OnlyFans Money – 1 Week Challenge


I’ve talked a lot about OnlyFans before, and about how adult models nowadays can make some absurdly good money on it.  I thought it might be helpful to provide a first-hand account “on the ground” concerning the reality of earning OnlyFans money, and just how much this work can make it rain for you, if you’re an adult model who decides to take the plunge.

So I found a really interesting video made by a Youtuber named Makayla Samountry about her personal journey with an OnlyFans account. Makayla was curious: Her friend had recently made over $3,000 on OF in just one week, so our heroine wanted to see how well she could do in the same length of time.

ATTENTION, PEOPLE: Models who are making real money on OnlyFans are giving you a closer look at how they’re doing it, and this post will examine the results of one such model. Pay attention, there’s a LOT to be learned here.

The first issue that Makayla ran into was the fact that a brand-new OnlyFans account takes about 24 hours to be approved, so it’s not something you can literally start immediately (pretty close, though). Your best bet is to get that ball rolling as soon as possible, so you’ll be set up and ready to go in less time.

Makayla’s friend made her three grand with a subscription rate of $25 per month, and Makayla herself decided to go with a $31 price tag. She was definitely excited and eager on her first day, talking about her great ambitions and how she already had her first picture uploaded, even though her OnlyFans account wasn’t technically online yet.

Maybe a bit too excited. The day after signup, Makayla really threw herself into promoting her new OF presence across her social media accounts, including on Snapchat – which turned out to be her first major mistake. Please, always remember that Snapchat does NOT allow adult content of any kind, my funky peeps!

They caught her promotion, and deleted her account. Not warned her, not even suspended her for awhile. No, they booted her and erased everything she had ever done on their platform. The poor girl lost years of material, dating back to when she was just 16. Listen to your camlord — never, ever promote an OnlyFans URL on Snapchat! (Instead, you need to promote your Twitter account on Snapchat, from which you will directly promote your OnlyFans.)

The good news is, Makayla’s OF account was approved on the same day, around the time she decided to play around with her subscription rate. $31, she said, might be a bit on the high side, and I have to say I agree with her. She decided to come own to $26, which still feels a bit spendy to me, but it’s just a buck over what her friend did well with.

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Shortly after, she was over the moon when she reported getting her first fan – while also stressing that maybe therefore she shouldn’t have cut her rate after all! Don’t worry, Makayla, you did the right thing. Never price yourself out of the market. You gotta find that “sweet spot” pricing that brings in the most money overall.

Also, while pretty badly shaken by losing her Snapchat account, Makayla didn’t get scared off from promoting her OF presence, and even asked a Facebook group for advice. They suggested such resources as Reddit, Tumblr, and even dating apps – Makayla went with Reddit, and also used YouTube for advertisement.

She picked up two more subscribers over a couple more days, and learned about OF’s PPV “paid message” system: That she could charge fans for messaging her. She set her per-message rate at $6 (this girl really does not like round numbers), and made a total of $37 in OnlyFans money in a day between a new subscriber and exchanging messages with that person.

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Her total take for that day, however, was actually $87, with the extra $50 coming from a picture specially requested by her new fan. See, Makayla made the decision not to publicly post anything nude or pornographic on her OnlyFans account.

Her follower, however, was extremely interested in seeing more, and offered her those fifty big ones for a “personal” photo. Makayla doesn’t share exactly what the content of this photo was, but of course we can imagine. The point is, custom content can be a huge money-maker on OF.


Final OnlyFans Money Numbers…

By the end of the week, Makayla had gained 2 more fans, for a total of 5 throughout her trial period. She tried to post once each day, though sometimes she would miss a day and make it up by posting twice on the following day. Her gross total for the week was $222 of OnlyFans money, 20% of which she had to share with OnlyFans itself (this is their cut of revenues for using the platform), leaving her with $177.60.

Makayla was quite pleased with this amount, noting that if she averaged $200 per month from OF, she would be bringing in an additional $800 every month that she didn’t have before. She would also be the first to tell you how easy it was: The money came in return for posting a picture of herself a day, messaging fans, and doing a bit of promotion on social media.

In any event, she’s being too conservative, because she made $200 in her first week, when she was new and didn’t know what she was doing. That money is only the beginning. Remember that her friend who inspired her to try this made 15 times that amount over a period of the same length, which really shows you what’s possible when you know how it’s done.

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Moving forward, I hope Makayla will consider reducing her subscription rate a bit. Many new girls on OF will start at $20 per month, and while the difference is small between that and her $26, I do fear that the additional six bucks might be scaring away some potential fans. In any event, her original $31 was definitely too high for a newcomer, so I’m glad she brought that down.

A lot of the top creators on OnlyFans are actually doing gangbusters business with a low $5 to $10 monthly subscription price, which allows them to “qualify” buyers and get them into the account, where they can be “warmed up” to purchase more content down the road. These creators make most of their huge revenues selling that content through PPV messaging (learn more here).

People, please remember Makayla’s experience with promoting her account. She really went all-out across social media, which is good, but she chose to include Snapchat in that, which is really bad. They’re a bunch of prudes over there; don’t try to promote OF on that platform, seriously. Reddit and YouTube are fine, but Instagram is also one to be careful with.

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Also, while Makayla didn’t mention Twitter in her video, that’s one of the best places on social media to draw in subscribers. OnlyFans is actually designed to integrate seamlessly with Twitter, and unlike most social media apps, Twitter openly allows adult content. You don’t have to worry about losing your presence there for asking people to check you out on OF.

Finally, something else that Makayla hasn’t touched on, but which is very useful for maximizing your OnlyFans money: Use what are known as “Shout 4 Shouts”. That simply means giving a shout-out to another model for free, in exchange for having her do the same thing for you. Shout 4 Shouts don’t cost anybody anything, yet they’re incredibly helpful.

Since posting this video, Makayla has grown her account considerably and made it into the top 1% of content creators on OnlyFans. This girl is on fire, and she knows what she’s doing, so keep an eye on her.

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