How To Start an OnlyFans Management Agency


Okay, so unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple years, you’ve heard about all the money that adult models and content creators have been making on OnlyFans lately. Mind-blowing sums are being spent on that site (and other fans platforms, which I’ll discuss in a bit), and some of these content creators are getting filthy rich off this extremely lucrative business.

OnlyFans Agency - OnlyFans Manager Guide

Belle Delphine reportedly made $1.2 million in JUST ONE MONTH on her OnlyFans account, and Amouranth has admitted to making $1.5 million per month. They’re not the only one getting rich on the platform either. Bhad Bhabie recently posted proof that she has grossed over 50 MILLION DOLLARS on her OnlyFans. The list of models making bank is seemingly endless.

ATTENTION: The word is out that fortunes are being made on OnlyFans by agencies that manage models. Well, if you’ve been wanting to learn the smart way to make major money as an OnlyFans manager, or start an agency, then sit back and prepare to get educated.

But did you know that a metric shit-ton of money is being made by people who run OnlyFans agencies and offer management services to OnlyFans models? Yeah, it’s a thing. A BIG thing. An OnlyFans manager runs the content posting, the direct messaging, and usually handles most of the social media promotion for the model as well.

In return for these services, the OnlyFans manager takes a percentage of the model’s OnlyFans revenue. The percentage can range from 20% to up to 50%, so on a big model’s account, quite a bit of money can be made offering management services. If you scale it right, you can create an OnlyFans agency that does truly huge numbers.

But how do you start an OnlyFans agency, you might be asking. There aren’t many resources on the subject out there because it seems that those already making the big bucks don’t want any competition, so they’re not talking.

Well, as an experienced adult marketer who’s worked with adult models as a mentor and coach for years, and who knows pretty much every angle of the online adult business, I’m going to give you the basic outline in this article.

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How To Become an OnlyFans Manager

So, you might be wondering what being an OnlyFans manager entails. To answer this question, I’m first going to explain how OnlyFans works, then I’ll lay out exactly what services your OnlyFans management service or agency would be expected to provide.

OnlyFans is currently the best known of what are commonly referred to as “fans platforms.” A fans platform is basically a site that allows a content creator, influencer, or model to sell subscriptions to their fans that allow them access to the creator in certain ways.

A fan buying a subscription to Belle Delphine’s OnlyFans, for instance, would be able to access her paid content, would be able to watch her OnlyFans streams, and would be able to message her using the OnlyFans direct message feature.

The access to models and content creators that OnlyFans enables is truly revolutionary. Guys will pay BIG MONEY to get close to a model they’re into, and OnlyFans makes it possible.

This paid access to influencers and models is extremely popular, especially since the content available on these OnlyFans accounts usually offer at least nudity, while many offer full-on sexually explicit material. And the ability to message the model is a big lure too.

Now, running an OnlyFans account can be a pain in the ass for most models because it involves a bunch of work that most content creators would prefer not to have to bother with. They’re creative people, they like to produce content, not fill orders and post consistently on social media to lure new subscribers.

This is why OnlyFans management agencies exist…to perform those tasks so that models can be free to do what they do best – create content. Most of the OnlyFans models doing big numbers are using managers, there’s just no way they could handle dealing with thousands of fans all on their own.

OnlyFans management or marketing agencies deal with a lot of the tasks and duties models would rather skip, but which are crucial to building a large income on the platform.

As I mentioned, the fees that OnlyFans managers charge the model varies, but 25% to 30% is a fairly standard figure. If the OnlyFans agency can offer exceptional promotion help, which dramatically increases the amount of new subscribers to a model’s account, then the fee may be a lot closer to 50%.

That may sound like a lot, but when you consider that a good OnlyFans agency can take a model from $4k per month to over $40k per month, while making her life a lot easier by relieving her of account management duties, it’s obviously more than worth it. And more and more models are realizing that.

An agency run by a smart owner will also know exactly how to target upper-income men and draw them into their models’ sales funnels, with the purpose of turning them into big-spending “whales.”

These whales, or Superfans, can end up spending VAST amounts of money on a model’s OnlyFans. They can literally make the difference between a model scraping by making a few thousand per month, and pulling down the fat stacks.

“Whales” and “superfans” are big spending fans who can literally spend 10s of THOUSANDS of dollars per month on an OnlyFans model. Knowing how to attract these guys is critical, if you want to make a huge monthly income.

You don’t need to start a full-service OnlyFans agency in order to become an OnlyFans manager though. You can start by managing a model or two that you recruit yourself, then gain the experience necessary to create a full service agency down the road, and scale the business up to huge numbers from there by hiring virtual assistants to do all of the account work.

I know several guys who are doing six figures per month managing only 2 or 3 models. They don’t have armies of virtual assistants helping them, they were just able to find the right girls to work with. Girls who they carefully selected based on certain criteria that qualifies them as “high value” models.

You see, becoming an OnlyFans manager the smart way will allow you to minimize the amount of work you need to put into the project, while maximizing your profits. If you make the mistake a lot of new managers make and recruit the wrong breed of models though, you will likely find it extremely difficult to make enough money to justify your time commitment.

Now we’re going to get into exactly how you can find those high-quality “Goldilocks” models that could very well make being an OnlyFans manager quite lucrative for you.


How To Recruit OnlyFans Models (High Value Girls)

In this section, I’m going to reveal the secrets to finding the kind of models you will need to make this business venture a success from the start. The girls I’m referring to are the type that stay consistent in their content production schedules, are easy to work with, and have the kind of looks & personality that attract the big spending “whale” superfans that make OnlyFans such a cash cow.

Recruiting OnlyFans Models

Most new OnlyFans managers and agencies recruit models to manage from the worst possible sources. They usually post ads on Craigslist, or hit up model after model on Instagram until they find one who’s interested (usually takes hundreds of DMs to find a single one who’s game).

These girls usually turn into nightmare models that don’t produce content reliably, go away for long periods of time, or quit not long after starting on OnlyFans due to unreasonable short-term expectations. You definitely want to avoid recruiting these models, if you can help it.

Recruiting models for OnlyFans on using the wrong sites/apps is the biggest mistake OnlyFans managers and agencies make. Working with the wrong kind of model could doom your business, if you’re not careful.

No, the high-quality models for OnlyFans are not found on social media sites or on CraigsList. They’re actually found on cam sites. Not just any cam site, though, two in particular that happen to have a large supply of models in the “Goldilocks Zone” that I alluded to above.  Keep reading to find out which two I recommend.

The main reason that smart OnlyFans agencies and managers do their model recruiting on cam sites is this; webcam models are “qualified” leads, which means they have proven that they can do online sex work. They actually interact with fans online, know how to arouse their fanbase, and know how to be consistent in their work.

Now, not all webcam models fit this classification. In fact, most don’t. If you go onto a cam site and just start randomly recruiting models, you will not like your results. You need to know how to identify the Goldilocks cam girls, which is what we’re diving into next.

First of all, what qualifies as a Goldilocks candidate? Well, the very first thing you need to look for is a webcam model who is a native English speaker. While you can certainly recruit models from non-English speaking countries, it will be more difficult to make money with them on OnlyFans.

The main reason for this is that, generally speaking, like attracts like in the adult business. English speakers are generally going to want to buy content and companionship from an English-speaking model.

And English-speakers are, by far, the biggest spenders on OnlyFans. The VAST majority of the money spent on fans platforms, and on cam sites, comes from people who live in English speaking countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.

Cam site members that spend money are overwhelmingly from countries like the US, the UK, and other English-speaking regions. You need models that appeal to those folks.

So, recruiting an OnlyFans model who is based in an English-speaking country and is fluent in English will put you in a position to make serious money on her OnlyFans account. On cam sites, most models ARE NOT from English-speaking countries, so you need to filter for those who are. The two cam sites I recommend, MyFreeCams and Chaturbate, both allow you to filter for region.

Once you narrow down your list of candidates to native English-speakers, you need to find attractive models that are somewhat established as webcam models (so you know they have put in the work and have proven their consistency), but who are not so big that gaining access to them will be next to impossible.

This can be done on the two cam sites I recommend using a simple tactic that I teach on my mailing list. Sign up for that here, it’s free.

When you identify the proper candidate, you will now have your chance to build a rapport with her and win her respect and trust. You can do this by hanging out in her room, contributing to the public chat (cam girls really appreciate this – they hate it when viewers don’t talk), and tipping towards show goals.

The best way to build a bond with a webcam model, however, is to chat to her in private messages. On cam sites, private messaging is when a viewer/member messages a model directly and has a private conversation with her that other people in her room cannot see. This is the most effective way to get close to a model, because it allows you to talk about common interests and share very personal opinions/thoughts.

You can also take the model into a “private show,” which is an extension of the private messaging concept. Instead of just chatting in private, you actually get to be the only one who is able to view her cam. So, basically, private shows give you her undivided attention, which can be extremely helpful if you want to build a bond with her.

Get some one-on-one time with your candidate model, if you can. Bond with her over common interests, talk about mutual fetishes, and show her you’re a decent person.

Be patient and don’t rush it, it will take a bit of time for any webcam model to warm to you. But if you go into her room regularly, talk, contribute to show goals, and are generally friendly and supportive in a consistent way, the model will come to see you as a valued “regular,” which confers a level of trust and respect far above a normal viewer.

That’s when you begin to talk shop. At that point, you can bring up the fact that you’re an OnlyFans manager, and you’re very interested in potentially working with her. If you’ve targeted the candidate model correctly, she will likely not yet have an OnlyFans manager (though she will likely already have an OnlyFans account, almost all established cam models do).

Your pitch to the model should focus on explaining just how much having a manager will boost her OnlyFans revenues. Make the point that nearly all of the big content creators on OnlyFans are using managers and have signed up with agencies. Talk about how much easier it will be for the model when she no longer has to worry about performing OnlyFans account tasks.

When a model realizes just how much having an OnlyFans manager can boost her income and lighten her workload, that’s when you can really get her attention. Start off by talking about that first.

Most models at the level you’ll be targeting are not proficient at promoting their OnlyFans, so odds are that the girl you’ll be pitching your management services to will not be aware that there are proven methods to blowup model social media accounts. These methods can dramatically increase OnlyFans subscriptions. (I teach these methods on my list.)

Your job will be to help her see all of these benefits, so that she can realize that working with you, even if it’s at the cost of a 30% to 50% revenue split, will lead to FAR more money for her down the line.

By the way, another reason that webcam models are great recruits for OnlyFans agencies is that most of their income is coming from camming, NOT from OnlyFans. So, for example, if they’re making $5k per month currently, they’re probably making about $4k of that on their cam site, and $1k from OnlyFans and other sources.

This means that the idea of giving you, the manager, a large cut of their OnlyFans revenue won’t be too off putting, given that it will result in only a small dip in their current monthly income. That’s actually a huge factor that can dramatically enhance your ability to make the deal.

WARNING: Be wary of recruits that have no experience in the online adult world. Craigslist, Instagram, and other social platforms can yield some quality candidates eventually, but you will have to wade through hundreds of bad options before getting to the kind of model you need.

If the model is high-quality, and you do your job as an OnlyFans manager correctly, you should be able to improve her OnlyFans revenues radically, and she’ll realize she made a wise decision partnering with you. She won’t be likely to up and take off because she will know that the meteoric rise in revenue was due to your efforts and skill.

For these reasons, among many others I don’t have space to mention here, recruiting OnlyFans models on cam sites is probably the most advanced and underused trick in this business. Only the smartest managers and agencies have been employing it, thus far.

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How To Create an OnlyFans Agency Website

One of the basic things you have to do upfront when starting an OnlyFans agency is to put up a sharp looking website for it. The purpose here will be to provide your model recruits and candidates a professional looking “storefront” that will reinforce the idea that you’re a serious businessperson who knows what you’re doing.

OnlyFans Agency Website

Entering a business partnership with someone requires a significant “leap of faith” that the person is competent and trustworthy. If you’re just someone on the internet with no site, you don’t have the ability to convey that image effectively. Despite your professionalism, you may come off as exploitative or shady. This is especially true in the adult industry.

Having a professional website for your OnlyFans agency is the best way to defuse any of those suspicions. People today are conditioned to interpret a sharp website as a symbol of seriousness, success, and professional competence. It’s really an immensely powerful marketing tool that any pro in just about any field should be using.

A good looking website is a powerful sales tool all its own. Don’t be scared off by price or technical complexity, there are ways around both those obstacles.

The problem with putting up a website, however, is that web designers are expensive as can be. Prices for a simple website can run anywhere between $2k and $5k. Well, there’s a way around paying these kinds of fees, thankfully, which allow you to get away with shelling out no more than $30 or so per month. Here’s how.

WARNING: Don’t make the mistake of going with a free webhosting provider for your agency website. Free sites can be deleted at any time, look less professional, and don’t tend to rank well in search results.


WordPress and Hosting

The key to creating a website with a professional look is using a CMS (content management system) that allows you to quickly and easily install “themes” on your site that you can customize freely. Think of these themes as pre-made websites that you can activate with the click of a button.

By using a free CMS like WordPress, you will have access to literally thousands of free themes to choose from when you create your site. WordPress is very easy to use, is SEO-friendly (more search engine traffic), and allows you to run your site entirely yourself, without having to pay a webmaster.

HostWinds is a popular web hosting provider that makes WordPress setup super easy. It’s quite affordable, reliable, and you can register your own domain name when you sign up. Check it out here.

Once you’ve got WordPress up and running, you can select the Appearance tab, then Themes, to go search through the many different designs available to install on your site. Choose one, then start to add some pages.

WordPress lets you choose from literally hundreds of different designs, or “themes,” for your site. You can easily select and install a theme with just a click.

For an OnlyFans agency website, you want to use a theme that looks like a business paid someone $5,000 to design it. Luckily, there are plenty of those in the WordPress theme catalog, so you won’t have any trouble finding the right match.

Once your OnlyFans agency has a website up, and you’re ready to show it off, make sure to link to it from your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media accounts you have set up for this project. These links will help with offsite SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Keep your agency website looking professional and “corporate,” and don’t publish any sexually explicit content there.

When you have entered the stage of active recruitment with the model candidates you’re cultivating, you will want to give them the link to your agency website, so they can check it out and see that you’re legit. Ideally, the site will layout your mission statement and give plenty of details about the services your agency will provide your models.

This “website reveal” is a critical step that will help you close the deal with the model you’re pursuing.

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Advanced OnlyFans Manager Tips

Before finishing up this guide on starting an OnlyFans agency, I want to hit on the topic of how to bring in those superfan “whales” I mentioned briefly above. Like I said, these big spenders can totally change the game for an OnlyFans model in terms of the money numbers she pulls, so you definitely want as many as you can reel in.

Throughout my many years promoting adult content on the internet, I began to realize that the models who did really well in the business were the ones who appealed to the right “demo” in the adult fan world. The kind of guys who didn’t just want to “get off,” but who wanted companionship and friendship more than anything else, and who met certain demographic criteria.

I noticed that these models could monetize these guys by simply talking to them, bringing them into their lives to a certain degree, and being there for them emotionally (all online, of course). These “superfans” were literally throwing so much money at these models, I could barely believe it.

Over time, I discovered exactly how to find these highly coveted fans, and how models can fine-tune their image and style to attract them naturally. Figuring this critical factor out is literally the key to taking an OnlyFans model into the 5 to 6 figures per month.

Figuring out how to attract the right kind of fan is critical. If you can lure the right demo, your models will see their revenues shoot through the roof.

These days, I’ve developed several advanced methods that can be used to locate and pull in big spending whales, but I don’t teach those publicly.

So, that’s the basic outline of what you need to do to start an OnlyFans agency and become an OnlyFans manager. Keep in mind that these methods and tactics can be used to promote and manage models on any fans platform, not just OnlyFans. They all work basically the same way.

That’s it for this introductory guide to creating an OnlyFans management agency and working as a manager. Don’t forget to subscribe to my free OnlyFans marketing email list, where I go into much greater depth on how to recruit models, attract big spenders, and conduct effective OnlyFans marketing on social media.

Did you know that you can put your models on webcam sites to lure in big spender “whales” for their OnlyFans while also collecting a percentage of their earnings on cam? Check out my Uber Fans Magnet course here for more info.

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