ModelCentro’s New Private Shows


ModelCentro Privates
Many Camland denizens will be rejoicing at the news I have for you today. ModelCentro, which provides an awesome site-builder for webcam models that allows them to quickly and easily put up their own subscription-based paysites, has now added pay-per-minute private shows to its list of features. This is great news for a number of reasons, but one of the most important would be that it will allow models to monetize their site members better than ever before.

When a member subscribes to your ModelCentro site, he or she pays a flat amount to access your site’s content (pics, videos, private diaries, and whatever else you think to offer). You might set the monthly price at maybe $19.99, or perhaps $29.99, or somewhere around that. That will be a recurring fee, which means that the member’s payment method will be charged for that amount every month (or other billing term) until canceled by that member. With regular site updates, a model could potentially retain some members for many months, even years. After ModelCentro’s revenue cut, you might end up making up to $100 or more on some of your members from their recurring subscription.

In Camland, though, we know that the much better way to rake in the moolah is with private shows. In a private, a cam model could easily make 100 bucks in one long session. This is because the show is billed on a “per-minute” basis, and the intimate interaction the member enjoys with the model during it allows for premium pricing. Not only that, but if you and your client hit it off and decide to boogie in private as a regular thing, the monetization potential with that member goes through the freaking roof.

Perhaps you can see how truly awesome it will be to go private with your closest regulars on YOUR site, rather than on a third-party cam site. There will be no distractions, no competition from other models, and your regulars will be essentially surrounded by YOUR content, which will reinforce your brand and promote greater familiarity and loyalty.

ModelCentro made an excellent move by adding this feature, and I suspect it’s going to be quite the hit with webcam models who have sites there. By the way, if you want to learn all about how to cultivate loyal and devoted regulars, and how to up-sell them content like a camming boss, check out my Uber Cam Star Webcam Modeling Course!

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