audience. Sure, they’ll sometimes let you make a bit of money while you’re doing it, but they’re not DESIGNED for the purpose of making you bank.

OnlyFans, on the other hand, is actually put together with the purpose of allowing MAXIMUM MONETIZATION options for their content creators. That’s why they allow you to charge for messages, get tipped, and sell all sorts of content. And since OnlyFans is designed to facilitate paid digital closeness between creator and fan (something the other platforms ignore), massive incomes are possible on the platform.

OnlyFans is not just about selling content. It can be used to create strong bonds with big spending fans that can produce ungodly sums of income in tips.

The models and content creators who are doing the biggest numbers on OnlyFans are the ones who give special access to the big spenders in their fandom. This usually results in HUGE tips because these people feel a genuine connection with the creator. It’s extremely powerful, and it’s what OnlyFans does best. None of the other platforms come close.

It’s no surprise, then, that the top creators on OnlyFans are making over $50,000 PER MONTH. In fact, the top creator on the platform is pulling down in the neighborhood of $200,000 monthly! Yes, with time, you can actually become a millionaire doing OnlyFans.

So, I hope you can see that, if you want to make a genuinely life-changing income from your fan base, you need to take a serious look at the OnlyFans platform. Life is short, people, and it’s a lot better to have money when you’re young, and able to enjoy it to the max. Do you really want to wait till you’re saggy, wrinkly, and creaky-kneed to go on that 2-week Bora Bora vacay you’ve been dreaming of? I think not.

If you’re dismissing OnlyFans as an option based on silly public perceptions and ignorant stigmas, you may be missing out on something truly epic that could totally revolutionize your world.


How To Make The Big Bucks on OnlyFans

Now I’m going to reveal a pretty much “secret” method that non-nude female creators can use to completely blow their OnlyFans revenues through the gawt-dayum roof. This tactic is literally so powerful, it can turn a mediocre OnlyFans account into a top 5% creator account in just a month or two.

First, let me explain a critical reality concerning how the really big bucks are made on OnlyFans. While having oodles and oodles of subscribers paying $10 per month is great, that’s generally something only the biggest models and influencers with huge followings can hope to achieve. The key to making $20k, $30k, and even $50k per month or more for the typical influencer is QUALITY over quantity.

Vanity Domains For OnlyFans…

Instead of going for huge subscriber numbers, most new OnlyFans creators should be concentrating on attracting big spending fans and building friendships with them. You see, it’s much easier to make tens of thousands of dollars per month with just a few loyal and dedicated superfans, than trying to get there by running up your subscribers. The reason for this is the OnlyFans tipping feature.

The tipping feature on OnlyFans can produce fantastic amounts of revenue, if a creator knows how to use it correctly.

On OnlyFans, fans can tip you whatever sum of money they wish. This means one guy could tip you thousands of dollars per month just to show you he cares. And you better believe this happens all the time…it’s the chief reason OnlyFans is such a ferocious money machine.

You see, as I alluded to above, OnlyFans allows fans to get close to you. They can chat with you, have long convos via direct message, hangout with you on live streams, etc. If you know how to cultivate these online relationships, you can form solid bonds with fans that will have them tipping you blue for no apparent reason. Yes, this is really how it works.

Now, of course, you don’t want to spend that kind of time on just anyone. Only the fans that can afford this level of access to you should be given that level of attention. So, you need to attract those “big spenders” that have the deep pockets to spend vast sums of money on OnlyFans models without blinking.

Big spenders on OnlyFans are known to lay down truly eye-popping sums of money in tips to their favorite models and content creators. They make the huge income numbers possible.

If you’re an established influencer, you probably already have several potential big spenders in your following right now (and they’re sitting there untapped if you’re not on OnlyFans). But there are specific methods you can use to attract WAY more of them.

I’m not going to give away the entire store here in this article, but any established influencer who signs up as a content creator account on OnlyFans through my referral link can get tips from me on how to run their accounts like the elite creators do. I prosper when you prosper, so I’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to really pull down the fat stacks.

Don’t worry, signing up under my referral link simply means that I will get 5% of revenues you generate on OnlyFans for the first year. My cut DOES NOT come out of your share of revenues, though, it comes out of the 20% cut that OnlyFans takes. So, you still get the same 80% of revenues you generate.

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After you signup, contact me with your OnlyFans account name and your biggest social media accounts. If approved, we’ll see what we can do to blow your non-nude content creator biz into the stratosphere!

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