Internet Marketing For Webcam Models


Internet Marketing for Cam Models

So, I’ve been noticing for quite some time, as I surf the social media accounts of various cam models, that the vast majority of girls rocking the cam out there still aren’t employing the use of affiliate programs to make extra money off their fan followings. This, despite the fact that they’ve all got an audience of devoted followers hanging on their every status update…followers who are, of course, known to love cam sites and camgirls.

As a long-time internet marketer, I can attest to the fact that having a sizeable source of “qualified” internet traffic at your command is like having a crude oil reserve under your farm. It doesn’t suck.

Targeted Traffic

One of the most difficult jobs for any internet marketer is building significant levels of targeted traffic that can be directed to appropriate “offers” where it can be properly monetized. See, it goes something like this…say you’ve got a blog where you write a lot about hemorrhoids.

Targeted Traffic in Affiliate Marketing

Now, I wouldn’t know, but I hear hemorrhoids can be a massive pain in the butt. People who have them generally hate them with a passion, and so it’s easy to understand how somebody might take to the internets to blog about how much they detest those miserable, God-forsaken backdoor nuisances. Having to sit on doughnut cushions, dreading your next bowel movement, yelping in pain like a stuck pig during “pegging” sessions with the girlfriend — it can be a major freaking ordeal. Again, I wouldn’t know about any of this.

After blogging about hemorrhoid hatred for a few months, you just might discover that Google and the other search engines have begun to rank your blog high up in their “SERPs” (search engine results pages) and a steady flow of fellow hemorrhoid despisers are now regularly showing up to read your latest blustering butt pain screeds.

Affiliate Marketing for Cam Girls

Great…you’ve been sounding off about the wretched rhoids for months, and now you’ve got a serious audience hanging out on your site that hates the anal afflictors as much as you do. Might it occur to you to recommend some hemorrhoidal treatments to these poor folks?

If you can find a treatment out there that has an affiliate program, you could make a nice commission or “per-sale bounty fee” every time one of your referrals buys the product. Sales are tracked via affiliate codes that you would use when you place the links to the product on your site. When your visitors click those links, the affiliate program will automatically know they came from you and will pay you when they purchase something.

Loyal Blog Audience

Now, since your loyal blog audience is comprised entirely of hemorrhoid haters, you’re extremely likely to find that they will be ready and eager to buy whatever product you recommend to them for the easing of their booty ailment. This is the magic of having a qualified traffic source.

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You’ll sell 100 times more hemorrhoid treatments to your blog’s readers than you would to an equivalent number of, say, golf enthusiasts. Sure, maybe 2 or 3 percent of golfers might be dealing with hemorrhoids, but 100% of your blog’s audience is. It’s called “niche targeting,” and it’s how REAL money is made on the internet. This is as much true in the camming biz as in any other sector of online enterprise, and cam girls who learn to use it in conjunction with affiliate marketing can make out like bandits.

At this point, I’ve just realized that nearly all of this post has been about hemorrhoids (which I have absolutely no first-hand knowledge of, btw), so I’m going to have to finish my explanation of the importance of internet marketing for webcam models in a “part 2” post soon to come. Stay tuned…and, in the meantime, send me some Preparation H if you’re feeling charitable (it’s for a friend).

By the way, I go into great depth on the subject of affiliate marketing for camgirls and models in my UCS Ninja System, so check that out!

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