Why Foot Fetish is EXPLODING on MFC


If you’re into girls with pretty feet, prepare yourself to learn about the site where seriously naughty foot fetish activities are exploding and inducing boners in foot lovers all over the globe. I’m talking about MyFreeCams (or MFC for short). You may have heard about this cam site, but I guarantee you haven’t heard about what’s been going on there regarding feet and the fetishes surrounding them. Let me explain…

ATTENTION, PEOPLE: MyFreeCams has become ground zero for the foot fetish explosion on the internet, and I’m here to explain exactly what you need to know about the sexy feet involved.

Ok, so back in 2019, a cute young Youtuber girl by the name of “EllBat” posted a video that few would have suspected was going to blow through the roof in views and go every bit as viral as “The Rona.” It was about selling pictures of her feet to foot fetishists on the internet. Doesn’t sound like a hot topic, does it?

EllBat's Selling Pictures of Your Feet Video

Well, as of today, the video has more than 1.8 MILLION views, and it’s still going. Apparently, there are A LOT of girls out there with pretty feet who want to learn exactly how to make money selling pictures of those lovely appendages.

The viral explosion of this foot pics video produced a tidal wave of hot girls entering the foot fetish content market, trying their hand at making some big bucks with their feet on the internet. While a lot of them tried selling the content on sites like OnlyFans, many of the them figured out that the best place to promote foot content is actually MyFreeCams.

Why MFC? Because MyFreeCams was designed to be a very unique cam site where members and models could form a bond, and therefore become close in ways that are not possible on competitor sites. MFC is a very “social” cam site, and models generally feel that it’s much easier to build genuine relationships with their clients there.

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Genuine relationships are what make big sales of fetish content possible, because guys tend to want to know and like the model they’re buying from — so it makes sense that foot content does so well on that platform.

Well, so many ridiculously hot foot fetish models started camming on the site that, before long, MyFreeCams turned into a major, MAJOR center of foot depravity and debauchery. The kind of stuff that happens there will totally blow you away!

Look, I can’t describe exactly what goes on, because I try to keep this blog somewhat kosher (believe it or not), so you should just get an account at MFC to see for yourself. It’s absolutely free, and you won’t regret spending the 2 minutes it takes, trust me.

After you create your account, search for “feet” and “foot fetish” in the search bar at the top of the main page. This will bring up a list of models who cater to the kink we’ve been discussing. Find a model you like, and be sure to TALK TO HER, they love the interaction.

Trust me, guys…if you like feet, you NEED to check out MyFreeCams!

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