How To Become a Stripper


ATTENTION: Becoming a stripper can be the route to fast, BIG money. Exotic dancers who know what they’re doing can make THOUSANDS of dollars per week. I’m going to reveal all the top methods pro strippers use to bring in MEGA BANK. (Look for my NINJA tip on DOUBLING your income!)

To this day, one of the fastest ways for an attractive young woman to make serious amounts of money quickly is to become a stripper. Exotic dancers can make fantastic amounts of money, and it usually doesn’t take long to get those sweet Benjis raining down on your bank. If you’ve got the looks, the moves, and can dance at the right strip club, you’ve got all you need to bring home some MAJOR bacon as a poledancer.

How to become a stripper or exotic dancer.

In this guide, I want to reach out to those young ladies out there who are considering exotic dancing as a serious profession, and teach the pro method of how to become a stripper that takes home the big money every night. This can be a very lucrative line of work, but you need to know what you’re doing. That’s why I’m going to lay it all out here so you can start killin’ it from the get-go.

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Basics of Becoming a Stripper at A Club

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to become an exotic dancer will be to select the clubs you’d like to dance at. This is a very important decision, because certain clubs draw an upscale clientele that tends to spend money freely, while other clubs draw a significantly poorer clientele that will only tip a dancer every blue moon. The best method to find the right clubs is to use the internet.

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Go on Google and search for strip clubs in your area. Most of them will be reviewed, so read through what people are saying and you’ll be able to easily determine which clubs are worth your time, and which just aren’t.

Club selection is highly important, since the clientele will determine how much money a stripper can make dancing. Focus on clubs that are in good areas, and that are reviewed well online.

Once you build a list of 3 or 4 candidate clubs, call them up and arrange an audition. They’ll generally want to see how you move on the pole, and so forth. It’s always a good idea to practice your dance routines before going in for the audition, of course. Don’t think you need to be some dance pro from the get-go, though. Clubs usually look more for grace and sexiness than perfect pole moves.

After you make it in, you’ll have to be prepared for what it’s like on the ground in these strip clubs, and one of the most important facts to get comfortable with about becoming a stripper is the system of “tipping out.” Waiters and waitresses already know all about this, but if you’ve never worked that job, it may seem strange (and even a bit infuriating) to you.

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As a stripper, you work for tips. Most likely, you literally won’t receive an hourly wage from your club – in fact, you’ll probably have to pay THEM a “house fee” for the right to perform there. That’s okay, though, because a stripper’s tips (and other income that I’m lumping into that category for convenience, like lap dances and VIP room visits) can be really, really good.

So good, in fact, and so far out of proportion with what anyone else in the club is earning, that those people might get just a wee bit jealous, especially when they know you wouldn’t be making any money at all without them.

I’m talking here about all the unsung heroes of the strip club, like the DJ, the bouncer, even the cashier at the door. None of the magic that enchants your customers happens without them, and they want their cut. That’s called “tipping out.”

Tipping out is an important custom at strip clubs, which all dancers need to consider. This is a good way to make allies within the club that can help you ultimately earn more money.

I don’t want to get too deep into this custom right now, except to let you know that it exists and you can’t ignore it (you need the club employees to be on your side). How much you tip out is up to you, but 20% of your net income divided among the various workers is considered more or less standard. Don’t insult them with less, don’t coddle them with more.

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As a stripper, your real job isn’t dancing, any more than a good bartender’s real job is serving drinks. In both cases, what you’re really trying to do is engage with the customers and get them to like you. Shaking the booty on stage is just a way to get their attention. When your set is over, and you come down and mingle with the club’s guests, the true trade of the stripper is plied. Smile at them, talk to them, flirt with them. Sell them the fantasy that they’re there for.

This is where your social skills will really be called upon. Typically, the patrons at a strip clubs are looking to flirt with pretty girls and connect with them on some personal level. If you can do that effectively with the guys at the club, you’ll be doing quite well financially, believe me.

Striking up a friendship with club patrons is the chief way to make serious money as a stripper. Guys who you have a bond with will spend much more money on you.

Making that personal connection is all about showing interest in the guy’s life. You should start off by asking some exploratory questions about their job, or their family life, or their taste in music. You’ll need to pull in some information about what kind of dude he is, and what he’s into. You’ll eventually find an area of common interest between the two of you — and THAT’s when the magic can start to happen.

Bonding over a common interest is a tried-and-true marketing tactic that has proven itself in just about every field it’s been employed in. It works REALLY well in the word of stripping too. Once this kind of bonding has occurred, you become much more than just an exotic dancer at a club — you become a genuinely interesting chick who’s worthy of spending some money on.

After all the flirting, and talking, and bonding, has produced a real connection, be prepared for the money to start flowing your way. Lap dances, big tips, VIP rooms — he’ll be just about ready to finance your entire freaking college education!


Doubling Your Income By Stripping Online

Now I’m going to share a secret “ninja” tip that the pro strippers use to make ridic amounts of money in their spare time. In fact, this little trick is so effective, and so easy, it can literally DOUBLE your monthly income when you do it correctly. Perhaps you’ve heard of “webcam modeling?”

The fact that charisma is so important to becoming a stripper is one of the major reasons that professional strippers do so well working online as cam girls (webcam models). It is, in many key ways, the same profession – except that cam girls don’t have to sit on their customers’ laps or even be anywhere near them. But as with stripping, the common thread here is charisma. It’s all about making that connection.

Like dancing in a club, webcam modeling relies on seduction and bonding to facilitate huge incomes. Strippers tend to make excellent cam girls, since they generally have mastered these skills.

Webcam modeling, contrary to popular belief, is not just about getting naked on a live internet stream and shaking the booty for online tips. It’s mostly about bonding with members and making close friends out of them, which then results in their supporting you with huge tips and frequent show purchases. They become “regulars,” which is a term used to describe a model’s fans who are devoted to her, and who will generally spend a TON on her.

Becoming an exotic dancer - Best tips.

So, camming is really just stripping over the internet, when you think about it. It’s well-known in the webcamming industry that professional exotic dancers generally earn more money than girls who do not have any experience stripping. The chief reason for this is that strippers know how to seduce and connect, which is the key to creating those big-spending regulars.

Cam girls who can move seductively to sexy music on webcam generally do extremely well, since seduction is so important in the camming business.

All told, stripping at home (camming) is a lot easier than going to the club. Which is really neat, because the money is at least as good, and eventually, it can be even better. But just like working as an exotic dancer, making good money as a webcam model requires you to know what you’re doing. The digital streets are littered with the metaphorical bodies of girls who tried to make it in camming, and failed.

And when you understand why that is, what really blows is knowing that they failed because they weren’t aware of just a few simple tactics that are essential for bringing home the cam bacon. To understand how to become a stripper online, you need to understand these tactics, which I will now go over.


Top Tactics For Stripping on Webcam

First, I should point out that not all cam sites are created equal. Some of them are just no good at all (too small, too under-promoted, not enough traffic), while others each have their pros and cons. Generally, though, I recommend Chaturbate for newcomers, because of it’s high traffic and wealth of useful features. Do yourself a favor and start there.

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Do NOT make the #1 rookie mistake among cam girls, though: Getting discouraged early on. You probably won’t make very much money in your first few days. That’s normal. The pitfall is in letting that lead you to think that there’s no money in camming, or that you just aren’t any good at it.

Trust me, there is a LOT of money in this industry, and getting it isn’t hard. But you need time to build up a loyal following of regulars who will visit your chat room and tip you often. It doesn’t all happen right away. But BE PATIENT, and the income will be more than worth it.

Webcam models can make a staggering amount of money. Press reports indicate that some top cam girls are making over $75,000 per MONTH.

Instead of getting sad and mopey over the low earnings in your early sessions, you should be spending that time planting the seeds of a strong fan base. That means camming every day, 7 days a week, for a least a couple of hours per day.

And while you’re generally free to set the schedule that works for you, keep it consistent. Members who like you today need to be able to find you again tomorrow – that’s how they become regulars. So, if you generally go on cam at around 6pm, then try to keep going on at that same time. That way, the same members who got into you before can easily find you again, and the bonding process can continue.

Members on cam sites tend to like to watch cams at the same time of day. So, if most of your fans found you in the evening, that’s when they’ll probably be online in the future. Make sure you’re on at that time so they don’t miss you!

Finally, be talkative! Remember, charisma is the card that wins this game. Talk to your audience in the chat room – but most importantly, flirt with them in “private messages.” One of the reasons Chaturbate is a good choice for cam girls is because it color-codes members (on your screen only, of course) based on whether they have tokens and even how recently they’ve purchased more.

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For you, blue and purple names mean that person has money to spend, so approach those viewers and be super friendly. Often, a warm PM (private message) to a member with tokens can be the difference between getting a tip and not. You can actually use private messaging to create that precious connection we talked about before.

For example, most members won’t be comfortable talking about their various kinks and fetishes in public chat, but they’ll definitely share that aspect of their life with you in private messages. This is an opportunity for you to spark a real friendship with a tipping member, so take advantage of that! It’s how regulars are born!

The bottom line here is that all strippers should be taking advantage of webcam modeling to boost their monthly incomes. It’s a relatively easy way to use the skills you learn in the club to make A LOT of money quickly. Don’t leave money on the table…get on cam and get that bread!

If you haven’t yet, signup at Chaturbate now so you can start making money online pronto.

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