How To Sell Nudes Online


ATTENTION: If you’re interested in making serious money selling your nudes online, then read this to the end. I’m going to reveal the most effective methods to bring in the BIG cash bucks.

While it may come as a surprise in an age of porn that can be accessed every bit as easily and cheaply as tap water, a huge, lucrative market exists today for selling nudes on the internet. Countless women around the world are making a mint off of little more than taking their clothes off and snapping a few pics.

How to sell nudes online for cash money.

It’s all based upon the decidedly non-shocking fact that when guys sees girls they find sexually attractive, they develop a desire in impressively short order to see said girls naked, and this desire can and is being monetized to a massive degree.

The single greatest impediment to this booming business, however, is the fact that it’s trivially easy to call up nude pictures online without having to pay for it — but this obstacle turns out to be more of a modest hurdle than a towering wall. Jumping it doesn’t take all that much legwork.

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The most important principle to understand about how to sell nudes is the necessity of making guys interested not just in naked content, which they already are, but specifically in YOUR naked content. They can go to any of the porn tubes to see girls without clothes on, but they won’t find YOU there.

Keeping this in mind, ladies who successfully sell nude online pictures and videos have developed ingenious yet simple methods of using social media and other resources to build a large following of men who fixate particularly on them.

Duplicating these techniques isn’t hard, and it’s the key to succeeding wildly in this business, as opposed to washing out like the masses of newbies who try their hand without the first clue of how to sell nudes effectively.

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Which brings us to the main rookie mistake to avoid in building your following: Don’t use Twitter! Everyone does this when they want to sell online nude content, and the reason it doesn’t work is because…everyone does it. There’s too much competition there.

Plus, there’s just too many women there, period; male attention is diluted pretty thin. It seems intuitive to use the most popular social media, but Twitter is just TOO popular. After falling into that trap (which you can now handily avoid), the girls who go on to really understand how to sell nudes stick to three expert methods, which I’ll outline below.


Selling Nudes on Snapchat

First up is Snapchat, which unlike Twitter, is an amazingly effective way to monetize male interest in nude content. But you’ve got to handle this horse the right way. First, set up an account separate from any other you may use, exclusively for your business – this is for privacy reasons. However, you’ll use this account much like you would a normal one: Post pictures and video of your daily life, and talk about your interests.

Snapchat can effectively be used for selling nudes and explicit content, but the smart way to do it is to use two separate accounts — a free “public” Snapchat, and a paid “premium” Snapchat that you charge to access.

The difference is that you’ll occasionally put up a nice “tease”: A bikini picture, or some video of you working out in an outfit just a bit skimpier than you might typically wear to the gym. All of this is how you use Snapchat to endear your fans to you, and get them to care about you in a way they don’t for other random girls.

Keep this material PG-rated; Snapchat doesn’t allow any explicit adult stuff, and we don’t want this account to get banned. It’s your public, or “free” Snapchat account, and you’ll be aiming to build a huge following on it. So, basically, this is where you can be funny, goofy, and human. Post all your best jokes, talk about your problems, and make your viewers feel like they can relate to you.

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You’re also going to have a smaller “Premium” Snapchat account, which you’ll promote on the freebie. The Premium account is how you’ll sell nudes on Snapchat the right way: Fill it with all your naughtiest content, and offer interested fans subscriptions to it. You can easily get away with charging at least $10 per month, per subscription, even when you’re new and little-known; as you become more popular in the business, that rate goes up.

Pretty soon, you’re pulling down a fortune just by posting content. And if you’re wondering: Yes, this account will eventually get banned. But when that happens, you can simply make a new one, and direct your subscribers there.

Of course, it’s important to promote your free public Snapchat account, so as to sell nude online content via the Premium. The best way to do this is to participate in Snapchat “takeovers” of major adult-industry accounts, like those belonging to PornHub or Redtube.

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Don’t worry, despite the name, takeovers are totally voluntary; it basically just means you post under the screen name of a massive player for a day, and gain access to all of their followers. It can be very lucrative, but you usually have to be at least somewhat well-known before they’ll take you.

You can also do “Shout4Shouts” with other girls on Snapchat; essentially, you talk about them and encourage your fans to “swipe up” to add their public Snap account, and the ones you shout out do the same for you.

This is where Twitter IS useful; it’s an excellent place to arrange Shout4Shouts. Just create a Twitter under your model name, post some pics of yourself, and start following established models. Most of them will follow you back, if they see you’re a model too. From there, you can DM (direct message) them and arrange deals.

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Sell Nude Content on Video Clip Sites

Eventually, video clips will become an important part of selling nudes successfully. There are websites dedicated to the sale of this amateur content, with the three best ones being,, and

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The videos can appeal to a wide range of popular fetishes: Twerking, rubbing oil on your body, showering, wrestling with another girl, or “sploshing” (covering yourself with something edible, like cake, flour, jam, etc etc) are all lucrative angles.

Just keep in mind that if you want to appeal to the enormous Femdom market, you should use IWantClips, as that site has become an established gathering place both for Femdom models and their customers.

Selling fetish-oriented nude content on video clip sites can be extremely lucrative, especially when you take custom video clip orders.

The downside to using the video sites to sell nude online content is that you generally need to have a somewhat respectable following already built in order to cash in on this resource. That means months and months of being active on social media platforms, building up a fan base of potential buyers for your nudes.

This is very doable, as long as you have some time and the willingness to post lots of tease content to attract follows.



Cam Sites for Selling Your Nudes Online

Which brings us to our third expert technique for succeeding in the nudes business: The use of cam sites. You’ve probably heard of them, but if you weren’t sure exactly how they work, it’s pretty simple: Girls sign up with these sites to broadcast from their home (or wherever they prefer) using a computer and webcam.

On most cam sites, loading a girl’s live public chatroom and watching her is free, but site members are able to buy tokens with which to offer tips. Since tipping is voluntary, it’s important for cam girls to interact with their audience and make friends, so as to become well-liked.

Cam girls need to bond with their most devoted fans to be successful, because it’s those fans (often called “regulars”) that will buy pretty much anything the model offers for sale. They’ll buy nudes, dirty panties, videos, and they’ll tip BIG.

Cam sites are insanely profitable for models, especially if they know which site to use. For newcomers, that would be Chaturbate, because it’s enormous traffic and ease of use makes it easy to build a large following in a short period of time.

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Camming is also the best starting point for selling nudes on the internet: You amass followers here, then direct them to your free Snapchat account (cam site viewers eat up free stuff — just post the link, and nearly everyone in your chatroom will check it out). That account promotes your Premium Snapchat, which brings in revenue.

Before long, you’ve got enough fans to branch out onto the video clip sites, and sell nude online content that way as well. Once you’ve got all of this humming, the revenues you can command are ridiculous — some of the top cam models are regularly pulling in $30,000 per month! But it all starts with camming, so when you’re ready to make this happen, sign up with Chaturbate and get that moneyball rolling.

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