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Why Conventions Matter

Well, another AVN Expo is now in the history books of debauchery, and the STD clinics are probably busy processing test results as we speak, so I think it’s time to briefly reflect on exactly why conventions are so important to a budding camming or porn clip career.

Anybody who knows anything about business knows that making connections is absolutely¬† essential to growing your enterprise, and it’s really no different in the cam model world. Making friends with other models, introducing yourself to platform and cam site big wigs, and getting noticed by big spender “whale” members are all juicy benefits of attending industry conventions like the AVN Expo. You’d be surprised just how far you can go on connections alone.

It’s especially important for new cam models and porn clip stars to get out there and mingle. You never know who you might meet who could catapult your career to whole new levels and get the benjies flowing for you hard.

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s AVN show, don’t worry at all. There are several big adult conventions every year, so you’ll get plenty of chances to show up and get on people’s radars. Just be sure to bring a people-friendly attitude and watch out for the notorious gropers!

Clips4Sale And Webcam Models

Making Money on Clips4saleSo, one of the things I get asked the most by webcam models is how the holy balls can a girl sell more video clips? As you can imagine, the idea of setting up a well-stocked video store and making daily sales on autopilot sounds really, really good to most camgirls (and camguys). That’s easier said than done, of course, so an awful lot of sellers are eager to know what they can do to get their fledgling porn clip business off the ground. While there are several different porn video clip sites out there that a model can place her store on, I’m going to focus on the biggest one in terms of traffic right now —

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Chaturbate Room Mods

Camgirl Room ModsEver since Chaturbate introduced chatroom moderators, debate has raged across Camland as to whether doing this was a good or a bad idea. On the positive side, there’s no doubt that room mods have made things much, much easier for the cam models who use them. No longer do they have to tolerate, or be distracted by, trolls, spammers, and the “open bobs” contingent.

There is a negative side, though, which this article over at¬†entitled “Meet The Bouncers of Camgirl Chatrooms” goes into pretty well. The subject of the piece, Cortana Blue, is one of the highest performing webcam girls at Chaturbate currently. She’s got legions of fans, and her room count, on any given day, is considered “low” if it’s under 2000. Yep, those last two zeros are supposed to be there.

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Free Cams Beginning To Dominate

Free Cam SitesI still remember the olden days of cam sites back in the nineties…when internet connections crawled and bandwidth limitations were as tight as an Escalade parking job on Black Friday (I was THIS CLOSE to using a significantly more vulgar analogy, but I’m trying to reform). Watching camgirl hotties do their thing was nowhere near as interesting as it is today, simply because models were basically forbidden from getting naked or doing anything funky in free chat.

The reason for this was that the big cam sites of the time (I’m thinking of bygone giants like IFriends and a couple others) were convinced that, in order to maximize profits, it was best to make viewers pay for the least bit of cam naughtiness. And indeed, at that point in the adult internet’s history, getting folks to pay for anything adult-related was easy as pie. I remember putting up simple text links on a free site or thumbnail gallery that would lead to multiple member signups at sites like IFriends within hours…damn, those were the days!

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The Glory of Tip Bombs

Huge Tips on ChaturbateOne of the best things about being a cam model has got to be the “tip bomb” phenomenon. Every so often, a model will be sitting around talking about anime, or her last breakup, or her cat’s anal worms, when a massively huge tip gets dropped on her from out of nowhere. Her reaction to a 10,000, 15,000, or even 20,000 token tip can be truly off the charts, and it can range from excited yelping, to profuse crying, to downright speechlessness accentuated by that hand-fanning motion that girls do sometimes as if their faces were on fire.

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Internet Marketing For Webcam Models

Internet Marketing for Cam ModelsSo, I’ve been noticing for quite some time, as I surf the social media accounts of various cam models, that the vast majority of girls rocking the cam out there still aren’t employing the use of affiliate programs to make extra money off their fan followings. This, despite the fact that they’ve all got an audience of devoted followers hanging on their every status update…followers who are, of course, known to love cam sites and camgirls.

As a long-time internet marketer, I can attest to the fact that having a sizeable source of “qualified” internet traffic at your command is like having a crude oil reserve under your farm. It doesn’t suck.

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Stripper Webcam Models

Stripper CamgirlsJust cruise the major sex chat sites for a bit and you’re sure to notice that there are quite a few strippers rocking the cam out there. Not only can you identify them by the tags they use for their rooms, but the super toned legs, plump lips, and fake boobies are dead giveaways.

It’s also pretty obvious they’re dancers when they start to do those crazy moves on a shiny metal pole that’s been installed in the middle of their living rooms. When a camgirl twirls around a pole upside-down for 15 minutes and doesn’t end up breaking her neck, you can be pretty darn sure she’s a pro stripper.

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