OnlyFans Models Quietly Getting Rich


OnlyFans Millionaires - How They're Getting Rich
OnlyFans has become the “social media” platform most likely to create millionaires, and it’s not even debatable, at this point. What we have on our hands now is a phenomenon that enables folks to literally go from burger flipping to lambo piloting in a matter of weeks to months, which is just simply gobsmacking (I’m not 100% sure what this word means, but I’m high, and I’ve always wanted to use it).

What’s really shocking is that the content creators on OnlyFans aren’t just making money in the way you’d think. Sure, explicit sex work is pretty popular on the platform, and it’s probably what OF is best-known for. But a surprising number of models in that particular industry aren’t even actually getting naked in the pictures and videos they offer, believe it or not.

ATTENTION, PEOPLE: A shockingly large number of mofos are actually getting bonafide FFR (Filthy Fucking Rich) on OnlyFans, and we need to deal with this right here and now. I’m going to examine how this is happening, and how YOU might get in on this digital gold rush!

See, what we need to understand is that OnlyFans offers creators a LOT of different ways to make money beyond selling monthly subscriptions, to the point that getting people to sign up isn’t even the primary source of income for models at the top who really know what they’re doing. There’s also the Pay Per View – or PPV – messaging system, which is so cunningly clever it almost hurts like a sack tap.

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With the PPV feature, the model sends her fans a message with an attachment of whatever kind of content she wants, but usually a video. This can be a “naughty” video, but again, it really doesn’t have to be. The point is that it arrives in the fan’s inbox “locked”; they can watch maybe the first few seconds of the video, but if they want to see the whole thing, they have to pay a one-time price that the model sets – totally separate from the usual monthly subscription.

This is absolutely devilish, because it makes the fan feel like they’re actually LOSING something if they don’t pay. After all, the content is already there in their messages; they just have to unlock it! From there, it’s simple marketing psychology: People would rather avoid losses than realize gains, even if you can do the math to show that they’re ending up in the same place either way.

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Then, of course, there’s good old-fashioned tipping. Guys absolutely LOVE to tip sex workers, which is how strippers are able to do so well. It’s the same on OnlyFans. This goes way beyond any similar urge that might be felt toward other service workers, like waiters or drivers.

First of all, men don’t like to think of what happens on OnlyFans as a “service,” because that ruins the fantasy. And secondly, they DO like to show off deep pockets in front of women they’re sexually interested in. It all comes together perfectly.


Why OnlyFans is Minting Millionaires

And sex work isn’t even the only reason people are making so much money on OnlyFans, especially these days. The platform may have started off that way, and still holds that reputation, but it’s been making a serious push lately to attract other kinds of content creators.

And it’s working. OF has gotten big enough for mainstream celebrities and major social media influencers to join up, and these people aren’t posting porn. There are artists on OnlyFans now, and hobbyists, and musicians, and Youtubers, and pretty much anything you can name. Some of them are becoming millionaires.

But we all know where OF got its start, and that’s important to remember no matter how hard it may try to diversify now. Because this platform really changed the game for online sex workers, in a seriously huge way. To understand how, we need to understand just how hard selling adult content on the internet really used to be.

OnlyFans has dramatically simplified the selling of adult content on the internet, and it has done so using a social media model that users seem to trust and take to quite readily.

In the bad old days, a girl who wanted to get into this business had to put up her own pay site, where she could sell her content directly to her fans. That’s not easy or cheap, and usually requires hiring a web designer, getting a “high risk” credit card processing account, and using a “backend” for site updates that requires the model to learn some new skills as well. Altogether, theses expenses and complications can add thousands of dollars per year to the cost of running the business. Ouch!

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OnlyFans changed all that by creating a platform that allowed online sex workers to monetize their content directly. Other social media apps/sites permitted adult content (something that’s getting rarer and rarer these days), but they couldn’t be used as a sales platform. This meant that they could still be useful as marketing tools, offering a place for a model to “get herself out there” and show samples, but she was still going to need her own site to generate actual revenue.

OnlyFans lets her post, AND get paid, and it does it in exchange for a relatively meager 20% cut of her generated revenues. That means that her overhead can never overwhelm her income; if she makes less, she pays less.

This is one of the reasons that mainstream content creators and influencers are flocking to OF now. It’s just a simple, easy way to monetize your content and bring in cash, especially if you’ve already got a large and dedicated following of loyal fans. For successful YouTube personalities, popular actresses, and hit singers, using OnlyFans is a no-brainer. And they know it, too.

When these people, especially the females, announce the launch of an OnlyFans account, they practically bring the site to a crash from the enormous amounts of traffic they end up drawing to it. And the paydays they take home from those launches can be truly insane.

But how exactly is this happening? Whether a celebrity or not, what’s the strategy that results in the kinds of huge earnings we’re seeing? The answer is actually kind of surprising!


How Top Creators Make Bank on OnlyFans

We already know it’s not just a matter of signing up subscribers. We went over that earlier. And it’s not even so much a matter of getting ENOUGH subscribers to make a little bit at a time from the other monetization features that OnlyFans offers.

Sure, that’s a method that can work out well for the celebrities and influencers we just talked about, who have huge built-in audiences. Those people are able to get away with $40 – $50 per month subscription rates, AND have plenty of takers. But there an awful lot of people making awesome money on OnlyFans, and that’s not how most of them are doing it. For the clever models who don’t have legions of fans, it’s all about the “superfans,” also known as whales.

In just about any online commercial pursuit, a “whale” is someone who spends huge. Not just big, but truly HUGE. You see them all over the place, and not just in the adult industry. Internet “freemium” games, where you’re allowed to log in and play for free while being given the option to buy items or levels or whatever, are absolutely full of whales. Of course, they’re in sex work as well. Cam sites and the girls who make a living on them know and love their whales.

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Remember, these guys drop enormous amounts of money on whatever they’re doing. An online game where the most expensive in-app purchases weigh in at $50 – $100 could easily have whales that spend thousands of dollars there per month. Cam girls who are happy to be tipped five or ten bucks at a time have their Hello Kitty socks blown off by whales who step into their chat room to tip $500, $1,000, or more, sometimes to then immediately disappear.

A whale’s spend is so crazy that it alters the business practices of the platforms they frequent. Those games find ways to attract and cater to whales, and cam girls do the same. You go where the money is. it’s as simple as that.

Not only are there OnlyFans millionaires creating content on the platform — there are actually plenty of millionaires consuming content on the platform, as well.

On OnlyFans, a whale is usually called a “superfan,” but the concept is the same. They show up with fat wallets, attach themselves to a particular girl that they like, and then make her very happy. Usually, that’s done through extravagant tips, sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars per month.

That gives you some idea of the kind of earning potential we’re talking about on OnlyFans, but let’s look at a specific case. Andrea Vasile, a 36 year old former web designer originally from Romania. A “former” web designer, because in that job she was earning about $60,000 per year, and now she’s pulling down a cool $1 million off of OnlyFans alone (she also has other social media accounts, including a large Instagram account).

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Andrea really shows what it takes to succeed on this platform. She’s extremely dedicated to the point of taking some pretty daring custom requests from her fans, such as getting naked while out on dates with her husband. Yes, she’s married, and happily so.

Not that that stops her loyal followers; she says she receives marriage proposes every day on social media, and at least once a week from people on OnlyFans. One person even bought her entire Amazon wish list for her at once – there’s those superfans! Andrea also happily admits that she’s spent about half of her income on plastic surgery, keeping her body smoking hot for her fans.


OnlyFans Controversy Involving Bella Thorne

Andrea is definitely the real deal, but I’ll close with a warning that not everyone on OnlyFans is quite what they seem. The prime example of this would be Bella Thorne, who has single-handedly caused a huge scandal on the platform.

She’s an actress who has become pretty popular since she used to star in Disney productions, and recently decided to join OnlyFans. She’s one of those who almost broke the site when she made the announcement, and you know that $1 million that Andrea Vasile makes each year? Day 1, for Bella. No, literally, she made a million bucks on her first day.

The scandal comes in when Bella offered to sell her fans a nude picture of herself, as a special PPV offering, for $200. And she definitely promised nude, despite having earlier said she wouldn’t be posting such material on her account. This picture, though, was supposed to be different. “Naked? Yes, naked!” she said, leaving little room for question.

The Bella Thorne incident is an unfortunate example of an OnlyFans millionaire overreaching into questionable behavior, but it illustrates just how much money can be made on the platform.

So of course, the picture turned out to be a rather tame lingerie shot, showing no actual nudity. The fans practically revolted, demanding refunds in droves from OnlyFans. For their part, OF pretty much panicked, and within a few days instituted new policies in some markets limiting PPV prices and tip sizes. They swore this had nothing to do with Bella Thorne or any other individual user, but…come on. It’s pretty obvious what happened here.

And unfortunately, Bella is just one instance of this kind of thing. Users have complained about lots of models offering disappointing content once the price has been paid.

So, okay, Onlyfans definitely isn’t perfect. But it has completely revolutionized the field for models, influencers, and almost any other content creators who want to make it big, and potentially strike it rich, on social media. As of now, it’s hard to see OF being eclipsed by any other platform in this regard.

You DO need to know how to promote and get traffic to your OnlyFans account, though, otherwise you’ll be lucky to make weed money over there. I have put together a precise and extremely effective strategy that models can use to accomplish this, which I cover in this article:

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