Halloween Cam Shows


Halloween Cam Shows
It’s that time of year again, and cam models all over Camland are delightfully planning their Halloween shows, eager to scare, gross-out, and amaze their hopefully token-rich audiences. Late October is honestly my favorite time to watch cams, since it seems that models really like to bring their A-games during this period and put on a show that will leave viewers speechless.

Last year was one helluva Halloween in Camland, with camgirls getting funky with zombies, humping jack-o-lanterns, blowing dragon phalluses, and doing even more unspeakably debauched things (some involving candy corns, which is just wrong, IMO). A well-known cam model by the name of Kota Morgue even went so far as to do an extremely controversial nude show on MyFreeCams where she had a [CENSORED] hanging from her vagina by a bloody [CENSORED] after a failed [CENSORED]. So, yeah, it got pretty damn freaky.

Cam site viewers love to see what kind of craziness models can think up to do during this time, and they love to reward the freakiest and most creative attempts. I’ve seen token storms rain down on girls who do this right, so putting on a great horror show for your fans can be extremely lucrative.

You don’t even need to be a makeup expert to put on an awesome Halloween cam show, you only need some devilish ideas and, perhaps, a willingness to offend some sensibilities. I remember one time, a camgirl who was normally really talkative and “girl-next-doory” during her sessions, dressed up in all black, wearing a wig with long jet-black hair, and just sat there silently in front of her cam with the lights down low. It was actually one of the creepiest things I had ever seen, and I’ve seen me some creepy deepy crap, trust me.

People would type stuff in chat and she would just stare blankly and motionless into the camera. Every so often, though, she would come out of it and scream things like “Murder!!” and “It lives!!” and “He’s coming for you!!”, only to immediately fall back into that expressionless silence.  I was absolutely captivated by this show, let me tell you, and I watched her for like an hour as people tipped and tried to get her to “snap out of it.” It was strangely and eerily compelling.

Halloween Fright

I will admit that I had to check my boxer shorts after that show, and not for the USUAL bodily fluid stains, if you know what I mean. I’m telling you, when done right, some of these Halloween shows can be way more entertaining than the best horror movie. And, boy, do they tend to attract tip bombs. This model I just told you about was getting nailed nearly the entire time by bigger and bigger tips. It’s like they wanted to see if they could get a reaction out of her and break her act, but she amazingly held firm and kept it up for the duration, even as the tipping escalated. I wasn’t counting, but she must have hauled in a spooky ton of tokens that night.

As I explore more thoroughly in my Uber Cam Star Webcam Modeling Course, cam site viewers tend to LOVE shows that are, in any way, out of the ordinary. And you can bet that such imaginative productions will yield a nice token reward, when done well.

So, to sum up, if you love Halloween and feel like letting out your creative side, it might be time to put together a freaky deaky cam show for the ages next week and try your best to make your chatroom viewers shit themselves. I can pretty much guarantee you it will be loads of fun, and the tokens might just pile up on you like zombie bodies in a Romero flick.

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