MyFreeCams Revshare Affiliate Program Dead


MyFreeCams Affiliate Program

Update: I can happily report that the MyFreeCams revshare affiliate program is now back and better than ever! Crak is now paying a whopping 20% of referred revenues, and that’s on par with what the Chaturbate affiliate program offers. Looks like MFC has come to the field to kick some webcamming azzzz

This is a bit of news that I happen to know will go down like week-old meatloaf leftovers — at least in the adult webmaster community. MyFreeCams, which of course is one of the top sites out there right now in the webcamming game, has decided to end its revenue sharing affiliate program. They recently notified Crak Revenue, their program partner which manages affiliates for them, that they would only be continuing the “pay-per-lead” option, which pays less than a buck per free basic member registration.

Revshare Mega Money

For those of you who don’t know, revenue sharing is generally considered to be the most lucrative affiliate arrangement in the cam site world. Webmasters and models who refer members can make quite a bit of cash when those members buy tokens (the revshare percentage for the affiliate is usually between 15% and 30% of each purchase).

If you’re lucky enough to refer a “webcamming whale” who spends thousands per month on tokens, the monetary sweetness of those commissions could very well put you into a diabetic coma.

MFC’s revenue share option with Crak Revenue was paying 15%, which is good but actually not up to par with some of the other cam site affiliate programs out there. Chaturbate, for instance, pays 20% revshare on all token purchases and provides an awesome “white label” promotion option, which the MyFreeCams program lacked.

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Still, I happen to know that quite a few people were doing well with the MFC revshare program, and it’s gonna be sorely missed. There’s speculation that MFC may be planning to soon release an independently run affiliate program without Crak Revenue, so it’s possible that a revshare option may return. In the meantime, if you’re a webmaster or cam model who’s looking for a good replacement, check out my list of top cam site affiliate programs here.

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