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ATTENTION: Looking for quality adult sponsors in the online porn sector that will pay on time and not cheat you out of your hard-earned money? Good, because I’m going to list the 3 best affiliate programs on the freaky side of the internet.

When you’re out there trying to make money from porn and adult content, you really need to use high-quality affiliate sponsors — or you may end up being a very sad pervy panda. I’ve got two decades of experience as an adult webmaster and affiliate marketer, so I’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to sponsors in the adult niches. Some are good, some are horrible, and some will give you persistent boners due to the high conversions they produce.

Best Adult Affiliate Programs and Porn Sponsors

The first thing I tend to look for in an adult affiliate program is length of time in business. If they haven’t been around for more than a year, I typically pass. The reason for this is that you need to know if they’re a serious business that’s going to be in it for the long-haul. I also like to see that they’ve got a good record of paying their affiliates on time, which can be an issue with smaller programs.

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Mostly though, I look for high-quality front-end sites that look like somebody put a lot of love into them. That way, I know that my traffic is going to get what it’s looking for, my referrals will get their money’s worth, and I will consistently make good money promoting all that sweet, funky content.

So, here is my toplist of the best adult affiliate programs and porn sponsors. These are in no particular order — they all kick ass, but mostly in different departments. I’ll make note of where each of them shines, so you can determine which one is right for your needs.


This is one of the biggest adult affiliate programs in existence, and it’s a general basket of high-conversion goodness. Crak is based out of Montreal, and their corporate logo is a big, green whale. The whale represents the kind of affiliate they love to do business with — a freaking Orca that can send tons of traffic to their offers.

And given that their affiliate offers are some of the best in the adult industry, it’s no surprise that just about every whale marketer out there promoting porn or dating is using them.

Whether you want to promote cam sites, porn paysites, dating guides, dating sites, or even erectile dysfunction supplements, Crak is your boy. They even have some very innovative widgets and surveys that have proven to boost conversions on stubborn traffic.

Their affiliate backend is one of the most advanced I’ve ever seen, and it allows you to make your own customized affiliate links and tracking codes effortlessly.

CrakRevenue pays out every two weeks, though there is a 30-day hold on money you make in a given period. This means that, after a period is over, you have to wait 30 days to receive the amount you made in that pay period.


This is an anti-fraud measure that is extremely justifiable and understandable, though it can be a bit frustrating to have to wait so long for your cheddar. But as far as payment timeliness goes, there’s no better adult sponsor — Crak pays on time, every time.

To give you an idea of how many different sponsor sites and products you can promote as a CrakRevenue affiliate, let me just list a few of the best off the top of my head: Cam4, CamSoda, MyFreeCams, SnapSext, LiveJasmin, The Porn Survey, Blue Chew, Slut Roulette, Ashley Madison, BeNaughty, CashDating, DaGFs, Jerkmate, FapChat, Exposed Webcams, FleshLight, and yes, even “Game of Moans.”

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This is probably the largest cam site on the internet right now, and it’s where a HUGE amount of money gets spent on a monthly basis. Have you ever heard of “whale” tippers?

These are guys who spend 10’s of thousands of dollars per month on cam site tokens, then tip massive amounts to various webcam models they choose to support. Models have reported getting tipped over 200,000 tokens in one shot on Chaturbate, so this is completely insane.

Now, just imagine if YOU were to refer one of these whales…it just might make your decade, because the Chaturbate affiliate program pays 20% of all referred member spending for the LIFETIME of the account. Yeah, that means that if your whale spends $5,000 per month on tokens every month until he drops, you would get paid $1,000 every single one of those months! Now THAT’s what I call passive income!

This cam site caters to every taste and sexual fetish, by the way, so you’ll have plenty of angles when it comes to promotion. Solo girls, Couples, Trans, Gay, you name it. There are lots of femdom and foot fetish models on the site, which are super hot niches right now in adult.

Also, not many people realize this, but Chaturbate actually sells a TON of porn video clips, since it allows its cam models to sell their video content right from their profile pages. There are so many ways you can promote this site, it’s absurd. If you’ve got porn blogs, tubes, or any kind of adult traffic, you need to push this.

Chaturbate is where serious money gets made by adult affiliates, and their reputation for paying on time is as good as it gets. If you’re not yet an affiliate, signup for your account today, you won’t regret it.

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PaperStreet Cash

Okay, this is the adult affiliate program you’re going to need if you want to promote quality XXX paysites, which is a great way to monetize porn blogs. This is probably the best porn site sponsor since the days when BangBros was riding high.

PaperStreet is the affiliate program for the “Team Skeet” brand, which you may have heard of. They generally produce a lot of teen and fetish content, and the quality is always top-notch with these folks.

As you may know, I teach that building fetish blogs is the best way for a new adult webmaster or marketer to get started selling porn on the internet. Low startup costs, no equipment needs, and the ability to do it without needing access to any porn actresses or amateur performers means it’s super easy for just about anyone to tackle.

Well, when you’re doing fetish porn blogs, you need good porn paysites to refer traffic to. PaperStreet Cash has you covered there.

I can’t even count how many different sites they have, and how many different fetishes they cover, but it’s quite a bit. You’re likely to find just the right site to promote to your niche traffic, and this program pays very well.

They have a $40 pay-per-signup option, as well as a revenue sharing option. They pay on time, and the company is quite reliable, as it’s been in business since like 2003. You can’t lose with these folks.

Signup as an Affiliate with PaperStreet Cash Here…

Adult Affiliate Marketing Is Not Dead By A Long Shot

Finally, let me just say that a LOT of adult webmasters have been down-in-the-dumps, in recent years, bemoaning the death of the porn affiliate industry. Yes, it’s true that the game has changed, but savvy marketers who know what they’re doing can still make a TON of money in this business.

The key thing to remember is that people are, and have always been, horny mufuckas. Man’s insatiable interest in sex and sexual imagery is never going to disappear, so making money off porn and adult sites will always be a thing. You just need to know how exactly to get at the traffic, and how to monetize it properly once you’ve got it.

For that, you should take a look at my guide to making money from porn here and learn the latest methods people are using to make bank. Also, check out my OnlyFans Management Agency guide here to learn how to make six figure per month as an OnlyFans manager.

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