The Cam Girl 80/20 Rule


The Cam Girl 80/20 Rule
One of the most important cam girl tips of all, as it is in just about every other imaginable business, is to understand the “Pareto Principle,” also called the “80/20 Rule.” If you really want to haul-in the fat stacks in the webcam modeling world (or in digital marketing generally), then you really want to know how it works and what it means.

Broadly speaking, it teaches us that around 80 percent of your results will come from only 20 percent of your efforts and focus. And, also, about 80% of your income will come from about 20% of your clientele, if you’re running a business.

ATTENTION: Do you ever wonder how those top cam girls make SO MUCH FREAKING MONEY on cam? Well, it has to do with a little-known law of business which a camlord will now explain.

Pareto himself, an Italian chap, first talked about his principle when he noticed that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population, which is the reason that the Pareto principle is also called the “80/20 Rule.”

The reason that understanding the Pareto principle is high on the list of important cam girl tips is that the rule skews your revenue stream pretty severely. In camming, most of your money is going to be coming from just a few of your viewers. The numbers may be 80/20, or they may be slightly different, but you can expect to find them in that general range.


Webcam Modeling & The 80/20 Rule

The reality of the industry is that most (or, at least, a very large portion) of the spending comes from “whales”, which are financially well-off guys who spend thousands of dollars at a time on tokens – sometimes just to give it all to one girl/webcam model.

Meanwhile, if you’ve ever cammed before or even sat in another cam model’s public chat room, you know that most of the viewers are lookie-loo freeloaders. They sit and watch, never saying anything, and definitely never tipping.

The big spenders on cam sites tend to lavish their attention on the top models. It turns out that Pareto is hard at work in the webcamming world not only on the spread of incoming revenue, but on where that money goes: 80% (or whatever) of cam tokens go to 20% (or whatever) of webcam models.

This is one of the reasons that turnover in the industry is so high: The most successful webcam models are laughing all the way to the bank, while the ones at the bottom fight over scraps and eventually quit.

The reality is that most of the tokens tipped on a cam site go to the top 20% of models on that site. You need to do what they’re doing.

But don’t resent those elite cam girls and their income too much. Whenever you see someone doing well in business, the correct response is never to hate them; it’s to learn from them. You think most of the girls at the top are there by accident? Not by a long-shot. On top of knowing how to make sweet love to the webcam, they understand the Pareto principle (even if they might not realize they do). And they’re using it.

By the way, as a quick aside, and just in case I’ve failed to make this as clear as the appeal of top-shelf weed: The Pareto principle applies across the business world, and most certainly across the adult model industry.

It works on OnlyFans and in premium Snapchat accounts, both of which cam girls and other adult entertainers often use to monetize their fans. It also works in Financial Domination – findom – which is often tied to camming in a few ways. Pareto’s principle isn’t a hard and fast law of nature that’s true everywhere and all the time, but it IS very common.


Cam Girls Need To Target Whales

Now, you can do just as the webcamming industry’s top performers do, and use it to your advantage. If most of the money comes from the Deep Pockets club, then it’s time to learn how to target those big spenders on cam sites and get your share. So here are some webcam modeling tips that will REALLY help you cash in.

Applying the Pareto principle as a webcam model involves targeting big-spending “whales,” who are responsible for a large portion of the tipping that goes on at cam sites.

The first thing to keep in mind is to go where the whales are, and not waste time where they aren’t. There’s a common rookie mistake among webcamming newbies that it’s better to start on the smaller sites, where the reduced webcam model population means less competition. Sure it does, but it also means next to no big spenders. There’s Pareto again: Most of the whales hang out on just a few cam sites.

In fact, it’s really just two: Chaturbate, and MyFreeCams (MFC). Those are the Cadillac sites, the two biggest players in the cam site world. Whales want the finest, and the finest tend to show up there. Chaturbate and MFC have the best girls, the spiffiest interfaces, and the most entertaining overall experience. The whales are swimming freely at these sites.

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Of the two, you’re better off going with Chaturbate over MFC if you’re new to the industry. Due to it’s “camscore” system, MFC is set up in such a way that established webcam models are pretty blatantly favored. If you don’t have a sizable cohort of devoted fans following you there from elsewhere when you first show up, MFC probably isn’t for you at this point. It can be become a great option later on, though.

Now, remember, the whales are looking for the best cam girls available, so on Chaturbate, you’ve got to look like the best. Fortunately, this isn’t too hard, because it’s another common rookie mistake to think that all you have to do as a webcam model is dance around naked. Most of your competition is barely trying. Glam up, look like a million bucks, and project a super-dignified vibe.

Big spenders on cam sites aren’t usually looking for a cheap thrill, or a flash of booby. They’re often after a deeper personal connection. More “online companionship” than “digital boogie-woogie.”

If you’re into politics, philosophy, or anything nerdy (tech, science, etc), bring up those topics in public chat and foster some interesting discussions. This will attract the brainier types on the cam site, which is good because members who are packing some serious IQ points also tend to be richer.

Finally, the last of my Pareto-inspired cam girl tips involves findom, which I briefly discussed a moment ago. If you’ve got even a single dominant bone in your body, target this niche. For complex psychological reasons that are well beyond my scope in this post, wealthy men disproportionately LOVE to be dominated by strong women.

Be one of those women, and you’ll appeal to that all-important 20% sector of the audience where most of the money in the webcam modeling world is coming from.

Pareto would be proud!

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