How To Start a Webcam Studio


ATTENTION: Everybody knows that webcam models can make bank, but did you know that you can actually run a business where you essentially manage a bunch of cam models that brings home the MEGA BACON too?

I’m going to reveal the truth about starting a webcam studio business, and I suspect you’ll be very interested to learn what I’ve got to tell you.

Starting a Webcam Studio Business
In business, offering a well-desired product that isn’t readily available through others is a huge boon; in fact, given good conditions, it can be the birth of an industry. That’s one of the reasons that webcamming can be so immensely lucrative.

Now, I get it – on the surface, this sounds like a crazy thing to say. If there’s one thing the internet has got, it’s naked people doing it all, and usually for free. If that, at heart, is what’s on offer at a cam site, why should consumers even bother visiting those places in particular, let alone put down money for them?

That question has a couple of answers, which will lead us to the potential wisdom of starting a webcam studio. But first, let’s be sure we understand this business.

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Why a Webcam Studio?

The chance to see some female flesh isn’t all that’s available at a site like Chaturbate or MyFreeCams. In fact, it’s not even the principal product; if anything, it’s a mere enticement, typically put out there without cost (the only way to compete with Free) just to get people in the door to see the actual goods.

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Because what’s really being sold at the cam sites is a way to accomplish a dear goal online with which many men struggle in the real world: Building a personal connection with women.

As it turns out, guys can be a more sentimental lot than they’re generally given credit for, and they don’t just return to watch their favorite cam girls over and over again without having an emotional response.

They begin to care about that girl, and to develop an interest in getting to know her and maybe even forming a friendship with her. In most cases, doing this is so important to them that they are willing to pay – by tipping her and buying her content – in order to get her attention. This, more than any online peep show, is the soul of the camming industry.

Contrary to popular belief, webcam modeling is not primarily about flashing tits and ass. It’s about relationships that form between people who meet online, where members support models the way friends would.

It also helps that personal interactions with cam girls can’t be pirated. Even if you somehow manage to get someone to pay for an old-fashioned porn clip (which isn’t impossible), there’s nothing stopping someone from turning around and reposting it on a tube site for free.

But while cam site members certainly treasure the performances of their favorite models, these have no value to most other men in the world – except as yet more basic porn in an ocean of the stuff. That’s why there’s such a killing being made by many cam models.

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Owning a webcam studio allows you to get a piece of the enormous profits being generated in this booming industry.

Now, there are certainly other ways you could go. You could set up your own cam site and have your models stream there, which opens you up to potentially more revenue, since you won’t be sharing any with a separate cam network. For those interested in this option, I recommend xCams by which allows you to set up your own operation as easy as it can be done.


Starting a Webcam Studio Business – The Basics

So, let’s get into the nitty gritty of how operating this kind of enterprise actually works. Let’s talk about how to start a webcam studio business.

This is really just a special kind of account you set up on a cam site, in contrast to a broadcaster (cam girl) or regular member account. Women (or men, or trans folks) who agree to work with you will perform under this account, into which her earnings will be deposited, and eventually paid to her as a percentage of the total. If it sounds complex, it isn’t. The money’s chain of custody looks like this:

1) A cam site member spends, let’s say, $100 on tokens for that site.

2) The cam site immediately takes about half of that amount (exact percentages vary) by diluting the value of the tokens. So those tokens are now worth $50.

3) The member tips our girl (who is working under our webcam studio account) all of the tokens he purchased; $50 is deposited into our account.

4) Each pay period, we share this money with the cam model according to our studio’s policy and terms. This also varies, but the industry standard is about 70%. So in this example, our girl receives $35, while we get $15.

Starting a webcam studio means being prepared to earn that $15, by generating value for the cam model (thus giving her a reason to work with us). We can do this by offering one of two essential services: Physical webcam studios, or virtual webcam studios.

A physical webcam studio, as you might suspect, is a real-world location that you offer to your models specifically for them to do their work. We can design and equip our studio however we like, of course, but typically, we’ll want to offer a few basics: Private rooms (as many as possible, so we can host multiple models), toys and sexy outfits to use in shows, and a comfortable temperature for nudity are all a must.

Physical webcam studios provide an actual location for webcam models to broadcast from, equipped with internet, computers, and webcams. The main selling point is the privacy it affords the model, who may not be able to cam from home.

And of course, they’ll need laptops with high-speed internet connections, and webcams that are at least decent, but preferably good.

At first glance, you might think that even all of this isn’t enough of an enticement: why would cam girls share their earnings for even a well-equipped place to perform, when they could just do it in the privacy of their own homes? Ah, but for many, many young women, privacy is at a premium.

A lot of these girls live in Eastern Europe, South America, or other places where it’s common for all but the wealthy to share small living spaces with several other people. Even North American college girls will frequently live with their parents or at least a single roommate, and will have a hard time being left alone for long hours each day.

Webcam studio model.

Then we come to virtual webcam studios. Starting a webcam studio that exists entirely online is much easier and carries almost no startup costs, especially compared to starting a webcam studio in real life. It can also be a harder sell getting models to agree to work under it, but only until we plainly and concisely make clear the very real benefits they stand to gain from doing so.

Basically, a virtual webcam studio business handles all the little stuff that leads to a cam model’s success. As a virtual studio owner, you coach your models on the techniques necessary to earn top dollar through camming.

Virtual webcam studios are very different in that they don’t offer a physical location to broadcast from, or any equipment. Their value comes from providing training, social media management, and active coaching as a cam model is trying to establish herself.

I really can’t overstate that these techniques and tactics are NOT complex, boiling down to simple, straightforward ideas like camming on a consistent schedule, and cultivating relationships with good tippers. But many newcomers to the business need this training badly.

You might consider using my Uber Fans Magnet Webcam Modeling Course as a source and guide for your training materials. It’s loaded with all my best and most current methods, plus it contains invaluable information on adult email marketing.

You’ll also act as a PR agent for your models, giving them advice on how to handle their social media accounts and possibly even taking over that job for them, giving them more time to cam. Again, this is an essential service. Many new cam girls don’t even think to tie their social media presence into their business, let alone realize that doing it right can make or break them as webcam models.

Apart from webcam studios, you should also consider setting up your own cam site for your models to use as their main camming platform. This gives you the advantage of keeping far more of the money spent by members, instead of having to share up to 70% of the spend with a cam site. This software can get you get set up for that.


Your Webcam Studio Business Needs a Website

Finally, whether you yourself decide to follow the physical path or the virtual one, there’s a pretty intuitive truth in how starting a webcam studio business is done: You need models. To this end, it’s extremely important that you put up a website for your studio, and that you make it sleek and professional-looking.

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Luckily, this isn’t hard. You can simply use WordPress, which is a free content management system with which you can easily build an impressive site. Altogether, for the site itself and a domain name, you shouldn’t be looking at an expense of much more than $60. (Don’t buy into the idea that you need to spend a couple grand to hire a web designer to produce your site — those days are over!)

The website should briefly describe your business, provide an overview of what you offer your models (physically or virtually), and discuss the revenue-sharing agreement that you decide to use. It shouldn’t be overly long, but packed with all of the important information that a model will need to know before she agrees to work with you.

Having a professional website is key to attracting the right webcam models for your studio. Whether your business is physical or virtual, a slick website will convey seriousness and reliability to potential recruits who are often suspicious of entering revenue-sharing agreements.

Probably the most important thing you need to consider when you launch your website, is deciding on a competent webhost to host it. This is extremely important, since slow-loading or unreliable servers will result in potential recruits being turned off, and Google dinging your search engine rankings. Both of these are definite “no bueno” consequences you need to make sure don’t happen to you.

I recommend HostWinds, which is a trusty, affordable, and FAST webhost that I personally use myself for several of my sites. You can get your domain name with them when you signup for hosting, and they offer simple WordPress installs that will have you up and running in no time.

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