How To Become a Findom


Female Domination, or “femdom,” is a huge fetish among men right now. It might even be the biggest of all, if we believe certain porn searches. If you didn’t know, this kink is just what it sounds like: Women taking control in sexual situations, usually by humiliating and maybe beating their male submissives.

How To Be a Findom - Findomme Basics

Guys get off on this for reasons we’ll go into in just a moment, but what I really want to talk to you about is how lucrative this fetish is as a business – especially one particular part of it. That would be the aspect of femdom that’s most obviously full of money just waiting to be made, because the whole point of this one is literally giving money away to the woman in charge.

I’m talking about Financial Domination here, or “findom” for short. I want to teach you people how to become a financial dominatrix, and build a stable of men who will pretty much pay you just because you tell them to. Doesn’t exactly sound like root canal, right?

Then read on, and stick with me to the end, because I’m revealing strategies in here that are positively devastating for making a killing in this business.


Getting Started as A Findom Cam Girl

Before we go any further, you’ll want to head on over to Chaturbate and sign up as a cam model. Don’t worry, it’s free, and a quick and easy process.

Sign Up at Chaturbate Here

I only bring it up now because it can take a little while for the site to approve you once you’ve completed the application, so it’s best to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Believe me, this is a huge part of how you become a findom, so we need to get it out of the way now.

There are lots of ways that some men enjoy submitting to women. In financial domination, they’re surrendering their money first and foremost, and loving every moment of it.

Don’t bother harboring any moral qualms about being a findom cam girl. These guys actually LOVE giving up their money on command to a femdom goddess. Trust me, this is a thing.

But it’s not just a matter of a guy signing over his whole bank account to his dominatrix; obviously, that would be too quick and simple. There are actually many varieties of findom relationships that all eventually end up in the same place (money transfer), even if it all sounds more or less straightforward.

Basically, findom is all about a man being made to feel humiliated and used by a woman he considers far superior to himself. In fact, often he’ll address this woman as “Goddess,” and may even worship her. The easiest way to do this, of course, is to offer a cash “tribute” whenever she demands one.

The findomme (as a financial dominatrix is often called) may also choose to make her finsub a “paypig,” or simply someone to whom she sends her bills to be paid. Or maybe she’d rather have a “human ATM,” who coughs up money at her whim.

Men who enjoy giving money on demand to femdom women are typically called “finsubs,” “paypigs,” or “human ATMs.”

Again, it all evens out with the finsub’s money in the findomme’s pocket. But exactly how it gets there is the experience that the finsub craves, and it’s an important part of how to become a findom to understand that this experience has to be fulfilling for him.

Psychologically, guys who get off on findom are usually successful, powerful men who are tired of being in charge. Their lives are full of stress, authority, and stress brought on by their authority. After awhile, I guess being the one bossing everybody else around starts to feel like it’s own kind of prison.

Having a dominant position of power and authority in real life can actually induce submissive desires in men. This is why findom fetish exists.

For these guys, submitting to a findomme and getting brought down a few pegs isn’t just a welcome change of pace; it’s an intense joy on a bunch of levels, including sexual.

Now, remember when I asked you to sign up for Chaturbate? I hope you took that advice, because webcamming pretty much IS how to become a findom in this day and age. See, at any time before about 15 years ago, these used to be very rare relationships that were difficult to find for both sides.

I mean, think about it: Where exactly would you go back then to scratch this kind of an itch? Ahh, but the rise of the cam girl has changed all that. Now, men can use cam sites to easily feed fetishes that are off the beaten path, and just about any woman who knows how to feed them can make a lucrative business doing so.

Findom may very well be the best of the best when it comes to bringing in revenue (for pretty obvious reasons). Chaturbate in particular is a great cam site for this, because it’s got huge traffic and an enormous supply of wealthy members. It’s definitely the go-to findom site, and many savvy webcam models are making huge money in this niche over there.


Findom Success Tips

To be a findom model, you pretty much start out like any other camgirl: Broadcast consistently, on the same days and at the same times, so the fans you pick up are able to find you and become your regulars.

Even in the beginning, you’ll want to project an air of authority and confidence, to make it more likely that the men you attract are the submissive type. Don’t go overboard, but play the haughty, unattainable girl.

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Once you’ve established yourself, which really doesn’t take that long at all if you keep at it, you can move more aggressively into the findom fetish niche. Adding tags to your public channel like #findom or #tributesrequired is helpful, as is demanding that members who speak to you address you as “Goddess.”

Don’t be too worried about scaring guys off by acting this way; you don’t want the ones who aren’t turned on by it. Over time, word will spread to those who are, and you should have your first few finsubs in no time.

Don’t forget that finsub men are looking for a “superior” femdom goddess to order them around. Being too nice is a common mistake with beginner findommes.

The attitude, in fact, is an essential part of the answer to the question of how to become a financial dominatrix. And part of the attitude is making sure your appearance matches your words. You can’t just be dancing around naked shakin’ your ta-ta’s while demanding that your audience worship you.

Findommes very rarely get naked on cam, no matter how much money they’re given. On the occasion, you might choose to give a flash to an especially loyal and faithful finsub, but even that might not happen. It’s important to remember that you’re aiming for a very different crowd than the typical cam site member.

Your regulars don’t want to sexually objectify you; they want to grovel to you. You’re a lot more likely to simply give a finsub permission to masturbate, than you are to actually help him in any active way.

The typical findom cam girl is NOT expected to get naked, or do anything sexually explicit on webcam. This fetish is about power, not genitalia.

Just remember what I said about using Chaturbate — currently the largest and most traffic-saturated cam site in North America. Using it will greatly increase your chance to be a findom model who brings home the kind of money that makes life substantially less sucky.

Sign Up at Chaturbate Here…

And, by the way, when I say successful, I mean it. I’m not aware of any other fetish in adult entertainment that centers on literally giving women money as the fulfilling act itself, rather than something that simply comes before whatever is actually desired.

If you do well as a findomme, you could easily be looking at camming revenues that would make all the top vanilla cam girls jealous. So I definitely recommend serving this niche if you think you can pull it off.

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