How To Promote OnlyFans on Instagram


Instagram WILL BAN YOUR ASS if you promote OnlyFans on it the wrong way…and there’s a massive graveyard of deleted IG accounts out there to prove it.

NO, you can’t direct-link to your OnlyFans account in your IG bio or stories, NO you can’t use a redirect domain to bypass Instagram’s OnlyFans police, and NO you actually can’t use LinkTree, AllMyLinks, or Beacons pages in your bio to safely get people to your OnlyFans. If you’re doing ANY of these things, your Instagram account may be on the verge of getting whacked at any moment.

ATTENTION, PEOPLE: Many models and adult creators have been misled to believe they can safely promote their OnlyFans on Instagram without using the PROVEN METHOD I’m about to discuss here. Don’t be one of these people — that is, if you like having an Instagram that isn’t bound for the digital chop-shop.

Thankfully, there IS a reliable method that has proven to be safe for promoting OnlyFans on Instagram without getting banned, and it’s being used by some of the top models out there. If you’re smart, you’ll use it too and avoid the pitfalls that come with trying some of the unwise practices I mentioned above. What is this method, you ask? Well, step into my office.

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Why Instagram Hates OnlyFans Promotion

Ok, so we first need to understand exactly why Instagram has such a Daenerys Targaryen “scorch first, ask questions later” policy towards accounts that promote OnlyFans, in order to see why the method I teach below works so well. First of all, you need to know that Instagram is owned by Facebook, which positions itself as a “family-friendly” social media platform that anyone should be able to use without getting offended in the least.

How to promote OnlyFans on Instagram

Now, of course, that’s a total crock of donkey poopers because, in actuality, Facebook tends to be a sewer of political shit-slinging, fake news, and obnoxious commentaries galore. But, whatever, they like their family-friendly image, and they think it’s good for business. As you might imagine, they want Instagram to fit that image, as well, so they tend to crack down on adult content of any kind posted there quite readily.

A gigaton of adult models have lost their Instagram accounts due to not knowing the exact Instagram rules regarding unacceptable content. Promoting OnlyFans the wrong way is now also a major cause of account bans.

Tons and tons of adult content creators and models can attest to the fact that keeping any kind of adult-themed IG account out of the banned bin can be quite an effort. Now, usually, accounts get pulled due to technical violations by the poster — for example, a model might post too many twerking videos, or shots of her bikini-clad camel-toe, or something like that. Sexy, but non-explicit, images and videos are usually fine.

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Given the fact that Instagram is a MASSIVE traffic platform, it’s way worth trying because, if you do it right, you can use IG to promote your offers and make a freaking crapload of money.


How NOT To Promote OnlyFans on Instagram

Probably more important than knowing the proper way to promote OnlyFans on IG is knowing how NOT to do it. Too many models and creators are getting into trouble with these tactics, so we need to discuss.

Direct Linking To OnlyFans Accounts

A disturbing number of OnlyFans models and creators have lost their accounts on IG due to unwitting guidelines violations, and linking directly to an OnlyFans page is the main reason. You can’t link directly to OnlyFans, either from your bio or from “swipe ups” on your stories, because OnlyFans is generally considered to be an “adult site” by Instagram, even though that’s not quite accurate.

OnlyFans is a content creator social media platform that does host a lot of adult creators, but also mainstream creators like artists and Youtubers, as well. But no matter, the IG people don’t give a shit. OnlyFans is radioactive on Instagram.

Redirect or Forwarding Domains

Likewise, you can’t safely use a “redirect domain” or “forwarding domain” to link to OnlyFans either. A redirect domain is a vanity domain that you register (something like “”) and then set to forward straight to your OnlyFans page when people enter it into a browser URL field. So, somebody types into their browser, and they get sent straight to the OnlyFans page.

If a link takes someone straight to your OnlyFans page, that’s a big ass no-no on Instagram. Fix that shit before your account goes poof.

These domains are really cool for branding purposes, and they make it really easy for people to remember how to get to your OnlyFans without bookmarking, so a lot of models use them. However, they DO NOT solve the Instagram promotion problem. If you link to OF using this method, you WILL get pinched eventually.

LinkHubs (LinkTree, AllMyLinks, Beacons, etc)

The third method that has become very popular is using a “linkhub” page (like LinkTree, AllMyLinks, or Beacons). You basically create a linkhub page on one of these sites and list your OnlyFans URL on it, then link to the linkhub from your Instagram bio, hoping that fans will find their way to your OnlyFans.

The problem with this method is that any Instagram reviewer who examines your account can easily see that you’re promoting OnlyFans on that linkhub, and they won’t like it. This only erects a one-page buffer between your IG and your OnlyFans, and the IG people are not stupid. They don’t want you promoting adult OnlyFans accounts on their platform…period.

Linkhubs only provide the illusion of a safe OnlyFans promo method. The fact is, IG reviewers who examine your account will not be pleased if they catch you doing this.

The other problem with linkhubs (and experienced internet marketers like myself know this issue well) is that when you use any kind of buffer page, you will lose a good deal of traffic as people try to find their way to the intended destination. Yes, even when it’s a single page of links.

The main reason for this is that people are remarkably fickle-minded when they use the internet. If you introduce even one additional step, some people will lose focus and decide to go somewhere else. Yep, seen this a million times in my own experiments. You need to send them straight to where you want them, if you don’t want to lose 20% to 30% of the people who clicked the link.


Promoting OnlyFans on Instagram Safely – Email Marketing

By far the best and safest method to promote OnlyFans on IG, and any other adult-hostile platform, without getting banned is through email list marketing. This is the method that pro models are using, and it just works. The reason it works is simple — you’re not sending your Instagram fans to OnlyFans or any hub page that links to OnlyFans. Instead, you’re sending them to a page that COLLECTS THEIR EMAILS.

Use email opt-in pages on Instagram to avoid getting banned

Once you’ve got a fan’s email address on your mailing list, you can send them an email straight to their inbox ANY TIME YOU WISH. That means that you not only can market your OnlyFans to these fans, but you can also market any of your other offers as well!

Video clips, cam shows, dirty panties, you name it. Whatever you’ve got to offer your fans and followers, you can easily and quickly sell it on your mailing list of email addresses without any obnoxious social media rules getting in the way. And this audience CANNOT be taken away from you! You own it, unlike on social media platforms.

On social media, your fan audience is on loan to you. It belongs to the platform, and you can access it as long as that platform allows you to. The minute they don’t like you anymore, your audience is gone in a flash, just like that.

Having a large Instagram following is awesome but, let’s face it, that fan audience could be gone quicker than a fart in a hurricane if your account gets pinched. If you get those people on your mailing list, however, they now become truly YOURS. You can email them regularly and talk to them according to your own rules, not Instagram’s.

So, why is this the safest method? IG reviewers are not going to sign up to your email list and wait to receive your entire initial email sequence, just so that they can then go through all of them looking for promo links to your OnlyFans. They will simply check your opt-in page and, as long as it does not contain nudity or overt OnlyFans promo, they will leave you alone.

Email opt-in pages are simply revolutionary, and it’s no wonder that some of the top OnlyFans models are using them to promote their accounts. This is how the pros do OnlyFans promotion on sensitive social media platforms like Instagram. This is really the ONLY safe way to do it that doesn’t jeopardize the hard-earned following that took you so long to attract.

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How To Set Up An Email List For Instagram

The correct way to set this up is to register a domain and set up an “opt-in form” on your page that collects emails. You then link the domain in your Instagram bio and push it on your stories, to get as many fans there as possible. They then subscribe and the magic starts to happen.

Once subscribed to your email list, you can then send them a series of automated emails designed to welcome them and warm them up for future sales. These emails are pre-written and get sent automatically through your Email Service Provider. So, don’t think you’re gonna have to sit there and send everyone an individual email…ughh, that would suck some ballsacks, would it not?

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Some of these emails should contain special offers to incentivize subscribing to your OnlyFans page. You might offer them 50% off the first month, or maybe a free trial, or something like that. Some of the emails should just be “warming” emails designed to make your subscribers feel at home and closer to you.

When someone subscribes to your email list, they’re sent a series of emails automatically. These emails should be a combination of “warming” emails and sales emails. You can promote OnlyFans, videos clips, cam shows, and so forth in the sales emails.

The more of these emails they receive from you, the more likely they will be to subscribe to your OnlyFans and spend money. It’s a process called “Relationship Marketing,” and it’s extremely powerful. Email, especially, is a great medium for this type of selling because it allows you to reach fans in their inboxes, which is like a “digital den” for most people. It’s more intimate. Way better than using Instagram.

After days and weeks of receiving emails from you, your list subscribers will be “warmed up” and ready to buy content, subscribe to your OnlyFans, tip during cam shows, and so on. This really works wonders, trust me, and it’s the reason so many top models employ the method on Instagram.

What You’ll Need

To get an email list opt-in site up and running, you’ll need a few things.

  • A domain (for example “”)
  • An email service provider (to collect email addresses and send out your emails). is a great adult-friendly option.

All of the above resources can be had for less then $50 total, so it’s not a huge investment. However, setting up the opt-in site/page, configuring the domain, and installing/managing the email opt-in form and service can be a bit technical and overwhelming for most creators.

If you need help with any of this, I can set all of this up for you with a quick turnaround time. Contact me and I’ll give you a price estimate for the job. Just send me an email here:

Please include the following info:

  • Link to your Instagram page(s).
  • Link to your OnlyFans page(s).
  • Links to any other social media accounts you use to promote OnlyFans.

I’ll get back to you pronto and let you know what I can do for you!

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