The Glory of Tip Bombs


Huge Tips on Chaturbate

One of the best things about being a cam model has got to be the “tip bomb” phenomenon. Every so often, a model will be sitting around talking about anime, or her last breakup, or her cat’s anal worms, when a massively huge tip gets dropped on her from out of nowhere. Her reaction to a 10,000, 15,000, or even 20,000 token tip can be truly off the charts, and it can range from excited yelping, to profuse crying, to downright speechlessness accentuated by that hand-fanning motion that girls do sometimes as if their faces were on fire.

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Internet Marketing For Webcam Models


Internet Marketing for Cam Models

So, I’ve been noticing for quite some time, as I surf the social media accounts of various cam models, that the vast majority of girls rocking the cam out there still aren’t employing the use of affiliate programs to make extra money off their fan followings. This, despite the fact that they’ve all got an audience of devoted followers hanging on their every status update…followers who are, of course, known to love cam sites and camgirls.

As a long-time internet marketer, I can attest to the fact that having a sizeable source of “qualified” internet traffic at your command is like having a crude oil reserve under your farm. It doesn’t suck.

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Stripper Webcam Models


Stripper Camgirls

Just cruise the major sex chat sites for a bit and you’re sure to notice that there are quite a few strippers rocking the cam out there. Not only can you identify them by the tags they use for their rooms, but the super toned legs, plump lips, and fake boobies are dead giveaways.

It’s also pretty obvious they’re dancers when they start to do those crazy moves on a shiny metal pole that’s been installed in the middle of their living rooms. When a camgirl twirls around a pole upside-down for 15 minutes and doesn’t end up breaking her neck, you can be pretty darn sure she’s a pro stripper.

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