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It’s the most soul-draining experience possible on the internet. You’ve got tens of thousands of followers on your Instagram or TikTok, into which you’ve invested months of hard work, but then you get the dreaded notice — Your account has been DELETED.

Deleted, as in, gone forever, unrecoverable, annihilated, zapped, pinched, sacked, womped, poofed, or to use the biblical terminology, ZOTTED. To quote Arnold…”You are TERMINATED.”

OnlyFans adult email marketing

If you’ve ever gone through this unpleasantness, you know well the terrible feelings it produces. Dejection, despair, a feeling of “what is the F’ing point anymore?” Losing your legion of fans and followers is absolutely crushing, and it makes you wonder whether it’s even worth it to try to build up another account, when it can so easily be wiped from existence in an instant by some prudish reviewer at a social media giant.

Look, I’m going to level with you. Promoting OnlyFans, or anything adulty, on Instagram or TikTok is a dangerous and risky proposition. Direct linking to your OF will get you deleted for sure, but a lot of people don’t realize that you can get zapped even if you link out to a linkhub (like LinkTree) that links to your OF page.

Adult model accounts get flagged all the time on these platforms, and some get reviewed manually by a terms compliance agent. When a manual review is triggered, and the agent sees that your linkhub is linking to your OnlyFans, guess what happens?  [Cue Terminator music.]


The Power of Adult Email Marketing

You need an email mailing list, or an “email club,” as I like to call them. When you link to your own email club from your social media accounts, you’re putting up a wall between IG/TikTok reviewers and your OnlyFans promotions. Fans land on your sign up page and have to enter their email address to get onto your mailing list.

It’s only AFTER they sign up that your OnlyFans is even mentioned. New subscribers to the list will automatically be sent a pre-written welcome email that will include links to your OF, and any other adult offer you want to promote. Reviewers generally do not get this far. They simply want to know that you’re not linking directly to anything porn related.

Automated email marketing campaigns are sent out by your email service provider, or CRM (like, which is adult-friendly).

As long as you keep your email club sign up page clean and SFW (this page is also called a “Squeeze Page,” or “Opt-In Page”), you’ll pass review. Plenty of mainstream models and influencers link to their squeeze pages, it’s very standard in the world of mainstream digital marketing.

Owning Your Audience of Fans

Not only does having an email club allow you to more safely promote your OnlyFans on social media, but it actually allows you to OWN your follower list. You see, your followers on social media are not actually yours, they are “on loan” to you by the platform. If you step out of line just once, they can be taken away instantly. Email clubs solve that problem.

So, that horrible sinking feeling after getting deleted? Not gonna happen with an email club.

When your followers subscribe to your email list, their email addresses go into a database that belongs to YOU, not to any platform. This means that you can use that list of emails for as long as you want, and it can never be taken away from you. This is HUGE, especially in the adult marketing realm.

Not only that, but you can market to your email list as aggressively as you want, sell them whatever you want, and do it as often as you want. There are only some very basic FTC rules you have to follow, but beyond that, it’s up to you what you do with your list.

This can be a total GAME-CHANGER when promoting OnlyFans, or any other adult offer (video clip stores, cam shows, sexting, panties, etc). No more account deletions, follower wipeouts, or restrictions on how hard you can sell to your audience! Adult email marketing grants you a level of freedom that blows the mind.


My Email Club Service

My team and I can set up your email club the right way, making sure that your email deliverability will be excellent and your squeeze page will be social media safe. We will also set up any needed automation rules in your account, which can be a bit confusing for people new to email marketing.

Adult Email Marketing - Email Club Set Up Service

Starter Service: $499

  • Full account set up at, an adult-friendly CRM/email service provider.
  • Professionally designed squeeze page that is social media compliant and optimized for conversions.
  • Sender domain registration and authentication, to ensure excellent email deliverability.
  • One professionally written welcome email that will include links to your OF and adult offers. This email will automatically be sent out to new club subscribers.
  • A .club vanity domain that will be set up to forward traffic to your squeeze page, for easy promotion and watermarking.
  • Plus, we include an easy-to-understand guide on how to create and send “newsletter” emails on, so that you can easily blast promotions to your fans at will via email.
  • Please note that charges a monthly fee for its service, which is currently $27 per month. This is in addition to our set up fee.
  • TEMPORARY DISCOUNT CODE: Use code “TEMP349” for $150 OFF the $499 Starter Service fee. Expires SOON!


If you’d like us to manage your entire adult email marketing operation, you might prefer our Complete Service, which includes a 5-email welcome series campaign and ongoing monthly promotion campaign.

Buttler Camlord's adult email marketing setup service

Complete Service: $799 Set up, $599 Monthly

  • Everything from Starter Service included.
  • 5 professionally written welcome series emails. These emails will be sent out to new subscribers, every other day in sequence. The content will be designed to warm up subscribers to spend money and subscribe to your OnlyFans.
  • 10 professionally written promotional “newsletter” emails per month. We will craft high-converting sales copy to promote all of your offers on an ongoing basis.
  • Monthly database backups to ensure that your list email addresses are preserved.
  • monthly fee applies.
  • TEMPORARY DISCOUNT CODE: Use code “TEMP599” for $200 OFF the $799 Complete Service set up fee. Expires SOON!

Check out this email club we did for well-known content creator and influencer SmartyKat314:

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