Chaturbate Apps and Bots How-To


Okay, so many of you folks have emailed me asking how in the Seven Hells to make sense of Chaturbate’s apps and bots. I realize that figuring out exactly how to use and implement these neat chat room tools can be a bit tough for cam models new to the site, so I wanted to help out by pointing you to this excellent explanatory video.

You should know that using apps and bots as a Chaturbatemodel can really help you generate energy and activity in your chat room. Token Keno, for instance, has proven itself time and time again as a great tip inducer and general attention keeper. People love games because they engage their minds and keep their interest. The more engaged and interested viewers are as they hang out in your chat room, the more tips and private shows you’re likely to get from them during webcamming sessions.

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So, by all means, employ apps and bots to help you rock the cam proper, and take the time to learn as much about Chaturbate’s other features, as well. Mastering the site and its tools can quickly translate to serious boosts in your token totals!

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