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In the beginning, there was…ButtlerCamlord! Well, not quite. But, yes, I’ve been involved, one way or another, with the webcam modeling industry for quite a few years now, if not from the very beginning. I’ve chalked up some serious experience in all that time, selling cam site memberships, advising models, and figuring out new ways to promote the biz to adult audiences.

I recently decided to apply the expertise I’ve built up, over the years, towards the goal of helping new and current webcam models kick some serious ass in the online booty-shaking business. There are a whole lot of webcamming tips, tricks, and tactics that I’m eager to share, so if you’ve been thinking that you might want to get involved in adult webcam modeling, or if you’re a cam model who needs help taking your business to a new level, check me out:

How To Be A Webcam Model

There’s lots of money to be made in this biz, so let me help you get started the right way, or teach you the advanced methods that will raise your revenues to new heights!

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