The Glory of Tip Bombs


Huge Tips on Chaturbate

One of the best things about being a cam model has got to be the “tip bomb” phenomenon. Every so often, a model will be sitting around talking about anime, or her last breakup, or her cat’s anal worms, when a massively huge tip gets dropped on her from out of nowhere. Her reaction to a 10,000, 15,000, or even 20,000 token tip can be truly off the charts, and it can range from excited yelping, to profuse crying, to downright speechlessness accentuated by that hand-fanning motion that girls do sometimes as if their faces were on fire.

Tip bombs often come from cam whales who love to cause a scene with their financial “gifts,” but there’s actually another kind of tip bomb that can be many times bigger than those dropped by any single big spender.

A few months ago, a Chaturbate model named “ChronicLove” received what just might be the biggest single tip ever for a camgirl (though there have reportedly been even bigger ones). It was her birthday, and a bunch of her fans got together and laid a megatip on her that she’ll probably never forget (although the fuddy duddies keep insisting that all that beautiful weed can apparently screw with your long-term memory, so who knows).

It was a 252,521-token monster of a tip bomb, and as you might imagine, it really made this girl’s B-day truly awesome. This is what is called a “group tip,” where several members contribute to a single account by transferring their tokens over so that the huge tip amount can be dropped on the model all at once. These group tips can be staggeringly large, as this one proves.

Every now and then, though, a single big-spending cam whale will drop a tip bomb that rivals even most group tips. Just take a look at the 88,888-token tip that a member recently gave a Chaturbate model named “Claireity.” Now, THAT’s some serious whale love!

By the way, if you’re looking for some extensive instruction on how to get some whales to tip YOU into a token coma, check out my Uber Cam Star Webcam Modeling Course for the best tips.

Oh, and I’d like to congratulate ChronicLove for winning Outstanding Cam Girl of The Year at the Live Cam Awards that recently went down in Barcelona Spain. Damn fine job, hun! Also, Chaturbate did extremely well, winning several awards as it continues kicking 18 different kinds of ass across Camland. May the megatips continue to bombard, and may the webcamming masses continue to be rocked!

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