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It really amazes me how quickly OnlyFans has caught on. This thing seriously only started a few years ago, and already it has boomed like lit dynamite, offering the promise of potentially huge revenues to basically anyone willing to show some skin to online viewers (actually, not even, OnlyFans accounts can be used by mainstream content creators as well).

ATTENTION, PEOPLE: Making bank with OnlyFans accounts is the new big thing on the internet, so I’m laying down the 5 most important tips you’ll need to make it happen for YOU!

And I’ve gotta think that that’s what really drives its success. I mean, don’t get me wrong: it helps that the platform is pretty easy to use, and allows sex workers maximum freedom to go into business for themselves without really having to answer to anyone “above” them. But those sex workers wouldn’t be racing to start up their OnlyFans account if the money weren’t there. And it is – a lot of it. Women, especially, are making some crazy bank on the ol’ OF right now.

Or at least, some of them are. See, there seems to be this incredibly unfortunate idea about sex work (online and in general), that all you really have to do is take your clothes off, shake it, and maybe smile for the camera. Then it’s instant riches and fame.

But come on, when has anything in life ever been that easy? The problem is that for whatever reason, a lot of people think that this IS that easy, and that belief is the reason why so many wash out. Even at OnlyFans.

The really tragic part is that what it takes to succeed on OF isn’t particularly complicated or difficult. So many women who get into this line of work just don’t know what to do. Me, I want people to succeed at what they do, so I thought I would share my top 5 tips for dominating OnlyFans. These are well-tested strategies that are currently in use by the most successful models.

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#1) Promote Your Account

You didn’t think paying subscribers were just going to come to you on their own, did you? An awful lot of people sure seem to, but nope. You’ve got to draw those customers in.

Twitter is your best friend on this one. It integrates really well with OF, and it also allows adult content, so it’s the perfect promotional platform. In fact, I’m going to go so far as to say that you shouldn’t just jump right into OnlyFans – you need to build up a Twitter account first!

Create a dedicated account on Twitter for your sexu work career (unless you are very comfortable with everyone in your personal life knowing what you do). Then start following and retweeting as many other sex workers as you can possibly find. Cam girls, porn performers, and yes, OnlyFans models. Load ‘em all up.

Try to aim for the “middle ground” of a girl’s following: You want to follow and retweet people who aren’t so huge that they won’t notice a newcomer, but you also don’t want to spend too much time on other greenies who don’t have many followers yet. Goldilocks is our gal; try to get it “just right”.

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Most of the sex workers you follow will probably follow you back, which will weave you into the community. Now their followers will see what you tweet. So, start tweeting! Talk about your sex work, together with mundane stuff from your daily life. Post sexy pics (without giving away nudes for free), and of course, link to your OnlyFans account when it’s up. Doing this religiously, meaning that you should tweet every day, will bring in a lot of OF traffic all by itself.

But go beyond just following and retweeting. Use “Shout4Shouts” or “Share4Shares”, often just abbreviated to S4S, which is when you get in touch with another model and agree to give her a plug to your fans in exchange for her doing the same thing for you. Models who are more or less on your level in terms of followers will usually do this just for the mutual shout, since it benefits both of you.

The bigger players, though, who can help you way more than you can help them, will often be willing to send their followers your way for a cash payment. Consider coughing up at least a few times – the rewards can be huge.

Whatever you do, don’t neglect these shouts. They can be the single best way to grow your OnlyFans account early on, in a short period of time.

Also, you should consider using a vanity domain to promote your OnlyFans page. A vanity domain is a custom domain name unique to you and your brand, like “” or “” (basically a domain name that incorporates your brand terms). These are very useful and can move traffic much more effectively.

A word of caution on using Instagram to promote your OnlyFans account. Many models are using LinkTree, AllMyLinks, or other “linkhub” pages to link to their OF pages, then linking to those linkhub pages from their IG bio. This is being done because these models think it’s safer than directly linking to their OnlyFans from their IG page. Actually, it’s EVERY BIT as dangerous, and could get your Instagram account deleted. More on this here.


#2) Post Frequently

Running an OnlyFans account is a constant battle against subscription cancellations. Over time, you’re going to build up a stable of die-hard regulars, who will either never leave you or at the very least will be in it for the long haul. Treat these people like gold, obviously, but remember that most of your customers won’t be so loyal.

Fans to be fickle; they’ll be there to check you out one day, then they could easily be gone the next. In the case of OnlyFans, that means you pick up a subscription this month, but you don’t see it renewed later.

The most effective method for cutting down on these cancellations is to post frequently. Fans hate it when they feel like you aren’t taking your OnlyFans account seriously, or that they aren’t getting their money’s worth. If you really want to turn OF into your cash cow, you need to spend the time on it that it deserves.

But that doesn’t mean you have to build some sort of professional studio in your house and carefully produce perfect pictures and videos all the time. In fact, it’s better if you don’t do that. Most fans are on OF because they enjoy seeing amateur, “real” content that shows an actual girl they like simply living her life – and occasionally getting naughty.

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Feel free to post pictures of you when you first wake up and your hair’s a hot mess, or fresh out of the shower before you’ve put on a lick of makeup. Your fans value seeing you like that, and getting that kind of content regularly will show them that you’re serious about maintaining your account.

These kinds of candid snaps should be posted every day, maybe more than once a day every now and again. Several times a week, send out some decent nudes, and at least once per week, include a video. This level of activity will thrill your fans, and keep that cancellation rate low. Remember, in this case, quantity is better than quality – mostly because “quality” in the usual sense isn’t actually that good.


#3) Use the Pay Per View Messaging Feature

OnlyFans allows you to send PPV – Pay Per View – messages directly to your subscribers. Fans will see your message, along with a shortened video clip of any length you set, with an option to pay your decided price in order to “unlock” the full content.

So you could have, for example, the first two minutes of a video in which you pull out an electric toothbrush and grin at it with wide, excited eyes, and your message says something like “After this video, this toothbrush is my new best friend.” But the fans have to pay the going rate in order to see the whole thing and find out what you actually did with the toothbrush.

Make the show worth the price, and of course never bait and switch, promising or implying that there’s something in the video that isn’t there. But teasing – so long as they get what they want once they pay – is totally fine and encouraged.

This PPV system is an awesome way to bring in revenue, because it allows you to sell content “a la carte.” You can make certain kinds of videos that you sell over PPV, and guys who are into the subject matter can pay to unlock them, while those who don’t go for the toothbrush fetish can pass and still have access to your regular posts.

PPV is also an amazing marketing tool, because it sends subscribers the video and tells them that they have to pay to unlock it, which is a powerful motivator psychologically. Now if the guy chooses not to pay the price, he feels like he’s losing something he already has, rather than simply not gaining something he might want. Studies prove that people would much rather avoid loss than acquire gain. It makes a difference, and it works.


#4) Create a Free Account to Boost the Paid One

They say “free sells best”, and they’re right. It’s always easier to get someone to sign up for something that doesn’t cost them anything, than it is to convince them to pay. You don’t have to charge anything for access to an OnlyFans account if you don’t want to, so you can use a free one to draw people in and let them check you out.

Some people will actually do this and then use the PPV feature to offer the “good stuff,” and that’s a solid business model, but for our purposes here, a free account should be kept totally free.

The reason is that you can use the freebie to build up fans, get to know them, and bond with them. Form friendships with your viewers, so they feel close to you and wish to deepen the connection. If they want to “see more” of you, they can subscribe to the paid premium account. This strategy is an excellent way to build interest in your premium content.


#5) Use Chaturbate

Actually, it’s cam sites that we’re after here, because they’ve grown to become enormous wells of free traffic for online sex workers. I really recommend Chaturbate in particular, because it’s by far the largest of the cam sites, thereby offering you access to the greater possible number of customers (by far, the traffic there is MASSIVE).

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The idea is to perform on Chaturbate as a cam girl, using it to attract all that free attention that’s just floating on the site, ready for the taking. Build up an account there, amass some regulars, and make a modest name for yourself. Then just regularly post the link to your Twitter account in your public channel.

Be utterly careful NOT to post your OnlyFans account there; Chaturbate (like most cam sites) doesn’t like that, and they will find out. But you’ll remember I said earlier in this post that Twitter was extremely important for getting people to your OF presence, and this is one of the reasons why. It allows you to funnel Chaturbate viewers to OF, since you can’t do it directly from there.

This is a KILLER strategy, because of all that cam site traffic I mentioned. In fact, of all the tips I’ve offered today, this may be the most important one. Use Chaturbate right, and you won’t believe how much of a difference it makes in growing your OnlyFans account early on (and later, as well).

Sign Up at Chaturbate Here

Alright, that will just about do it for now. Like I said, none of this stuff is particularly complicated or hard to do. You just need to know what you’re doing, and then that sweet, sweet OnlyFans money should rain down on you like you’ve been dreaming it would. If you decide you need an OnlyFans manager to get you to that next level income, contact me here.

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