How To Make Money on Pornhub


ATTENTION: Believe it or not, a LOT of amateur porn content creators are making HUGE money on Pornhub and other porn tubes. The time has come to reveal exactly how they’re doing it, so prepare to learn how to MAKE BANK on Pornhub!

Making Money on PornHub - Content Partner Program Tips
I know it can be hard to imagine in this day and age, but you used to have to pay for porn. No, seriously. In fact, once upon a time, in the arid days before PornHub and XVideos, it was only available in seedy stores and run-down movie theaters. Guys who wanted it (which was still all of them) desperately tried to avoid being seen going in or out of these establishments, and it was a depressingly “hush hush” activity.

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Every once in a while, a prominent person would lose his career for getting “caught” doing something that everyone was doing anyway. Going down to the local “XXX” theater was a decidedly risky endeavor, and one wonders how a dude could even get stiff, given all the anxiety that must have been troubling his erection. Whole lotta bother just to whack off.


History of Making Money in Porn

Of course, I assume you already knew all of that, even if you’re lucky enough to have been born after it happened. I bring it up to help underscore just how immense was the seismic shift that the internet brought about in the porn industry.

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There were definitely ups and downs – at first, the traditional producers actually benefited from their customers having the ability to order porn online without having to work up the nerve to deal with those embarrassing stores. But then the porn tubes (Pornhub, Xvideos, Xhamster) started showing up and giving the stuff away for free, and the bottom fell out of the market.

The long, free porn videos that started popping up on porn tubes started to draw millions of viewers, who then concluded that paying for porn was insane. Unsurprisingly, the porn paysite and video rental industries took a nosedive.

Now, being the single best repository on the internet for adult content – especially nice, long videos – at no cost meant all those horny guys who used to shell out for this stuff were crowding onto the tubes instead. Sure, they weren’t coughing up cash anymore, but they were giving these sites traffic. Lots and lots of traffic.

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There were so many of them, spending so much time on the tubes (longer time spent causes a site to be considered “useful” by search engines), that those pages quickly shot to the very top of any Google porn search. That just made them bigger still, until they were truly immense. Today, the tubes are THE go-to spot online for jerk material. No one’s paying for it, but that is a LOT of traffic. There’s got to be a way to make money there…right?

Porn tubes like PornHub are consistently ranked in the Top 20 highest trafficked sites in the world.

Of course there is, and it’s simply by showing ads. You want to watch some porn, you have to get through a brief commercial first, or maybe just look at some banners on the side of the screen. Things like this have a terrible click-through rate, but with so much traffic, there’s still a ton of money to be made.

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Now that’s great for the tubes, but I wouldn’t be yammering at you guys if there weren’t also a way for internet marketers and adult content creators to cash in here. So, to use one of the most popular tubes as our example of the day, let’s consider the question of how to make money on Pornhub.


Making Big Money on Pornhub

Again, in this business, the cash comes from advertisements, so we’re going for a slice of that pie. Luckily, Pornhub makes getting it relatively easy. See, traffic comes to their site (thus drawing advertisers) because there’s content there that people desire. That means that Pornhub is extremely interested in keeping that content flowing in, preferably fresh material on a steady basis.

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In fact, they NEED new content so badly that they’re willing to pay for it, by sharing the ad revenue that it generates. This is the Content Partner Program, and it’s the essence of making money on Pornhub. We’re not talking about peanuts, either: Some of Pornhub’s top content providers are making upwards of $50,000 per month, just by taking a share of their videos’ ad money. This is real cash, guys; let’s see how we can get some.

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First, obviously, we need to make some porn. This does require an investment, but it’s neither as costly nor as difficult as you’re probably imagining. Finding adult performers is pretty simple; we can literally ask college students until we find some takers, or simply search online (CraigsList, SexyJobs). Make sure they can provide documentation proving that they’re of age, as that’s really important.

You shouldn’t have to spend more than a couple hundred to a few hundred dollars per female model, and less for males. Anyone who demands more doesn’t know the market, and you should move on. As for equipment, you may very well not have to invest anything if you already have an iPhone or similar device.

Due to the implosion of the paid-porn industry, per-scene talent prices have come down considerably from the heydays. Shooting your own porn content could be a lot cheaper than you think.

Yes, that really is sufficient. Modern smartphones have excellent cameras that are just shy of professional quality, which will give the videos a high-end “amateur” feel that viewers prefer anyway.

Now, don’t shoot any vanilla “boy meets girl” scenes. They’re everywhere, so making money on Pornhub is nearly impossible with that kind of bland material. You need to pick some sort of niche fetish, and target that audience.

Generally speaking, the edgier our content, the better (due to less competition and an under-served market), but you have to be careful not to go too far. Know the laws regarding pornography in your country and local area, and be sure not to produce anything that could be considered “obscene” or otherwise illegal.

Also, make use of ModelHub, where your performers can sell clips directly to their fans.


Using Social Media To Boost PornHub Income

Of course, once we’ve got our content being produced, marketing becomes an essential part of how to make money on Pornhub. The most important step we can take here is to set up a dedicated Twitter account for this purpose.

On top of tweeting from this account on the topic of porn, we’re going to find and follow as many cam girls, porn stars, and fellow content producers as we can find. Network, and make friends with all of these people; the connections in the industry will be useful, and we’ll be getting our name out there and drawing attention to our material on Pornhub.

Twitter is currently considered the most adult-industry-friendly social media platform, so all the major (and not-so-major) producers and performers tend to be active there. You should be too.

To round out our social media presence, we’ll also want a Snapchat account. We can use this ourselves, but it’s probably better to give it to one of our most attractive female performer(s). Have her keep it active with PG-rated but titillating posts to entice her fans. Naturally, this account will promote your Pornhub channel, increasing your exposure.

Also, whenever you post a new video to that page, it too will be linked on Snapchat. This gets it “seed views” that can impress Pornhub’s algorithm and lead to better rankings, which can potentially help it go viral. I’m sure I don’t have to explain that viral videos equal BIG, BIG bucks, my friends.

Like on YouTube, new videos on PornHub will typically need some initial “seed views” to get a jumpstart in the rankings. If the watch metrics are good, the PornHub algo will promote the video, and it could go viral.

Finally, we promote the Snapchat account. The best way to do this is to have our girl sign up as a cam model on Chaturbate. All she has to do is regularly mention and link to the Snapchat page in her public cam room, and her viewers will eat it up because cam site members absolutely love anything that’s free. That means a TON of attention for our Snapchat account, which leads to eyeballs on our content.

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Of course, broadcasting on Chaturbate is a good way for the model to make some amazing money for herself as she’s benefiting the overall business, so we all win. I’ve written elsewhere about how to cam successfully (it’s pretty easy), but for now I’ll just mention that she’ll need to broadcast consistently for at least a couple of hours a day when she’s new, to build up regulars.

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So as you can see, making money on Pornhub takes a little bit of finesse. But it doesn’t demand a great deal of monetary investment, and it can ultimately be a lot of fun. Considering the potential rewards, it could definitely be worth the effort!

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