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Lena The Plug OnlyFans Tips
Lena the Plug is a pretty awesome figure in the adult internet world. She’s an all-around model in the industry, having worked as a cam girl, a porn star, and most recently, as a content creator on OnlyFans. She also has a lot of vanilla and borderline videos on YouTube, where her channel has over a million subscribers.

Lena’s popularity really took off in 2016 when she joined forces with Adam Grandmaison, better known as the YouTuber Adam22, who runs the immensely popular “No Jumper” channel. Lena’s biggest single YouTube video was “I Let My Best Friend Have Sex With My Boyfriend,” in which she and her bestie Emily Jay talks about a threesome they all had together.

Sadly for my private parts, the threesome itself was not recorded, but it wasn’t long before Lena made a public promise that she and Adam would film and release a 1-on-1 sex tape if her channel amassed over 1 million subscribers. Lena blew right through that goal and kept her promise. She’s got a growing PornHub channel now with tons of sizzling content.

These days, aside from remaining an active YouTuber and being part owner of a cam site, Lena runs a successful OnlyFans model account. She recently put out a video in which she talks about her work there and how to maximize those sweet, sweet OnlyFans tips, which I thought might help any of you who struggle on the platform.

I’ll summarize her tips below, but definitely give the video a watch – she’s a genuine adult marketing genius, and her advice is spot-on. Oh, and if you don’t yet have an OnlyFans account and want to try your hand at it, sign up here!

The first thing Lena wants you to think about when setting up an OnlyFans account is what it’s going to look like to someone who isn’t subscribed yet. There are only a few things that are visible to non-fans (a “fan” is a subscriber on OnlyFans), so you want to keep those aspects of your profile in mind and use them to draw people in.

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This begins with your header picture. In all likelihood, it’s literally the first thing someone will see when checking out your OnlyFans account. You aren’t allowed to put nudity here, but definitely use an attractive picture of yourself, rather than anything that doesn’t pop like a painting or some other unrelated artwork. Use the header to advertise yourself.

Lena also suggests making skillful use of the “Show More” section, basically a space set aside for a bio of yourself that people can see before subscribing. The best way to use this is to describe the kind of content you offer, so prospective fans know what they’re getting.

If you do boy/girl, girl/girl, or what have you, list it here. If you cater to any specific kinks or fetishes, that goes here as well. Lena says you should be “as descriptive as possible, without being confusing.” Wise. This is also an opportunity to show your fans where you’re coming from, which can improve your appeal.

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OnlyFans Pricing and Monetization

Finally, decide on your price. Lena charges $19.99 per month for her subscriptions, with frequent promotions cutting it as low as $9.99 per month. She cautions, however, that she has a lot of followers and so can afford to do this, because she enjoys a high volume of fans to make up for a lower rate.

A newcomer might wish to ask more, but personally I have to warn you not to go overboard and price yourself out of the market. The industry standard price range, even for established content creators, is around $9.99 to $19.99. Believe me, the money you’ll make from subscriptions will be a tiny percentage of your total revenues on OnlyFans, if you do it right.

The models making the most money on OnlyFans know how to work their fans for tips. Subscription money is only a small part of the overall revenue picture.

The platform also allows you to sell custom content by sending, say, a video to one particular subscriber who requested it, with a price attached for that person to unlock it. If you wish, you can also offer a video to your entire list of subscribers, charging a set rate for those interested in unlocking it.

And of course, Lena points out that OnlyFans tips are a great way to sell things not normally on the menu: If someone wants to buy your panties, for example, you can simply ask them for a certain amount in OnlyFans tips, then dispatch the naughty goods once paid for.

Lena stresses that consistency is key on OnlyFans, meaning that running an OnlyFans account requires a time commitment. You need to be prepared to post new content every day, and chat with your fans at least as often.

Consistent posting of content is one of the best tips for OnlyFans. If you give your fans a steady stream of hot content, your retention on subscriptions (people not cancelling) will skyrocket.

Being active like this not only shows subscribers that they are getting what they’re paying for, but it also gets them into the habit of checking your timeline feed each day (because they know you’ll have something fresh for them). This causes your customers to engage with you more, which bumps up your chances of selling other content or simply reaping those lucrative OnlyFans tips.

A good way to manage the time you do spend on your OnlyFans account and increase efficiency, however, is to pay attention to what your fans say to you and request from you over time, then take note of the most common issues that come up.

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For example, Lena has noticed that many of her subscribers like to send her pictures of their schlong, and sometimes even ask her to “rate” it for them. She’s created a welcome video that the platform automatically sends to new fans, letting them know that she’s fine with such pictures, and even setting a price for anyone who wishes her to return a rating. Of course, her welcome also covers other concerns that she typically encounters, which saves her a lot of time.

Using a welcome video or message can dramatically reduce headaches dealing with requests from new fans. Include a tip menu and price list for all of your most popular items and offers.

There are various other sections of your OnlyFans account where you can “save” messages, so you don’t need to worry about packing everything into a single welcome video. Basically, Lena wants you to keep your fans’ tastes and most frequent questions in mind, and post some kind of “sticky” response on the page, so you don’t end up repeating the same stuff over and over. This only gets more important as you amass greater numbers of fans, and interacting with them efficiently becomes crucial.


Promoting Your OnlyFans Account

Finally, Lena covers the ever important issue of how to promote your OnlyFans account. The bottom line is that you need to use Twitter to get people to check out your OF presence. As Lena points out, it’s pretty much the only mainstream social media platform left that tolerates adult content, so you won’t get in trouble for advertising OnlyFans there.

Lena’s got a pro tip for OnlyFans tweeters. Tweet a sexy picture of yourself and a brief message about your OnlyFans account, then in a second, separate tweet, paste the actual link. Lena tracks her analytics, and reports that this is more effective for generating traffic than including the link in the first tweet.

I’ll leave you today with a tip of my own: If you don’t have a following the size of Lena’s yet, and your Twitter account isn’t likely to draw many eyes by itself, a great “hack” for drumming up clicks is to use Chaturbate.

All you need to do is broadcast there as a webcam model, and occasionally paste your Twitter link into your public chat or room topic. Cam site members love free stuff, so most of them will check it out, and from there will be directed to your OnlyFans account. Just make sure you don’t paste your OnlyFans link into your Chaturbate room directly…they REALLY  don’t like that.

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