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Ever since Chaturbate introduced chatroom moderators, debate has raged across Camland as to whether doing this was a good or a bad idea. On the positive side, there’s no doubt that room mods have made things much, much easier for the cam models who use them. No longer do they have to tolerate, or be distracted by, trolls, spammers, and the “open bobs” contingent.

There is a negative side, though, which this article over at entitled “Meet The Bouncers of Camgirl Chatrooms” goes into pretty well. The subject of the piece, Cortana Blue, is one of the highest performing webcam girls at Chaturbate currently. She’s got legions of fans, and her room count, on any given day, is considered “low” if it’s under 2000. Yep, those last two zeros are supposed to be there.

One of the biggest problems a Chaturbate model may encounter when she uses room mods is what I like to call the “White Knight Roid Rage” phenomenon. This is basically when the mod, who’s usually a devoted fan or regular of the model, becomes so incensed at any slightly negative or critical comment offered in chat by viewers, that he “silences” them with a swiftness any Edo-period ninja from feudal Japan would envy.

A remark as mild as “Why so crabby today, bb?” can often bring down the gag hammer with a Thor-like vengeance. This can tend to have a chilling effect on comments and activity in the room, which most models definitely shouldn’t want. Getting viewers to talk, crack jokes, and interact in chat is one of the most important goals a cam model has when he/she begins a camming session.

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This particular issue might not be so relevant for top models like Cortana Blue, admittedly, whose room is usually brimming with active chatters, but it can be a problem for broadcasters who don’t typically get to enjoy massive room counts.

But probably the biggest issue facing models on Chaturbate who use mods (especially the same ones over a long period of time) is infatuation. After a while, as is touched on in the article, many mods develop feelings after working closely with the model for months. Once this happens, it rarely ends well. Cortana mentions that her first mod ever apparently “went nuts” on her and continues to harass her on social media to this day.

Suffice it to say that room mods are a mixed bag in the camming world. If used carefully, they can certainly help a webcam model keep her room under control and running smoothly. Too much of a good thing can often turn out to be a real pain in the patookie, however, so over-relying on moderators can create headaches and room quality problems nobody wants. Best to use a measured and limited approach when assigning so much power to fans, no matter how much you may trust them.

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