How To Start an OnlyFans


Starting an OnlyFans account and making great money with it requires a few key things.

  • Some content to add to your OnlyFans account.
  • A decent traffic source, so that you can feed new subscribers into your OnlyFans account.
  • An effective monetization strategy to generate revenues from your subscribers.

Before I go over each of these key pillars of OnlyFans moneymaking, you should sign up at OnlyFans here. This will get the ball rolling on your account approval, which can take a while (they need to verify your ID docs).

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How to start an OnlyFans

Start Your OnlyFans With Content In Place

Ok, so before you begin attempting to generate traffic, you need to produce and add some content to your OnlyFans, so that new subscribers will have something to consume when they join.

I advise content creators to produce at least a few dozen images, along with several videos before they begin promoting their accounts. There should be plenty of teasey type content, which you should post to your main timeline. Then, be sure to have some more explicit content reserved for PPV (Pay-Per-View) posts.

It will be extremely important to regularly post content to your OnlyFans after you start it. Consistent content posting is the single best way to keep subscribers renewing each month, and it also can stimulate them to spend more. Dead OnlyFans accounts don’t make much, you gotta keep the hot stuff coming.


Traffic For Your OnlyFans Account

This is where a lot of content creators fail, then give up. Don’t let this be you!! Getting people to subscribe to your OnlyFans is entirely dependent on your ability to generate traffic, without which there’s just no point to getting into this business.

The main problem that new OnlyFans creators encounter is that they don’t have huge social media accounts to feed subscribers into their OF. Without a significant amount of social media followers, getting your OnlyFans to produce good money is quite challenging.

If you’re completely new to the business and have no followers, your best bet is to leverage the massive traffic of cam sites to build up your OnlyFans subscribers. Check out my guide on how to do this here.


Monetize Your OnlyFans Subscribers

Starting an OnlyFans without a clear, effective monetization strategy is definitely not wise. There are some highly effective methods used by the top content creators on the platform, and you should be sure to acquaint yourself with them, so you can experiment and see what will work for you.

The one method that generally works well for everyone, though, is PPV (Pay-Per-View) posts. As I alluded to above, PPV content can be deadly effective, when used correctly. For more information about this, check out my $10,000 per month OnlyFans guide here.


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